3 thoughts on “Who Authorized Sunday Worship?

  1. Claire E. McCue says:

    Dear God……I sure hope so !!

  2. Claire E. McCue says:

    Hummingbird027, Thank you so, so very much for your video’s !!

    As with all of us….you will never know the GOOD you have done !

    God Bless you !!!

    P.S. I am from New Jersey. And, yes, Camden Police have abandoned the city. And, there was a shooting in Old Bridge, NJ on Friday. God Help us All !!

    Thank you for all your hard work !!!

    • They all ready abandoned the place? I thought they were supposed to go till the end of the month? WOW!! Things are happening so fast. God bless you and I’ll be seeing you soon in the clouds:)

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