Rwanda sparks human rights concerns in proposing world’s first nationwide DNA database

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The database will require officials to take DNA samples from all of Rwanda’s 12 million citizens

Gene replacement therapy cannot easily fix a disease caused by a faulty gene, for as David Brown points out, "human biology is so complicated."

Source: Wil Crisp

Rwanda has proposed the world’s first country-wide DNA database, a project that will involve collecting samples from all of the country’s 12 million citizens in an effort to crack down on crime.

The scheme has prompted concerns from human rights campaigners who believe the database could be misused by the government and violate international human rights laws.

Plans for the database were announced by Rwanda’s Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Johnston Busingye.

Speaking in the country’s capital, Kigali, he said the project would help to fight crimes like rape and murder.

He said: “We think we have the technical basis now to launch into the development of a DNA database. That said, it is first of all a legal process.

“We will examine global best practice on the issue, propose appropriate law and implement accordingly.”

He added: “I want to assure you that the ultimate goal is to have all the necessary equipment and technical know-how to provide accurate information about who is responsible for crime”.

Officials still need to secure a budget for the project and push legislation through parliament to permit the creation of the database, according to the Rwandan daily The New Times.

Human rights organisations are wary of the new scheme as they believe that the government could potentially misuse DNA data, which can reveal a broad range of intimate medical and genetic details.

Alexandrine Pirlot de Corbion, global programme lead at the charity Privacy International, said: “There is an inherent risk that this kind of database could be misused in the future.”

“Around the world we have seen instances where large sets of data have been misused for repression – allowing authorities to identify and profile groups in society that a government might want to locate.”

The retention of this data is also problematic from a legal point of view and, depending on its implementation, could violate legislation set out in the International Bill of Human Rights, according to the UK-based law reform group Justice.

Rwanda is still suffering from tensions in the wake of the 1994 genocide when 800,000 Rwandans were killed in just a hundred days, after the country’s Hutu political elite directed the mass murder of the country’s Tutsi population.

It is estimated that 70 per cent of the country’s Tutsi population were killed in the genocide.

Though officials want Rwanda to be the first country to have a comprehensive DNA database that documents all of the country’s citizens – several other nations have already started to implement large-scale DNA databases.

There are concerns that the Chinese government is using DNA testing to oppress the country’s predominantly Muslim Uighur minority.

Human rights groups say that that China has built up a vast DNA database of Uighurs living in Xinjiang province, collecting samples without consent from nearly 36 million people as part of a free medical check-ups programme.

In 2014 Chinese researchers published a paper describing how to distinguish Uighurs from other ethnic groups using DNA testing.

Researchers believe more than a million Uighurs are being systematically detained in what China calls “re-education” camps.

China’s Xinjiang government has denied that it used its medical programme to make a DNA database and also denies that Uighurs are being detained without due process.

In 2015 Kuwait passed the world’s first law that required all citizens and visitors to submit samples of their DNA, but it was revoked before it came into force.

It was introduced with the aim of identifying terrorists but, in 2017, the country’s Constitutional Court ruled that the law violated Kuwait’s constitutional guarantee of personal liberty.

A More Humane Livestock Industry, Brought to You by Crispr

Hopes were running high for cow 401, and cow 401 serenely bore the weight of expectations. She entered the cattle chute obligingly, and as the vet searched her uterus, making full use of the plastic glove that covered his arm up to his shoulder, she uttered nary a moo. A week ago, Cow 401 and four other members of her experimental herd at UC Davis were in the early stages of pregnancy. But now, following a string of disappointing checkups, it was all down to her. Alison Van Eenennaam, the animal geneticist in charge of the proceedings, kept watch from off to one side, galoshes firmly planted in the damp manure, eyes fixed on a portable ultrasound monitor. After a few moments, the vet delivered his fifth and final diagnosis. “She’s not pregnant,” he said. Van Eenennaam looked up. “Ah, shit,” she muttered.

Cow 401 and her herdmates were the product of two and a half years of research, Van Eenennaam’s attempt to create a strain of gene-edited cattle specially suited to the needs of the beef industry. Had everything gone as planned, all the calves in this experiment would have been born male—physiologically, at least. Like humans, cattle carry two sex chromosomes; those born XX are female, and those born XY are male. But it isn’t the Y that makes the man. It’s a single gene, called SRY, that briefly flickers to life as an embryo grows and instructs it to develop male traits. Using Crispr, Van Eenennaam’s team added a copy of SRY to the X chromosome too. That way, even if a cow was born genetically female, she’d be expected to appear male all the same. Since beef ranchers generally prefer males to females (more meat for the money), Van Eenennaam believed there could someday be a market for these Crispr’d animals.

April 2019. Subscribe to WIRED. Christie Hemm Klok

More than that, though, the project was a proof of concept. One of Van Eenennaam’s goals is to make the raising of livestock not only more efficient but also more humane. If a calf’s sex could be altered with a copy-paste of a single gene, that might pave the way for all kinds of experimentation—and not only in the beef business. Although ranchers may prefer male animals, their colleagues in the egg and dairy industries favor females. Since bulls can’t make milk and roosters can’t lay eggs, it’s cheaper to destroy them than raise them to adulthood. But if you could ensure that only heifers and hens are born, the carnage wouldn’t be necessary.

The Davis team wasn’t yet sure what had gone wrong with the pregnancies. They’d done their work with such care. First they located a target area on the bovine genome and created a custom set of Crispr scissors to cut the DNA and insert the new gene. Then they took a trip down the interstate to a slaughterhouse in Fresno, where they purchased a fresh batch of ovaries. Back in the lab, they aspirated the eggs, fertilized them, and set their Crispr scissors loose. They let the resulting embryos grow for a week, biopsied them to make sure the edits had gone as planned, then froze them until the cows were ready for implanting.

Perhaps, Van Eenennaam thought, the arduous process had simply knocked the life out of the embryos. “Science is a bitch,” she said with a shrug. But there was a more troubling possibility—an issue with the gene edit itself. On a map of the bovine X chromosome, the location where they’d inserted SRY seemed to be within a stretch of extraneous code, far from any life-critical genes. But then again, the map they currently had was about as accurate as a 16th-century atlas of the New World, full of unknown and mislabeled territories. Maybe, by tinkering in the wrong place, they had arrested development in the womb. Read more:

Special UK armed soldiers in ‘NUCLEAR-PROOF BUNKER’ have been ‘activated’ to prepare for Brexit

A team of highly-trained British military personnel, located in no less than a “nuclear-proof bunker” under the UK Ministry of Defence, have been “activated” to prepare for a doomsday no-deal Brexit scenario.

Who said leaving the EU would be easy?

Operation Redfold, as it has been dubbed, will see 3,500 military personnel put on standby as Her Majesty’s Government prepares to enter “very high readiness mode” for the dreaded no-deal scenario, Sky News has revealed.

The bunker, called “Pindar” is located deep under the Defence Ministry and is used only at a time of war or outright national emergency. Enter Brexit. Read more:

Judicial Watch Founder: “at Least 900,000 Illegals Voted in Midterms”

Judicial Watch founder warns at least 900,000 illegal aliens voted in the Midterms


Remember when the mainstream media panicked when Trump claimed there was massive voter fraud in the 2016 election? 

Well, it turns out the problem is just as bad, if not worse, than we originally thought. reports: True the Vote, a group dedicated to rooting out vote fraud, issued a statement supporting the charge by President-Elect Donald Trump that millions of illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election.

It was also reported that over 5,000 out-of-state voters may have voted for Hillary Clinton on election day in New Hampshire because the state allows same-day registration.

On Monday Judicial Watch founder and president Tom Fitton told an audience that at least 900,000 illegal aliens voted in the midterm elections.

Democrats count on these votes and voters to win elections.

MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD? I estimate at least 900,000 aliens illegal voted in midterms. New numbers out of Texas and Pennsylvania suggest foreign nationals illegally voting in massive numbers!

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) March 18, 2019

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Baby Fitted with Artificial Anus After Parents Inflicted ‘Horrific Sexual Abuse’

by Nwo Report
Baby boy had to be fitted with an artificial anus due to the horrific sexual abuse of his German parents

A couple in Germany have been charged with child sex abuse after their six-week-old baby son suffered injuries so horrific that surgeons had to fit him with an artificial anus. 

Ismail S., 23, and Nina R., 26, sexually tortured the baby at their home in the city of Ludwigshafen in the western German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Chief prosecutor Hubert Stroeber said Ismail S, “wanted to get sexual satisfaction.” reports: Ismail S. also allegedly took part in the abuse of the boy, causing a ‘bloody wound’ in the baby’s genital area as well as a ‘visible and painful bruise’, according to prosecutors.

The couple took the baby to a hospital where doctors detected severe peritonitis, the inflammation of the peritoneum typically caused by the rupture of an abdominal organ.

Shocked medics also found the baby to be suffering from a skull injury, a cerebral haemorrhage, fractured ribs, bruising to the lungs and heart, and bleeding from the eyes. They also suspected that the tot suffered from older fractures.

According to local media, the baby required emergency surgery and an artificial anus as a result of the horrific injuries.

Mr Stroeber added: ‘Even professionals in my public prosecutor’s office were shocked.’

The little boy, who is now seven months old, is currently living with a foster family.

Family and friends told local media that Nina R. had shown signs of cruelty even as a child when she had allegedly tortured two guinea pigs to death.

The saleswoman met Ismail S. in November 2017, and soon became pregnant before delivering a healthy baby boy at the end of August last year.

They have been detained in custody since last November and the public prosecutor’s office has now charged them with grievous bodily harm and sexual abuse.

