5 thoughts on “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done by by Ron Graff and Lambert Dolphin

  1. Tony Stewart says:

    I just viewed your report on you tube for 06/14/12 & I got a strong dejavu feeling, then I’m not certain but I want to say a feeling from GOD, I felt it & heard it inside my spirit & heart – it’s quickly coming, very soon, tell everyone to get ready – it lasted for about 2 minutes I almost fainted or cried. anyway, I felt so strongly I had to write to you since I was viewing your video when this happened. I’m not a person to freak out over stuff or claim to see signs everywhere or have 35 dreams every night & visions all day long, but what ever happened to me was real. it was like a spiritual feeling & not a mental thing. tony – 33point3 on you tube Anthony Todd 33point3 on FB

    • I couldn’t sleep tonight, so I guess I’m up at 3 am. I think that’s wonderful that you are getting these messages from God. We really need to be ready now more than ever. Christ is going to come like a thief in the night to those who are not watching. Can’t wait to meet you in the clouds:) God bless you.

  2. Sharon Smith says:

    I totally agree with you!! Not to mention the Bible states that we as brothers and sisters in Christ should not be arguing against each other. We are to come together and stay together in the Name of Christ and treat each other the way Christ would treat us. My youtube name is sharonymoore1980! Thanks for you precious time, and thank you for forgiving me.

  3. Sharon Smith says:

    My heart is broken by you my sister because you cut me off on YouTube. Since our last altercation, I have been trying to get in touch with you so that I can formally apologize for attacking you the way I did, but it seems that you have blocked me from leaving comments on your YT page. I am trying to tie up loose ends before the Lord cracks the sky and you should too. We are not on good terms and it hurts my heart to keep going on as if nothing happened. I need to get in touch with you so that I can apologize. I meant no harm or accusations toward you, but I was just trying to make my point. I guess I went to far, and for that I want to apologize. Will you forgive me or will my pleas go on deaf ears?

    • I forgive everyone of their transgressions against me. I don’t want to take any of that before God. If I did block you on youtube it’s usually b/c I’m sick of the argument b/c someone is trying to force their beliefs onto me. I follow the Holy Spirit and God and no other. I learned my lesson a long time ago to stop trusting in mankind. I’m glad that you realize what time frame we are in b/c Christ is coming REAL SOON. If you give me your youtube name I will unblock you, but I will not sit there and argue with anyone anymore in this late hour. There are TOOOOOO many other souls to save than to fight w/other Christian’s. Blocking is the only effective means to stop the harassments.

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