4 thoughts on “Links to all my extra video’s

  1. janhollis says:

    I have a miracle prophetic picture I took three years ago would like to send to you

  2. Marie White says:

    A friend I shared some articles on how I think the end time prophecies could play out referred me to your site. We both see Iraq and planet x or whatever it is playing a significant role. I really appreciate the research you do to give us relevant news. I would like to share my articles with you (they are fictionized but really based on the Bible prophecies) but don’t want them shared with the public. So I need a safe email to send them to. The reason is I name real people who could fulfill the roles of the false prophet and that might not be safe to publicize.

    • Gerri- Louise says:

      We really enjoy your videos and believe the Lord will not tarry much longer. Keep up the good work. The preachers out there are not listening and still talk about church on Sunday and putting Christ BACK in Christmas, Christ never was in Christmas. We also watch the videos of theMarkofThebeastYes on youtube ,if you can squeeze a little time to watch him. We miss you when you don’t post and keep checking to see if you find something important enough to post. We love you. May God Bless

      Date: Wed, 29 May 2013 03:10:47 +0000 To: foxiebe@hotmail.com

      • I totally agree with the Sunday and Christmas, if only they would search for truth, how much more they could accomplish.

        I’ll check out theMarkofThebeastYes, later on tonight after I’m done running around today.

        Had to spend some time with the Lord this morning. Getting caught up with youtube and watching can take one quickly away from talking with God. My news will be late today. I have to do some cleaning them will come home and do the news.

        God bless you

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