Their trial is scheduled for May.

Omar Holding Secret Fundraisers With Islamic Groups Tied to Terror

US Representative Ilhan Omar / Getty Images

BY: Adam Kredo Follow @Kredo0
March 22, 2019 1:50 pm

Democratic freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) has been holding a series of secret fundraisers with groups that have been tied to the support of terrorism, appearances that have been closed to the press and hidden from public view.

The content of these speeches, given to predominately Muslim audiences, remains unknown, prompting some of Omar’s critics to express concern about the type of rhetoric she is using before these paying audiences, particularly in light of the lawmaker’s repeated use of anti-Semitic tropes in public.

Omar recently spoke in Florida at a private event hosted by Islamic Relief, a charity organization long said to have deep ties to groups that advocate terrorism against Israel. Over the weekend, she will appear at another private event in California that is hosted by CAIR-CA PAC, a political action committee affiliated with the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR a group that was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a massive terror-funding incident.

Omar’s appearance at these closed-door forums is raising eyebrows in the pro-Israel world due to her repeated and unapologetic public use of anti-Semitic stereotypes accusing Jewish people of controlling foreign policy and politics. With Omar’s popularity skyrocketing on the anti-Israel left, it appears her rhetoric is translating into fundraising prowess.

It remains unclear what Omar has told these audiences in her private talks. Washington Free Beacon attempts to obtain video of past events were unsuccessful, and multiple local news and television outlets in the Tampa, Fla., area, where Omar spoke to Islamic Relief last month, confirmed they were unable to gain access to the closed door event.

Islamic Relief has come under congressional investigation for what lawmakers have described as its efforts to provide assistance to terrorist group such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The charity has been banned by some countries as a result of these ties.

In 2017, Congress sought to ban taxpayer funds from reaching the charity due to these terror links.

A representative from Islamic Relief declined to provide the Free Beacon with any material related to Omar’s appearance.

“The event was closed to the media. No materials are available,” the official said.

On Sunday, Omar will hold another meet and greet in Irvine, Calif., for CAIR-CA PAC. Those wishing to hear Omar speak are being asked to donate anywhere from $50 to $250 dollars, according to a flyer for the event.

The CAIR event also appears closed to the press. Free Beacon attempts to contact the organizer and obtain access were unsuccessful. Requests for comment on the nature of the speeches sent to Omar’s congressional office also were not returned.

CAIR, a Muslim advocacy group known for its anti-Israel positions, was named by the U.S. government as part of a large network of groups known to be supporting Hamas.

CAIR has been cited by the Anti-Defamation League, or ADL, for using its network of supporters to promote an “anti-Israel agenda.”

“CAIR’s anti-Israel agenda dates back to its founding by leaders of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), a Hamas affiliated anti-Semitic propaganda organization,” according to the ADL. “While CAIR has denounced specific acts of terrorism in the U.S. and abroad, for many years it refused to unequivocally condemn Palestinian terror organizations and Hezbollah by name, which the U.S. and international community have condemned and isolated.”

Sarah Stern, founder of president of the Endowment for Middle East Truth, or EMET, a pro-Israel group that has condemned Omar for promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, told the Free Beacon that the private nature of these events before controversial Islamic groups is very concerning.

“I just wonder what is Rep. Omar saying to a group of Islamic supporters that she feels is so secretive that she cannot say it to the American people, as a whole?” Stern wondered. “What is so secretive that it has to be off the record and closed to reporters? Will she say the same things in public to her Jewish voters in Minnesota that she says to her Islamic friends? What does this tell us about her openness, her honesty and her integrity?”

One veteran Republican political operative expressed concern about the secretive nature of these talks, telling the Free Beacon that Democrats must hide behind-closed-doors to appease these groups with anti-Israel rhetoric.

“Of course she’s holding these meetings in secret. That’s just how Democrats roll these days,” the source said. “They’re for limiting your ability to spend money on the candidates you want to support, and for secretly fundraising from Islamist groups who support them. It really puts their support for campaign finance reform into perspective.”

After last month’s Islamic Relief event, Stern’s EMET and many other pro-Israel groups penned a letter to Democratic leaders in the House demanding Omar’s removal from the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee. These groups argued that Omar’s anti-Semitic rhetoric and secretive meetings should disqualify her from a seat on that committee, which oversees the U.S.-Israel military alliance.

“Rep. Omar’s presence as a keynote speaker to raise funds for Islamic Relief USA, whose parent organization and chapters have documented ties to terrorist organizations, demonstrates that she has learned next to nothing over the last few weeks when she was reprimanded by your office and by other Democrats for posting ugly, anti-Semitic attacks on Jews and their organizations,” the pro-Israel groups wrote in a letter send to House Foreign Affairs Committee chair Elliott Engel (D., N.Y.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.).

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Cambridge University Rescinds Fellowship Offer to Jordan Peterson

Brexit Jordan Peterson

Cambridge University has rescinded an offer for Jordan Peterson to serve in a fellowship position at the institution’s divinity school.

Jordan Peterson announced in a blog post on Wednesday that Cambridge University had rescinded their offer for him to serve in a fellowship position at the university’s divinity school. The school announced the decision in a tweet, writing that the offer to Peterson had been rescinded after “further review.”

Parents Refuse To Facilitate ‘Sex Change’ Of Autistic Son, So Authorities Threaten To Put Him In Foster Care

A woman holds Trans banner We wont be erased LGBTQ protest near US embassy in Warsaw on October 30, 2018.
Photo by Maciej Luczniewski/NurPhoto via Getty Images

By Amanda Prestigiacomo @amandapresto March 20, 2019 261.3k views

Parents of a teenage son who has Asperger’s and autism were threatened by authorities to have their child placed in foster care after they refused to help facilitate a so-called “sex change” of the boy.

Recalling the horrifying ordeal to The Daily Mail, the couple, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed an NHS clinic in the U.K. said their then-14-year-old boy should be put on hormone-blockers since he told them he thought he was a girl. The parents, believing their child’s autism played a role in the declaration of gender confusion, refused to cooperate with the “transition,” particularly since the blockers can cause irrevocable harm.

After mom and dad pulled their son from the gender clinic, school officials reported the parents to child services for “emotional abuse” due to their objections to the sex change. One of the teachers, The Daily Mail noted, told the parents “that they should find alternative accommodation for their son or else he would be put into temporary foster care.”

A month later, the couple was visited by local authorities concerning the complaint. Desperate to keep their child out of foster care, they allowed their boy to live with a family friend.

He was also placed on a so-called “child protection plan.” According to, “A child protection plan is a plan drawn up by the local authority. It sets out how the child can be kept safe, how things can be made better for the family and what support they will need.” Such plans are implemented by local authorities when the “child protection conference” concludes that “the child is suffering, or is likely to suffer, significant harm,” the site notes.

“I’m absolutely devastated,” the boy’s mother told the outlet. “When I saw the report that social services wrote about us and saw the words ‘emotional abuse,’ I just broke down.”

“All we were doing was trying to get him to pause and think about his actions. My biggest worry as a mum is my child gets pushed down this route, becomes a woman, goes through the surgery, then gets to 25 and says, ‘I’ve made a mistake,’” she added.

The mother noted that she and her husband “read that these blockers might not be reversible and there might be long-term effects for brain development.”

The family has been placed back together, but the mother fears that more parents will be subjected to such a “horrendous” ordeal with their own kids.

“I cannot bear the thought of other families going through what we’ve been through. It has been horrendous,” she said.

As reported by The Daily Wire in January, a Texas father in a brutal custody battle with his ex-wife is at risk of losing his six-year-old son over his refusal to participate, socially and otherwise, in the boy’s “transition” to female.

“I want you to imagine having electronic communication with your son on FaceTime, and imagine that your ex-wife has dressed him as a drag queen to talk to you,” Jeffrey Younger told podcast host Luke Macias. ”He has false eyelashes and makeup. His hair has got glitter in it. He’s wearing a dress.”

“Now imagine how you would feel seeing what I believe is actual sexual abuse — I believe this is not just emotional abuse but is the very, most fundamental form of sexual abuse, tampering with the sexual identity of a vulnerable boy,” the father added.

Marines Seize Pacific Island As Training For War With China

The 31st U.S. Marine Expeditionary Unit (31st MEU) seized a tiny island and airfield with special operations airmen and soldiers as part of a new island-hopping strategy.

Last week, 31st MEU, backed by the 3rd Marine Division, 3rd Marine Logistics Group and 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, members of the Air Force 353rd Special Operations Group, and Army soldiers with 1st Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group, conducted a series of simulated military exercises attacking and seizing Ie Shima Island located off the northwest coast of Okinawa Island in the East China Sea, reported Task Purpose.

The new military strategy, known as Expeditionary Advanced Base (EAB) Operations, will allow Marine units to seize, establish, and operate multiple small bases across the Pacific Ocean, a tactic that will be beneficial in a high-end fight with China.

During the exercise, special forces seized the island’s airport, 31st MEU then established a Forward Arming and Refueling Point. Marine Corps F-35B stealth fighters patrolled the island’s perimeter while C-130J Super Hercules transport aircraft delivered heavy artillery pieces.

M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems were hauled in by the transport aircraft, carried out simulated long-range precision fire missions while stealth fighter jets conducted strikes with guided munitions.

“This entire mission profile simulated the process of securing advanced footholds for follow-on forces to conduct further military operations, with rapid redeployment,” the Marines said in a statement.

Task & Purpose said the EAB exercise is an updated version of the WWII-era island-hopping strategy.

