1. I am a fan of your channel…….you were talking about things that can be used for medicine. The american indians carried a pouch of bird plumes to use to stop bleeding. (chicken fluff feathers) Sounds like a good idea to clot blood as these fluff fibers are so soft.

    • Thanks so much for watching. Could you send me more info on this medical treatment? I have chickens and the feathers are plenteous around my home:) Always interested in the little things:) God bless you.

      • thanks for the reply, One of my many interests (i’m 72 now) has been Indian Lore and I always heard that the warriors carried a pouch of plumes (like they used to decorate their war bonnets) incase of being wounded on the war path to clot blood when wounded. I have never tried it but it makes good sence. I have chickens so I would get some soft plumes such as on their rear end. Just put some water on one and see how fast it holds water and clumps up. Looks to me that blood would clot up very rapidly useing this method and would hold enough to give time to form a good scab. Also, I have been told that eating a little ashes out of the dead camp fire can cure diariah(can’t spell)
        Maybe you can suggest for your listeners to research how the Indians used natural things to cure medical problems. Love you channel, have heard every one for a couple years. Keep up the good work!!!!

  2. David Richard says:

    Hi I just wanted you to know I have been listening for a while:)

  3. Ashley says:

    Hi Christine. Very good video on pre-trib:

    Also, looks like Syria war is starting to ramp up:

    Had a dream last night that the tribulation is getting ready to start, that it is closer than we think.

    Love you sister!!!!!


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