“It is critical for us to be able to project power in the context of China, and one of the traditional missions of the Marine Corps is seizing advanced bases,” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford told the Senate Armed Services Committee last week. “If you look at the island chains and so forth in the Pacific as platforms from which we can project power, that would be a historical mission for the Marine Corps and one that is very relevant in a China scenario.”

As the National Defense Strategy makes clear, the U.S. military has entered a new phase of power competition with rival China. In the South China Sea, China has constructed military bases on artificial islands to extend its reach, while the U.S. Navy continues to use freedom of navigation operations to sail its destroyers within ten or so miles from these islands to telegraph that the US will not allow Chinese expansion in the world’s busiest naval transit route to continue unimpeded.

Without a doubt, the latest island hopping strategy from the Marines is the clearest indication the Pentagon is preparing for military conflict with China in the South China Sea.

17.4 Million Voted For Brexit And Are Being Denied

Cable Slides As Civil War Looms: “17.4 Million Voted For Brexit & Are Being Denied It”
Theresa May is meeting with EU leaders in Brussels, “working extremely hard,” according to her spokesperson, as a standoff between the UK PM and the EU over a Brexit delay has put the prospect of a cliff-edge departure back in play for British companies. This has put pressure on cable this morning…

May asked the EU for a three-month delay of the Brexit deadline to June 30. While she makes her case to EU leaders at a summit today, European Council President Donald Tusk has already said such a short extension would only be possible if the U.K. Parliament agrees to enact the existing divorce deal – which it’s twice rejected – by the current exit day of March 29.17.4 million people voted for Brexit and are being denied it. That sounds like a recipe for civil war to me and the British rulers should remember what happened as a result of the last one. Now, I am wholly against Theresa May’s Brexit deal on the simple basis that it isn’t Brexit at all. It is Brexit in name only. I may have been the first to give it a name, BRINO. I may have been the first to state also that I would rather be IN the EU and carry on the fight than OUT of the EU on Mrs May’s terms. I am wholly against the British government on everything else too. I seek a general election and the sweeping of this gang that couldn’t shoot straight off the stage altogether. But I can’t associate with Bonapartism. And little Johnny Bercow is a “Poundland” Napoleon who isn’t even as nice as he looks. Watch out, sparks are about to fly!

EU offers Brexit delay until May 22 only – leaked draft  The EU is poised to agree to Theresa May’s request to delay Brexit, a leaked draft document shows. But it says the extension is possible only until May 22, as the UK “doesn’t intend to hold elections to the EU parliament.” The delay itself will only take effect if the UK parliament approves the ill-fated May Brexit plan next week, the document states. The divorce agreement with the EU has already been rejected by British MPs twice. Leaked draft paper… EU confirms extension until May 22nd, provided UK HoC passes #Brexit WA. No longer extension granted.

— Neil Morrow (@mrneilmorrow) March 21, 2019While the UK requested the extension of the Brexit process until June 30, the EU is ready to provide a delay that is half as generous – until May 22.“Given that the United Kingdom does not intend to hold elections to the European Parliament, no extension is possible beyond that date,” the leaked document reads. If May’s plan yet again fails to pass in the House of Commons next week, it would almost certainly mean a ‘no-deal’ scenario for the whole Brexit affair.  French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday said the ongoing situation cannot drag on “indefinitely” and that the “choice of the British people” has to be respected. “If British MPs reject the deal once again, there will be no deal,” Macron said during the Brexit delay summit in Brussels. “We cannot pretend after three years that the British people did not vote to leave.”

Pompeo: Hezbollah Putting Lebanon At Risk

 U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday described the heavily armed Hezbollah group as a risk to their fellow Lebanese and conferred with Israel about the Iranian-backed militia ahead of a trip to Beirut. Pompeo, who has been on a regional tour to promote the Trump administration’s hard tack against Iran, received a warning from Israel, which worries it may again be in the sights of Hezbollah fighters winding down their intervention in Syria’s civil war. Washington also has been increasingly voicing concern at Hezbollah power, echoing Israel, whose forces were fought to a standstill by the militia in a 2006 Lebanon war. Hosting Pompeo at his office, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri “cannot say to anyone that Lebanon is separate from Hezbollah” – a reference to the group’s clout in Beirut where it has ministers in the coalition cabinet as well as lawmakers in parliament. “If some(thing) will happen from Lebanon toward Israel, we will hold Lebanon as the responsible (party)”, Rivlin said. Asked what message he would take to Lebanon, his next stop, Pompeo told reporters: “We’re going to be very clear about how America sees Hezbollah and our expectations about how Lebanon’s success depends on the Lebanese people (demanding) that a terrorist organization not be in control of their government and not drive policies and create risk for their country as well.” In Lebanon’s 2018 elections, parties and individuals who back Hezbollah’s possession of a military arsenal won a majority of seats in parliament. President Michel Aoun called Hezbollah’s arms “an essential part of defending Lebanon”, though Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri said its weapons were illegitimate. Pompeo also reinforced Rivlin’s veiled warning that Israel could retaliate against Lebanon for any Hezbollah attack: “We all know the risk, right? Hezbollah does something inside of Lebanon, the risk of escalation is real. “The people of Lebanon don’t want that. The people of Israel don’t want that. The people of the United States of America don’t want that.” For its part, Israel has carried out repeated air strikes on Hezbollah in Syria, where the Shi’ite Muslim militia – along with Russian air power – helped President Bashar al-Assad turn the tables against mainly Sunni Muslim rebels and militants.
Pompeo told Rivlin that Hezbollah, along with Palestinian Hamas and Yemen’s Houthis – both also Iranian-backed – “are determined to wipe this country (Israel) off the face of the planet and we (the United States) have a moral obligation and a political one to prevent that from happening.” Coming just three weeks before a closely contested Israeli election, Pompeo’s trip to Jerusalem was widely seen in Israel as a boost for the prime minister, who enjoys a close relationship with Trump.

Syria, Russia and Iran condemn US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan

Syria and its allies Russia and Iran on Friday condemned US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which the Jewish state captured from its northern neighbor in the 1967 Six Day War.Quoting an unnamed foreign ministry official, Syria’s official SANA news agency slammed the decision as “irresponsible” and a violation of United Nations resolutions concerning the territory’s status. “Syria strongly condemns the irresponsible declaration of the American president, which again proves the US’s blind tendency in favor of the Zionist entity and its unreserved support for its aggression,” the official said. “The Syrian people remain committed to the liberation of the Golan Heights by all means at its disposal.” The source added that Trump’s statement won’t change “the fact that the Golan was and will remain Arab and Syrian.” The comments were Syria’s first reaction to Trump’s surprise Thursday announcement, which has been met with largely muted responses by the international community. Russia, which has long been a key backer of Syria and is fighting alongside forces loyal to President Bashar Assad in the Syrian civil war, condemned Trump’s declaration as a violation of UN decisions. “Russia, as you know, takes a principled position on the issue of the Syrian Arab Republic’s ownership of the Golan Heights… Our assessment of the unlawful nature of Israel’s decision to extend its sovereignty to the Golan Heights remains unchanged, ” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was quoted as saying by state-sponsored Sputnik News. “Changing the status of the Golan Heights bypassing the Security Council is in direct violation of UN decisions,” Zakharova added. “This illegal and unacceptable recognition does not change the fact that it belongs to Syria,” foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said, according to Reuters. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned that the US announcement could throw the region into crisis. “Yesterday US President Trump’s unfortunate statement about the Golan Heights brings the region to the edge of a new crisis,” Erdogan told an emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul. “We will never allow the occupation of Golan Heights to be made legitimate,” he added.

EU, Russia, Syria, Turkey Align Against U.S./Israel Over Golan Sovereignty

EU says it will not follow Trump in recognizing Israeli sovereignty over GolanThe European Union will not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights in the wake of US President Donald Trump’s declaration that Washington would do so, a spokesperson for the EU said Friday morning. “The European Union, in accordance with international law, does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the territories it occupied since July 1967, including the Golan Heights, and does not consider them as part of Israeli territory,” Maya Kosyanchich, a spokeswoman for EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, said in a statement carried by several news outlets. Her comments came as Trump’s move was condemned strongly by Syria and its allies Russia and Iran, as well as by the president of Turkey. In signature fashion, Trump made the announcement in a tweet Thursday, reversing over 50 years of US policy since Israel’s capture of the strategic plateau from Syria during the 1967 Six Day War. Syria’s official SANA news agency, quoting an unnamed foreign ministry official, slammed the decision as “irresponsible” and a violation of United Nations resolutions concerning the territory’s status. “Syria strongly condemns the irresponsible declaration of the American president, which again proves the US’s blind tendency in favor of the Zionist entity and its unreserved support for its aggression,” the official said. “The Syrian people remain committed to the liberation of the Golan Heights by all means at its disposal.” The source added that Trump’s statement won’t change “the fact that the Golan was and will remain Arab and Syrian.” Russia, which has long been a key backer of Syria and is fighting alongside forces loyal to President Bashar Assad in the Syrian civil war, condemned Trump’s declaration as a violation of UN decisions. “Russia, as you know, takes a principled position on the issue of the Syrian Arab Republic’s ownership of the Golan Heights… Our assessment of the unlawful nature of Israel’s decision to extend its sovereignty to the Golan Heights remains unchanged,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova was quoted as saying by state-sponsored Sputnik News.

UN Human Rights Council vs Israel: Adopts Report Accusing Israel Of War Crimes

23 to 9, UN rights council adopts report accusing Israel of war crimes in Gaza The United Nations Humans Rights Council voted Friday to adopt a report accusing Israel of crimes against humanity for its handling of violent protests on the border with Gaza Strip. Twenty-three countries voted to in favor of the measure, with nine opposing it. Another 14 countries abstained, while one was absent. The countries that voted against adopting the report were Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Fiji, Hungary, Togo and Ukraine. The decision was condemned by the Foreign Ministry, which claimed that a “moral majority” did not vote in favor of the measure. “Dictatorships and hypocrites vote in favor of the singling out, absurd pro Hamas pro terror report,” ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon wrote on Twitter. “We will not cooperate with this mockery and will keep protecting Israel and Israelis,” he added. Aviva Raz Schecter, the Israeli ambassador to UN institutions in Geneva, said ahead of the vote that the report “was born in sin” and accused it of ignoring the role of the Gaza-ruling Hamas group in the clashes. An Islamist terror organization, Hamas seeks to destroy Israel “The commission’s report will only serve to encourage Hamas’s use of the civilian population as shields and as a tool in its efforts to attack Israel, and increase the danger to civilians on both sides,” she told the Human Rights Council. Raz Schechter also defended Israel’s track record of investigating suspicions against Israeli soldiers. The vote came after the so-called Commission of Inquiry on the Protests in the Occupied Palestinian Territory on Monday presented a 250-page report alleging that Israel may have committed “crimes against humanity” by using live ammunition against Palestinians protesters who participated in the so-called Great March of Return. Intentionally killing civilians who are not “directly participating in hostilities” is a war crime, the report stressed. “The commission found reasonable grounds to believe that individual members of the Israeli security forces, in the course of their response to the demonstrations, killed and gravely injured civilians who were neither directly participating in hostilities nor posing an imminent threat.” Israel had at its disposal “less lethal alternatives,” the document went on, positing that the use of the live ammunition against protesters was disproportionate and unlawful. Hamas has acknowledged that dozens of those killed were its members. The report accused Israel of having “consistently failed to meaningfully investigate and prosecute commanders and soldiers for crimes and violations committed against Palestinians.” While it acknowledged that the army has opened several internal army inquiries into the shootings of apparently uninvolved civilians, it doubted the government’s willingness to honestly scrutinize its policies and actions.

New Zealand Gov’t Abolish Jesus from Parliamentary Prayer

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New Zealand government remove Jesus from parliamentary prayer

Source: Sean Adl-Tabatabai 

New Zealand has abolished references to Jesus from the parliamentary prayer, sparking outrage amongst the country’s Christian population.

Speaker of the House, Trevor Mallard, made the decision to drop references to Jesus in order to make the prayer “more inclusive” for all parliamentarians.

The Guardian reports: A reference to “almighty god” remains, but it is not a specific reference to a Christian god.

The protesters want Jesus’s name reinstated, and held signs reading “Dishonourable Judas Mallard”.

On Tuesday around 1,000 people protested on the steps of parliament house in Wellington, arguing that New Zealand was a Christian nation and Mallard had no authority to axe Jesus’s name.

“He needs a good kick in his pants, and he needs to actually be removed because this is a Christian nation,” protester Rieki Teutscher told Radio NZ.“We don’t share his atheism.”

Another protester, Carmel Morgan, said Mallard should have consulted with New Zealanders or announced a referendum before changing the prayer.

“This is a land of democracy, this is a land of freedom, you know, we want to be a first world country… he took that choice away from us.”

Politicians such as Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters have said it would have been judicious for the speaker to have consulted more widely before actioning the changes.

“Well the decision as to what should be changed should be made by parliamentarians and not the speaker – that’s our position, I don’t mind telling you publicly,” deputy prime minister Winston Peters told RNZ.

“If you’re going to make a change let’s have parliament decide – not one person.”

Mallard said he had consulted with parliamentarians and the majority had indicated they were in favour of a secular prayer.

Since being unanimously elected as speaker Mallard has made headlines for a slew of progressive tweaks to parliament in a bid to make it a more inclusive and family-friendly environment, as well as making it more welcoming to every day New Zealanders.

Mallard kicked off his term by minding MPs’ babies in his speaker’s chair during parliamentary debates, allowing babies to be fed in the house, banning media from photographing the prime minister’s daughter Neve, and planning a children’s playground on one of parliament’s front lawns.

Muslim Extremists Slaughter 100 Christians – Media Blackout

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Muslims slaughter over 100 Christians, media blackout

Over 100 Christians have been slaughtered by Muslim extremists in Nigeria over the past three weeks, amid a total media blackout.

Following the tragic events in New Zealand last Friday, politicians and the mainstream media were quick to condemn the attacks in Christchurch. Some even politicized the tragedy to call for stricter gun laws and to demonize conservatives on social media.

Newspapers have carried the story on their front pages and news channels around the world have led their broadcasts with it. reports: The bizarre aspect of the coverage was not, in fact, the attention paid to a heinous crime committed in New Zealand, but the absolute silence surrounding the simultaneous massacre of scores of Christians by Muslim militants in Africa.

As Breitbart News alone reported among major news outlets, Fulani jihadists racked up a death toll of over 120 Christians over the past three weeks in central Nigeria, employing machetes and gunfire to slaughter men, women, and children, burning down over 140 houses, destroying property, and spreading terror.

The New York Times did not place this story on the front page; in fact, they did not cover it at all. Apparently, when assessing “all the news that’s fit to print,” the massacre of African Christians did not measure up. The same can be said for the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Detroit Free Press, the LA Times, and every other major paper in the United States.

The news shows from the three major television channels did not mention the story, and nor did CNN or MSNBC.

There are several possible explanations for this remarkable silence, and none of them is good.

Since, in point of fact, Muslim radicals kill Christians around the world with alarming frequency, it is probable that one more slaughter did not seem particularly newsworthy to the decision-makers at major news outlets. Muslims being killed, on the other hand, may strike many as newsworthy precisely because it is so rare.

A second motive for the media silence around the massacre of Christians in Nigeria may be geo-political and racial. New Zealand is a first-world country where such things are not supposed to happen, whereas many people still consider Africa to be a backwards place where brutal killings are par for the course.

Moreover, the slaughter of black Christians in Africa may not enkindle rage among westerners the way that the murder of white and brown Muslims in New Zealand would.

Finally, the story simply does not play to the political agenda that many mainstream media would like to advance. How much mileage can be gained from Muslims murdering Christians, when Christians in America are often seen as an obstacle to the “progress” desired by liberals? The left sees Christians in the United States as part of the problem and seeks to undermine their credibility and influence at every turn rather than emboldening them.

Anti-Christian bias has been rightly called “the last acceptable prejudice,” one that few bother condemning.

“No one much cares about offending Christians,” wrote the coalition of African-American pastors in an essay last Tuesday. “In fact, mocking, belittling, and blaspheming Christianity is becoming a bit of a trend in our culture. Anti-Christian bigotry truly is the last acceptable prejudice.”

“The hypocrisy on display is astounding,” the pastors continued. “Christianity is the dominant religion of our country. It is the foundation of our government and morality. And yet, Christians are treated as fair game for mockery and insult.”

Christians are by far the most persecuted religious group in the world, but the mainstream media routinely ignore this fact as if it were unimportant or uninteresting. As a result, many people do not even realize how widespread the persecution is or that 75 percent of the victims of religious persecution around the world are Christians.

Whatever the reason — or reasons — for the media silence surrounding the most recent massacres of Christians in Nigeria as well as numerous other such events, it should give right-thinking people pause.

By all means, the lethal shootings of dozens of Muslims in New Zealand is a massive story and merits extensive coverage. But it only stands to reason that similar coverage should be devoted to the slaughter of Christians.

For the moment, it serves as a poignant reminder that a double standard is at work when it comes to news coverage, and that it is Christians who inevitably draw the short straw.

Urgent: NJ Governor Signs “Rain Tax” Bill; Residents’ Property Rates Rise “Based On The Weather”

In what is one of the most corrupt and vile things to have ever happened to the American political system, residents of New Jersey will now be taxed when something 100% out of their control happens. New Jersey’s governor Phil Murphy signed 19 bills into law on Monday, one of which, was the so-called “rain tax.”

Source: Posted By R Murray – Nworeport

Unfortunately, there were supporters of this tyrannical and wholly dictatorial law. Dubbed S-1073, supporters call it “flood defense,” and say it will serve as a long-needed tool to manage flooding and dirty runoff from rainwater.  So there are actually human beings on earth who want others and themselves stolen from because it rains.  There is nothing more disturbing that the current political path the United States is currently one.  It’s downright horrifying, actually.

Government is downright evil and shameless when it comes to taxation. These pillagers of the public just sit around all day thinking and dreaming of events and things to tax. – Judy Morris Report

“Most importantly, it gives communities a way to access new resources in a fair and equitable manner, and invest in related benefits such as additional green space. We urge the governor to sign it,” said New Jersey Future’s Chris Sturm, who serves as the advocacy group’s managing director for policy and water, according to a report by Patch.

Some have criticized the bill (albeit, now enough) saying that it would impose taxes “based on the weather” which is an unfair system of stealing the money of others. Obviously, if you have any heart at all.  It also gives the government much more power and more authority to steal more money by expanding what’s already an overly unfair burden (all taxation is “unfair”) on New Jersey residents who were saddled with several new taxes in 2019.

Assemblyman Christopher DePhillips has said the “rain-tax” bill permits local communities to tax “based on the weather,” and allows unlimited bonding and debt to be placed on the backs of property taxpayers. Not that bonding and debt aren’t already on the backs of the taxpayer, it is, but now New Jersey gets to carry the financial burden when it rains.  “The last thing this state needs is more debt and another runaway tax. Especially one that taxes the weather” said DePhillips.

The so-called soft socialism of western nations is just an illusion. Western nations are bankrupt, their economies are disintegrating before their very eyes and the promises of lifetime pensions, welfare and healthcare are nothing more than propaganda lies that voters willingly drink. In the end, they will have nothing and be much worse off. Such is the fate of a person who votes for the police powers of the state to steal from another to give them what they want but never earned. –Judy Morris Report

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Ocasio-Cortez De-Listed From Justice Democrats’ Board After Ethics Complaint

by Nwo Report

Source: James Barrett

Amid a brewing controversy over her affiliation with the PAC that helped get her elected, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) and her chief of staff were officially de-listed from the Justice Democrats’ board on Friday.

The “quiet” removal of Ocasio-Cortez from the board was first reported by The Daily Caller‘s Andrew Kerr. The removal was made official in a corporate filing to the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs on Friday.

Kerr provides some background on the congresswoman’s affiliation with the group: “The New York Democrat and her chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, who served as her campaign chair, joined the board of Justice Democrats in December 2017, according to the political action committee’s website. It also said the two held ‘legal control over the entity’ at the same time it was playing a key role in supporting Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign prior to her shock victory over incumbent Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley in June 2018.”

Though the move was not officially documented until Friday, Ocasio-Cortez’s attorneys claim that she was removed from the board back in June 2018. However, as Kerr notes, as late as March 14, 2019, she was still listed in corporate filings as an “entity governor” of the group.

The PAC’s move comes amid mounting questions about her affiliation with the Justice Democrats and just days after a legal complaint filed by a Virginia-based conservative group, Fox News notes in its coverage of the story. “The development is the latest in the controversy surrounding the left-wing firebrand’s campaign,” Fox reports. “Earlier this month, Ocasio-Cortez and Chakrabarti were accused in an FEC complaint of violating campaign finance law by funneling nearly $1 million in contributions from PACs, including Justice Democrats, to private companies also controlled by Chakrabarti.”

The complaint, filed by conservative National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) on March 4, alleges that Chakrabarti established two PACs — Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress PAC — which then transferred over $885,000 in contributions to two “shell” companies he controlled and that are exempt from reporting their significant expenditures to the FEC, thus potentially skirting campaign finance laws.

Ocasio-Cortez failed to disclose to the FEC that she and Chakrabarti maintained “legal control” over the PAC while it backed her campaign, Kerr reports. The allegations in the complaint are serious enough that a former FEC commissioner told The Daily Caller that Ocasio-Cortez and Chakrabarti could face severe repercussions, while another former FEC commissioner stated in a March 10 op-ed for Fox that he believes there’s enough evidence to merit an investigation.

“As a former FEC commissioner who has studied the complaint against Ocasio-Cortez and Chakrabarti, I have concluded that there is unquestionably more than enough evidence to justify the FEC opening a civil investigation,” wrote former FEC Commissioner Hans A. von Spakovsky. “And there’s also enough evidence for the U.S. Justice Department to seriously consider opening a criminal investigation.”

“Federal law (52 U.S.C. §30104) and the pertinent FEC regulation (11 CFR §104.3(b)(4)) require any political committee – and both of these entities [the companies Chakrabarti controlled] would qualify – to provide itemized descriptions of all their expenditures over $200,” von Spakovsky explains. “Simply listing ‘strategic consulting’ for almost $900,000 in disbursements to an organization that admits it was doing all of the administrative work of the campaign – including fundraising, campaign advertisements, organizing rallies and speaking events, and handling volunteers – certainly does not meet this requirement.”

Coming to America soon! – New Zealand Prime Minister: Gun Confiscation ‘Just The Beginning’ Of Things To Come

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Source: Ryan Saavedra

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Thursday that the nation now plans to enact extreme gun laws in the wake of last week’s terrorist attack: Banning semiautomatic firearms and forcing citizens to turn in the banned weapons.

The Arms (Military Style Semi-automatic Firearms) Order 2019 essentially bans all semi-automatic firerams that are capable of using a detachable magazine that can hold more than five rounds of ammunition.

Ardern immediately began pushing for even more extreme gun control measures following last week’s deadly attack, declaring that the nation would change its gun laws.

On Thursday, Ardern appeared to take her comments even further, saying at a press conference:

In the meantime, we are asking all current holders of military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles to visit There they will find details of the weapons included in this ban. In the next 48 hours, a form will be available on this site that we are asking these gun owners to complete, identifying what banned guns they hold. The police will then arrange for these weapons to be handed over, and eventually destroyed. Details of the weapons handed back by owners that are covered by the ban will also be taken to ensure that fair and reasonable compensation is paid once the buyback is in place. If owners are unable to complete the online form, they are able to contact the police on the phone to arrange the handover of these now-banned guns…

…As the legislation is developed, we will determine the time available for the return of military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles, and the duration of the buyback scheme. I can assure people that there will be time for the returns to be made, and that they will not be criminalized overnight. After a reasonable period for returns, those who continue to possess these guns will be in contravention of the law. Currently, the penalties for this range from fines of up to $4,000 and or three years in prison. The draft legislation will look to increase these penalties.

Moments later, Ardern added: “But be assured, this is just the beginning of the work we need to do.”


Here is the full text of Ardern’s remarks provided via Slate:

On 15 March, the nation witnessed a terrorist attack that demonstrated the weakness of New Zealand’s gun laws. New Zealand’s regulation of arms primarily dates back to 1983. Sadly, since that time, the most substantive changes to our laws came following the Aramoana shootings. Those changes, however, did not go far enough. Successive attempts have been made, and failed, to change our laws since then. Those attempts were in 1999, 2005, 2012, and more recently though a select committee inquiry in early 2017. And still, none of the changes that have been made in the past dealt with one of the most glaring issues we have that sets New Zealand apart from many other nations: the availability of military-style semi-automatic weapons.

The attacker on 15 March took a significant number of lives using primarily two guns. They were assault rifles, and they were purchased legally on an A category gun license, the standard license held by gun owners in New Zealand. The capacity of these assault rifles was then enhanced using 30+ round magazines, essentially turning them into military-style semi-automatic weapons. While the modification of these guns was illegal, it was done easily, through a simple online purchase.

The guns in this terrorist attack had important distinguishing features. First, the capacity, and also, the delivery. They had the power to shoot continuously, but they also had large-capacity magazines. I absolutely believe there will be a common view amongst New Zealanders, those who use guns for legitimate purposes, and those who have never touched one, that the time for the mass and easy availability of these weapons must end. And today, they will.

Today I am announcing that New Zealand will ban all military-style semi-automatic weapons. We will also ban all assault rifles. We will ban all high-capacity magazines. We will ban all parts with the ability to convert semi-automatic or any other type of firearm into a military-style semi-automatic weapon. We will ban parts that cause a firearm to generate semi-automatic, automatic, or close-to-automatic gunfire. In short, every semi-automatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on Friday will be banned in this country.

These changes will require legislation. That legislation is now being drafted and will be introduced under urgency. A short and select committee process will apply, so I encourage all those who wish to submit to start now. My expectation is that the law will be in place by the end of the next two-week sitting session, which is by the 11th of April.

As a government, however, we did not wish to allow a situation where irresponsible dealers continue to sell weapons that will be banned within a few weeks. That is why we have taken an interim measure. As at 3 p.m. today, an order-in-council took effect. These changes to our regulations will ensure virtually all of the weapons I have announced as being banned will be categorized as weapons that require an E-Class endorsement. The effect of this will mean that no one will be able to buy these weapons without a permit to procure from the police. I can assure people that there is no point in applying for such a permit. This is an interim measure to ensure the trade of these weapons ceases from 3 p.m. today.

As a government, we acknowledge that there will be gun owners who have legitimately purchased weapons we have now moved to ban. Some, for instance, will use them for large scale culling, such as dog. We will as a cabinet work through legalized exemptions for these purposes, but they will be tightly-regulated. For others, these guns will now come out of circulation. I acknowledge and thank those retailers who have voluntarily ceased to sell military-style semi-automatic and assault rifles. You have seen the collective issues we face as a country and I thank you for that. For other dealers, sales should essentially now cease. My expectation is that these weapons will be returned to their suppliers, and never enter into the New Zealand market again.

For current owners of the weapons we have moved to ban, I acknowledge that many of you will have acted within the law. In recognition of that, and to incentivize their return, we will be establishing a buy-back scheme. The details of the scheme are being developed in parallel to the drafting of the legislation to enforce the ban.

In the meantime, we are asking all current holders of military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles to visit There they will find details of the weapons included in this ban. In the next 48 hours, a form will be available on this site that we are asking these gun owners to complete, identifying what banned guns they hold. The police will then arrange for these weapons to be handed over, and eventually destroyed. Details of the weapons handed back by owners that are covered by the ban will also be taken to ensure that fair and reasonable compensation is paid once the buyback is in place. If owners are unable to complete the online form, they are able to contact the police on the phone to arrange the handover of these now-banned guns. I do want to emphasize, to manage the flow of information to the police, online is the best way to arrange the return of your weapons. Do not arrive at the police station unannounced with these weapons in your possession.

As the legislation is developed, we will determine the time available for the return of military-style semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles, and the duration of the buyback scheme. I can assure people that there will be time for the returns to be made, and that they will not be criminalized overnight. After a reasonable period for returns, those who continue to possess these guns will be in contravention of the law. Currently, the penalties for this range from fines of up to $4,000 and or three years in prison. The draft legislation will look to increase these penalties.

I want to acknowledge that the weapons available in New Zealand are only part of the problem, and loopholes with our current law continue to exist. On Monday, Cabinet will receive and consider further amendment to our gun laws. These proposals will however go through a more fulsome process. But be assured, this is just the beginning of the work we need to do.

Finally, I want to repeat a message I have consistently shared since announcing our laws would change. We do have guns in New Zealand that are used for legitimate purposes by responsible owners every single day, and that includes our rural community. They manage pests, they’re used for animal welfare, and also for recreation. I’ve been steadfast in my belief that the vast majority of these owners will support what we are doing here today, because it’s about all of us, it’s in the national interest, and it’s about safety. I will work hard to retain that support as we work on the remaining tranches of reform that we must make to prevent an act of terror happening in our country ever again. I will now hand over to the Minister of Police.

Jailed Abortionist Boasts Democrats’ Infanticide Law Will Set Him Free

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Jailed abortionist says Democrats' Infanticide law will set him free

Infamous abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, jailed for killing hundreds of infants, claims the Democrats’ support of infanticide could help him walk free from prison.

In an email obtained by The Daily Caller, Gosnell expressed his concern that more states aren’t passing late-term abortion laws. reports: The email was part of a correspondence between Gosnell, who is being held at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, and producers of the film.

In 2013, Gosnell was convicted of first-degree murder after carrying out possibly hundreds of illegal, late-term abortions.

The abortionist was also charged with involuntary manslaughter after a woman died while under his care.

In the 2017 book, Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer, the disgraced doctor voiced optimism for an eventual vindication of his heinous actions.

“It helps that I very strongly believe myself to be innocent of the heinous crimes of which I am accused…I continue to feel optimistic of the eventual outcome…the vindication of what I’ve done, why I’ve done it and how [it] will become accepted within my lifetime,” he said.

Now, following the passage of late-term abortion laws in New York and Virginia, Gosnell is unhappy with Pennsylvania’s current legal stance on the issue.

Meanwhile, the writer and producer of the film, “Gosnell,” Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, are questioning whether the murderous doctor would even be convicted in today’s pro-abortion political climate.

McAleer noted, “Ralph Northam put Gosnell into a grey area. Ralph Northam showed it was OK for a baby to die after a botched abortion.”

“Previously, it had been accepted that a baby that survived an abortion could not be killed either by action or inaction,” McAleer continued.

In February of 2019, Senate Democrats blocked the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act, which would have prevented the killing of newborns who survive abortions.

President Trump voiced his disdain for the decision in the tweet below.

Time will tell if the state of Pennsylvania follows the lead of liberal areas like New York and opens the discussion for Gosnell’s release.

Oregon Passes Bill Allowing Doctors to Starve Mentally Ill Patients to Death

by Nwo Report
Oregon passes new law allowing mentally ill patients to starve themselves to death

Mentally ill patients in Oregon can now be legally starved to death at a doctor’s discretion thanks to a controversial new law.

Oregon’s Senate passed House Bill 4135 on Tuesday (17-12) and in the House two weeks ago (35-25). It makes Oregon the first ever U.S. state to sanction the ability for caregivers to remove access to food and water for vulnerable patients with illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. reports: Oregon Right to Life (ORTL) Executive Director Lois Anderson says the effect of the bill is that “vulnerable Oregonians are left without protections and their right to basic care like food and water.”

“The advance directive was put into Oregon statute back in 1993,” State Rep. Bill Kennemer (R) explained, adding that it was “very well vetted” and “thoroughly discussed.”

“If it were to be removed from statute, I fear the legal protections we carefully placed there could be jeopardized, potentially harming end of life decisions for vulnerable patients,” he added.

Under the old advanced directive, caretakers may not decide to starve a mentally impaired patient to death unless that caretaker has been given decision-making authority by the patient before becoming mentally impaired (with four rare exceptions).

HB-4135 reverses that provision, allowing a mentally impaired patient to be starved to death — even against his or her will — unless the patient has made a contrary advanced directive.

“If signed into law, HB-4135 would endanger Oregonians with dementia and Alzheimer’s, allowing their healthcare representatives to remove their access to food and water,” the ORTL website explains.

“Over the last 25 years, Oregonians at the end-of-life stage have been protected by the current advance directive.  Removing it from statute has legal consequences.”

“It’s disappointing that House Democrats passed a bill that has obvious and significant problems,” Anderson added.

“What limited testimony was allowed in the House Health Care Committee hearing revealed the process has been rushed and will lead to unintended consequences that endanger vulnerable Oregonians,” he said.

“Oregon’s advance directive is a critical document that deserved more than three weeks of rushed deliberation,” Oregon Right to Life Political Director David Kilada told LifeSiteNews.

“The disregard every single Democrat in the Oregon Legislature had for the concerns raised about House Bill 4135 was disgraceful.  Stakeholders — including doctors, an attorney, and thousands of Oregonians — expressed concern that the bill would have unintended consequences endangering vulnerable people.  These concerns were ignored.”

Bill Harris testified in favor of the legislation. His wife had dementia, and he went to court to legally starve her to death.  He said he supports HB-4135 because his court case was unsuccessful.

The bill now goes to Democrat Governor Kate Brown’s desk for signing into law.  Gov. Brown is praised by abortion groups such as Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood.

Oregon was one of the first states to legalize abortion in 1969 and the first state in the union to legalize doctor-assisted suicide in 1997.

Beto’s Bizarre Behavior Emerges, Would ‘Torment Wife’ And ‘Eat Dirt’

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Source: J.R

Failed Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke is a wild and crazy guy.

New details have emerged about his past as part of a hackers group, along with being in a band that wore crazy costumes while on stage.

It is now being revealed that Beto would eat dirt and “torment” his wife with “Psycho”-style shower scenes.

From Daily Wire:

A new profile piece from The Washington Post on Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke documented multiple instances of highly disturbing behavior from the failed Senate candidate, including eating dirt and taking poop from his kid’s diaper and putting it into a bowl and telling his wife that it was an avocado.

The piece specifically focused on Beto’s marriage to his wife Amy, who indicated that she was not exactly thrilled to be in a marriage that was so heavily involved in politics.

Buried deep in the article was a paragraph that documented his “‘Psycho’-style scares in the shower,” and another bizarre incident from their marriage. The Post reports:

One time, according to a friend, Beto collected an especially verdant turd from one of their kids’ diapers and put it in a bowl, telling Amy it was avocado. (Neither would confirm this, though Beto did allow it sounded like something he’d do.

More on the “tormenting” via Free Beacon:

Beto O’Rourke is quite the prankster, according to a recent profile in the Washington Post. The former congressman and failed Senate candidate proposed to his wife on April Fool’s Day, for example. His wife, Amy, found it appropriate, given his “impulsive and puckish” nature, which according the Post compels O’Rourke to dabble in all sorts of zany hijinks around the house—from reenacting famous scenes from horror films, to using his children’s excrement as a prop to “prank” his wife:

And then there were the pranks: the remote-controlled cockroach in the kitchen, the “Psycho”-style scares in the shower. One time, according to a friend, Beto collected an especially verdant turd from one of their kids’ diapers and put it in a bowl, telling Amy it was avocado. (Neither would confirm this, though Beto did allow it sounded like something he’d do.)

O’Rourke is once again harping about his mother being a “life-long Republican.”

The problem?

She isn’t.

From Free Beacon:

Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke again referenced his “Republican” mother at a campaign event in Fort Madison, Iowa, despite the fact that she has voted in Democratic primaries in Texas since 2000.

O’Rourke has been going through the Hawkeye State after announcing his presidential campaign, and while he hasn’t developed all the specifics of his platform yet, he has generated a great deal of media attention.

“This campaign that we ran in Texas produced something far greater and more powerful than the sum of people or parts involved. Folks crossed party lines, and I know that personally because my mom, a Republican, voted for us in that election,” O’Rourke told voters.

O’Rourke cited his mother’s supposedly Republican views during his failed Senate campaign against Sen. Ted Cruz, but CNN reported last year that such a characterization of his mother’s politics was misleading.

WOW! Facebook Massacre and Sandy Hook Connection -Sandy Hook Shooter’s Psychiatrist Arrested

Photo: Contributed / Brookfield Police Department

Photo: Contributed / Brookfield Police Department

On December 14th 2012 Adam Lanza attacked students and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut with an AR-15 rifle leaving 20 children and 6 adults dead.

There have been two recent news stories related to the Adam Lanza case.

One concerns the unethical behavior of Lanza’s former psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Fox.

The second story describes a court’s attempt to determine who is responsible for this tragedy.

Did Lanza’s Former Psychiatrist Hide Evidence?

On December 17, 2012 Connecticut police reached Dr. Fox to interview him about the Adam Lanza case. The psychiatrist had moved to New Zealand after things had gotten a bit hot for him in the Northeast.

Just six months earlier, the 59 year old psychiatrist had been accused of sexual assault of a female patient while practicing as a psychiatrist in Brookfield, Connecticut. The patient in question was 19 years old, and state records show that Fox prescribed her “three to four” psychiatric drugs and also gave her free samples. The girl’s mother stated her daughter “was turning into a zombie.”

Following this accusation, Dr. Fox voluntarily gave up his license to practice in New York and Connecticut and began working as a psychiatrist in New Zealand, almost 9,000 miles away from his former office.

During the phone call with the Connecticut police, Fox stated that the only records he had brought to New Zealand were billing records and that all of his medical records pertaining to clients he treated in the United States were “currently in storage in the United States.”

Twenty-four hours after that phone call, Dr. Fox contacted the Connecticut police, telling them that any medical records pertaining to Adam Lanza had been destroyed. Based on the investigative records, Fox last saw Lanza in 2007, which means Dr. Fox destroyed Lanza’s psychiatric records two years earlier than the law allows.

When Fox told law enforcement officials that he had retained his patient billing records, investigators failed to follow this important lead, since billing records offer a great deal of information about a patient’s treatment.

In New Zealand, Dr. Fox worked for the Waikato District Health Board (DHB).

A statement from the DHB said Dr. Fox was employed for 19 months before returning to the US.

During his time in New Zealand, he treated Nicky Stevens, the son of local politician Dave Macpherson. Nicky died while under psychiatric care.

Dr. Fox was de-registered by the New Zealand Medical Council in February 2014.

When Dr. Fox moved back to Maine he discovered his sexual abuse of patients in Connecticut had not been forgotten by the authorities. He was arrested at his home in Peaks Island, Maine on April 20th, 2016 by detectives and Homeland Security Agents and charged with three counts of second-degree sexual assault.

What is Known About Adam Lanza’s Psychiatric Treatment?

Dr. Fox had prescribed the antidepressant Lexapro for Adam. Both Adam and his mother Nancy were reluctant to use the medication. Kathleen Koenig, a nurse specialist in psychiatry at the Yale Child Study Center convinced them to try it.

Lanza’s mom described her son’s reaction to the drug:

“On the third morning he complained of dizziness. By that afternoon he was disoriented, his speech was disjointed, he couldn’t even figure out how to open his cereal box. He was sweating profusely . . . it was actually dripping off his hands. He said he couldn’t think. . . . He was practically vegetative. He did nothing but sit in his dark room staring at nothing.”

There is also a report of a second psychiatric drug prescribed to Lanza and a second adverse reaction.

Nurse Koenig told police in an interview that Adam was given Celexa, another SSRI antidepressant drug.

Immediately after prescribing a small dose of Celexa to Adam Lanza, Koenig received a phone call from Nancy Lanza who reported her son was “unable to raise his arm.”

However, the nurse didn’t feel that Nancy Lanza’s reports of her son’s reactions to the drug were real and felt Adam “had a biological disorder and needed medication.”

One serious side effect of the Celexa is “muscle rigidity.” Adam had complained that he could not lift his arm.

A side effect of Lexapro is “sweating increased.” Nancy Lanza had told Koenig that Adam had this exact reaction.

The concerned mom was labeled “non-compliant.”

It’s unclear the time sequence of when these drugs were given and Dr. Fox has done his best to hide the exact treatment he gave to Adam.

Given Dr. Fox’s unethical practices in hiding his sexual involvement with his female patient and his questionable work in New Zealand, it’s not unreasonable to suspect Dr. Fox might be hiding other matters. Some of his CVS Pharmacy records were also part of the investigation as they relate to the distribution of controlled substances. Questionable billing practices and improper retention of patient records were also examined. Perhaps something regarding Adam’s exact prescriptions and treatments is yet to be revealed.

Celexa comes with warnings that it can cause suicidal behavior, suicide attempts and suicidal ideation, aggression, hostility (predominantly aggression, oppositional behavior and anger) and/or related behavior.

Lexapro comes with warnings that it can increase suicidal thoughts or actions, hostility or aggressive behavior.

Changing dosages or suddenly stopping the medication can also create these behaviors.

AbleChild, a 501c3 non-profit organization, whose mission includes raising public awareness regarding the psychiatric labeling and drugging of children has been following the Adam Lanza case closely.

The group has filed a Freedom of Information Act in Connecticut asking to see the full mental health, toxicology and autopsy records of Adam Lanza.

AbleChild hopes these questions will be answered:

  • Now that Fox has returned to the states, and clearly is under the watchful eye of law enforcement, will Sandy Hook investigators request Fox’s billing records for psychiatric “treatment” of Adam Lanza?
  • Did Adam Lanza, while under the psychiatric care of Dr. Fox or while a patient at Yale Child Study Center, participate in a clinical trial? (In other words, was Lanza receiving experimental treatments?)
  • Could Nancy Lanza’s notes, now being withheld by the state, provide additional information about the treatment Adam Lanza received while under Fox’s care that might expose further violations of FDA clinical trial record retention laws?

Who Is The Real Culprit?

On April 14, 2016 Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis ruled that a lawsuit can proceed against Bushmaster, the manufacturer of the AR-15 rifle used by Adam Lanza in his attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The lawsuit was filed back in 2014 by the families of nine of the people who were killed.

Bushmaster argued it is protected by a 2005 federal law blocking lawsuits against gun makers when their products were used in the commission of crimes, but the judge declined to dismiss the lawsuit.

It’s interesting to note that the 114 page report “Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School” written by the Office of the Child Advocate for the State of Connecticut sums up the responsibility for the shooting by saying, “Finally, none of the findings in this report should be interpreted as exculpating (freeing from blame) or reducing Adam Lanza’s accountability for his actions…In the end only he, and he alone, bears responsibility for this monstrous act.”

Adam Lanza killed himself after committing the murders.

Putting all the blame on Lanza lets the true criminal off the hook. The psychiatrist who prescribed this troubled young man pharmaceuticals with known violent side effects is the real culprit in this tragedy.


http://wwHYPERLINK “”wHYPERLINK “” “”king-news/hc-bookfield-adam-lanza-psychiatrist-arrested-0423-20160422-story.html “″anza-ex-psychiatrist-charged-sexual-assault-article-1.2611499 “”st-who-treated-adam-lanza-may-lead-to-answers-in-murder-investigation/ “”t-adam-lanzas-mental-health-treatment-reveals-multiple-drugs/ “”sandyhook11212014.pdf

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North Carolina County Passes Resolution Declaring That They Are Now a ‘Gun Sanctuary County’

by Nwo Report

Officials in Cherokee County, North Carolina, have passed a resolution declaring that they are now a “Gun Sanctuary County.”

The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners’ resolution is similar to a sanctuary city declaration — but asserts that they will not accept federal or state funds to be used to “infringe on the right by the people to keep and bear arms as described.”

In a Facebook post earlier this month, Cherokee County Commissioner C.B. McKinnon wrote that “any regulation of the right to keep and bear arms or affiliated firearm rights that violates the Second, Ninth, Tenth, or Fourteenth amendments to the US Constitution, that violates Article I, Sections 5, 16, and 30 of the North Carolina Constitution, or that violates numerous related US Supreme Court Decisions including those listed above shall be regarded by the People of, on, or in Cherokee County to be unconstitutional, a transgression of the Supreme Law of the Land and its spirit of individual sovereignty, and, therefore by necessity, unenforceable and invalid from the outset.”

The post also explained that the criminal misuse of firearms is “due to the fact that criminals do not obey laws” and is not a reason to abridge the unalienable rights of law abiding citizens.

“Therefore, the Cherokee County Government will not authorize or appropriate government funds, resources, employees, agencies, contractors, buildings, detention centers or offices for the purpose of enforcing or assisting in the enforcement of any element of such acts, laws, orders, mandates, rules or regulations, that infringe on the right by the people to keep and bear arms as described and defined in detail above,” McKinnon explained.

The Epoch Times reports that ultimately the resolution passed by a vote of 3-2. Their report also noted this is not the first county to pass such a resolution, as 25 out of 33 New Mexico counties adopted gun sanctuary measures. There are movements to do the same in Washington, Nevada, Oregon, and Illinois.

NOT GOOD: Washington Passes Bill To Keep POTUS Off 2020 Ballot – Unless Trump Does One Thing

Source: Collin Rugg

Another day in America and another day where the Left is trying to obstruct President Trump.

On Tuesday, a bill that would require any Presidential candidate to release the last five years of their tax returns, advanced to Washington’s state House of Representatives.

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Check out what The Hill reported:

Senators voted by a 28-21 margin to approve the bill, according to CBS. The state’s attorney general and solicitor told lawmakers in a letter this week that the proposal likely was constitutional, but analysts expect the law if passed to be challenged in federal court.

“The disclosure requirement you propose is likely Constitutional,” the two wrote to lawmakers, according to CBS, adding that the measure “would definitely be challenged in court.”

Democrats who supported the bill said the provision was necessary to force a return to norms surrounding the release of presidential candidates’ tax returns.

VOTE NOW: Should Rep. Omar Be EXPELLED From Congress For Her Anti-Semitism?

It has never been mandatory for Presidential candidates to release their tax returns but now Democrats want to make it the norm because they think it can somehow remove Trump from qualifying for office.

“Although releasing tax returns has been the norm for about the last 40 years in presidential elections, unfortunately we’ve seen that norm broken,” said Sen. Patty Kuderer (D), who sponsored the bill.

Many Republicans pointed out that it is questionable for states to try to impose new rules on the federal government.

Republican Senator Hans Zeiger stated, “We’re on really risky ground when we’re trying to place conditions on a federal election.”

You can always count on Democrats to try to abuse and twist the law!

VOTE NOW: Does Trump Deserve The Nobel Peace Prize?

Check out what else The Hill reported:

Trump caused controversy throughout the 2016 campaign with his refusal to release his tax returns, claiming at the time to be under audit by the IRS. In recent weeks, Democrats in the House have indicated that they may pursue Trump’s returns in the hopes of investigating the president’s finances for criminal activity.

The only reason why Democrats are trying to implement this is because of the “controversy” during the 2016 election when Donald Trump refused to release his tax returns.

President Trump was reluctant to release his returns because he was well aware of how the “swamp” would try to find something wrong with the returns so they could bar him from becoming President.

Why should the President release his tax returns knowing that the swamp and Democrats in Washington D.C. will literally do anything to remove him from office?

NATIONWIDE POLL: Do you stand with Judge Jeanine?

The Democrats are making it clear that they will stop at NOTHING to impeach President Trump.

The Mueller investigation is wrapping up and it appears that Mueller has come up empty-handed with “Trump-Russia collusion.”

Now that this investigation is almost over, Democrats are starting new investigations into Trump in search of ANY criminal activity in President Trump’s past.

We have already seen the Democrat’s corruption on full display so it’s no wonder why the President doesn’t want to hand over his tax records to this corrupt cesspool of people.

Muslim Doctor Praises Trump and GOP in Live Interview — CNN Quickly Whisks Her Away

Source: Jim Hoft

At least they didn’t cut her mic.
Dr. Qanta Ahmed went on CNN to discuss the horrific mosque shooting on Friday. During the discussion she was asked about how this administration is viewed in the Muslim world. Dr. Ahmed defended the Trump administration and told the CNN host how Muslims in Oman, Iraq, Egypt, etc loved the Trump administration.

Dr. Qanta Ahmed: You should know this president and this administration is often castigated as Islamophobic, but I move in the Muslim world, in Egypt, in Oman, in Jordan, in Iraqi Kurdistan, where this president is beloved. This president and the Republican Party going back to George Bush is very dearly held.

CNN quickly cut the segment and moved on.
Via Jack Posobiec:

Why did CNN cut her off after she destroyed their Islamophobia hoax?


— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) March 17, 2019Nwo Report

Call your representatives in Washington and demand support for the Gohmert bill to hold tech giants accountable for censorship

Source: Vicki Batts

Big Tech may finally have to face consequences for their actions, now that Rep. Louie Gohmert has introduced a bill that would strip them of their legal protections. Gohmert, a Republican and the elected representative from Texas’ 1st congressional district, says that his proposed legislation, previously labeled H.R. 7363, would make changes to section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Big Tech has been accused of abusing their legal protections under section 230, which grants them both immunity to being held legally responsible for the content users post, as well as a loophole — which allows the industry to moderate content for “Good Samaritan” purposes.

Critics have said that Section 230 made sense when Big Tech wasn’t also acting as Big Thought Police. Some left-wingers have criticized Republican politicians seeking to amend Section 230, claiming that because the Act encourages some degree of content moderation, Big Tech is not violating the law.

The problem is that Big Tech is abusing their right to moderate content to such a degree that anyone who contradicts their left-wing agenda is labeled “hateful,” and they or their content end up getting removed, suspended or banned. This abuse of power is more than enough reason to call for changes to Section 230.

The Gohmert Bill

Rep. Gohmert recently issued the following statement, regarding his introduction of H.R. 7363:

“Social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are now among the largest and most powerful companies in the world. More and more people are turning to a social media platform for news than ever before, arguably making these companies more powerful than traditional media outlets. Yet, social media companies enjoy special legal protections under Section 230 of the Communications Act of 1934, protections not shared by other media. Instead of acting like the neutral platforms they claim to be in order obtain their immunity, these companies have turned Section 230 into a license to potentially defraud and defame with impunity.”

Gohmert went on to note that leaders of the tech industry have repeatedly claimed that they do not target and censor conservatives or other political “dissidents,” while continuing their not-so-secret efforts at suppressing conservative points of view.

“But for all their reassurances, the disturbing trend continues unabated. Employees from some of these companies have communicated their disgust for conservatives and discussed ways to use social media platforms and algorithms to silence and prevent income to conservatives,” the politician stated.

H.R. 7363 would amend Section 230, such that social media platform owners or operators who “hinder the display of user-generated content” can be held liable for the content their users produce.

In other words, Big Tech can’t have it both ways: The industry must either be willing to uphold the right to free speech for ALL their users, or Big Tech must take responsibility for what is said on their platforms.

This bill will need all the support it can get. You can use this link to find out how to contact your local representative and encourage their support of H.R. 7363. You can also use this link to contact your senator. It’s never too early to start showing your support for a cause you believe in.

Censoring conservatives

When Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, announced her campaign over Twitter, her ads were pulled because she mentioned Planned Parenthood. Facebook has also come under fire for blocking pro-life content, while simultaneously allowing Planned Parenthood to publish clearly partisan material on their platform. Pro-life content is not any more offensive to liberals than pro-choice content is to conservatives — and yet, only one of these viewpoints is being censored.

This is where the abuse of Section 230 kicks in: Under this portion of the CDA, Facebook and their ilk claim they are simply being “Good Samaritans” by removing offensive content from their sites. Taking down pornography is removing offensive content — not blocking valid political opinions that just happen to contradict your own.

As Gohmert contended in his statement, “Since there still appears to be no sincere effort to stop this disconcerting behavior, it is time for social media companies to be liable for any biased and unethical impropriety of their employees as any other media company. If these companies want to continue to act like a biased medium and publish their own agendas to the detriment of others, they need to be held accountable.”

Many experts have called for a change to Section 230 as the best means of fighting censorship and restoring free speech on the internet. While the left-leaning tech industry is sure to balk, it’s clear that they’ve gotten too big for their britches. No industry, nor agency, should have the power to control the speech of the people, privately owned or not. Social media networks ultimately operate as public platforms, and they should be compelled to uphold that responsibility.

See more coverage of the war against freedom at

PROVE IT! “Kansas Hopes To Resurrect Proof-Of-Citizenship Voting Law “

Source: Bright Start News

Is Kansas just trolling progressives? Because this would be the perfect way to make the open border left go completely insane.

Kansas is asking an appeals court to resurrect a law that had required people who were registering to vote to show documents proving their U.S. citizenship.

They cant stand that their attempts at voter suppression keep getting suppressed by the courts. GOOD. I hope this is rejected too.


Not everyone’s reacting negatively:

there are 11 plus million illegals in this country. They broke our laws getting in, they steal SSN to get documents, they have pattern of violating our laws. Protecting the vote is rational.


Nwo Report |

Donald Trump to General Motors: Close a Plant in China, Not Ohio

The assembly line at the General Motors Flint Assembly Plant where the new 2020 Chevy Silverado HD is being built is shown on February 5, 2019 in Flint, Michigan. On Monday, GM began laying off approximately 4,000 salaried white collar workers, bringing the number of GM layoffs since November 2018 …

Source: Charlie Spiering

“Get that big, beautiful plant in Ohio open now,” Trump said. “Close a plant in China or Mexico, where you invested so heavily pre-Trump, but not in the U.S.A. Bring jobs home!”

The president also expressed frustration that “talks” between General Motors and the United Auto Workers Union would begin in September or October.

“Why wait, start them now!” he wrote. “I want jobs to stay in the U.S.A. and want Lordstown (Ohio), in one of the best economies in our history, opened or sold to a company who will open it up fast!”

Trump began attacking General Motors CEO Mary Barra on Sunday for closing down the plant at a time when the American economy was booming.

His posts on Twitter earned a phone call from Barra over the weekend.

“I asked her to sell it or do something quickly,” Trump revealed. “She blamed the UAW Union — I don’t care, I just want it open!”

The Lordstown, Ohio plant employed about 1,500 American workers and produced the Chevrolet Cruze before it closed. General Motors announced plans in November 2018 to lay off up to 14,700 workers in North America.

In June, General Motors announced that the revamped Chevrolet Blazer would be produced in Mexico, as the company employs about 15,000 people there. In December, they announced a new plant opening up in China.

Barra and Trump initially had a good relationship as she joined him for meetings and roundtables promoting the U.S. auto industry.

But GM’s continued layoffs raised tensions between the president and the CEO of General Motors, who was once considered a possible Vice President candidate by failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Very disappointed with General Motors and their CEO, Mary Barra, for closing plants in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland,” Trump wrote in November 2018. “Nothing being closed in Mexico & China. The U.S. saved General Motors, and this is the THANKS we get!”

Nwo Report |

GLOVES OFF! Trump Puts Social Networks On Notice After His Top Aide Was Censored

by Nwo Report

Source: Collin Rugg

On Tuesday, President Trump took to Twitter and announced that he would look into the social media bias against conservatives.

In a response to a tweet from Paul Bedard, President Trump said, “I will be looking into this! #StopTheBias.”

I will be looking into this! #StopTheBias

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 19, 2019

The tweet that the President was referring to was a link to an article that went into detail about how Facebook has censored President Trump’s social media chief, Dan Scavino, who stated that his account had been suspended without notice.

“AMAZING. WHY ARE YOU STOPPING ME from replying to comments followers have left me – on my own Facebook Page!!?? People have the right to know. Why are you silencing me??? Please LMK! Thanks,” he wrote in a post on Facebook.

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Scavino took a screenshot of the notification he received from Facebook that said: “You’re temporarily blocked from making public comments on Facebook.” It mentioned “spam” but gave no examples.

Scavino’s post has received over 1000 angry comments from conservatives on the app.

Read some of the following comments provided by the Washington Examiner:

“Cory Critser Dan Scavino Daniel Scavino Jr. … I think it’s time for some Senate hearings with Facebook on their attempts to influence the election.”

Another said, “Taylor Chavez The president of the United States’ personal assistant is being blocked from speaking to Fans by Facebook because of what reason? Well we know the Excuse but we don’t know the reason.”

And: “Mahendra A Patel If they can block you, how can we live in this world, if they do it to me, how they gone a listened my complain! This is TOO MUCH POWER FACEBOOK! There should be a LAW. Facebook can’t stop anybody. THEY NEED A PERMISSION FROM COURT ! Where is check and balance of POWER!”

NATIONWIDE POLL: Was Obama The Worst President In History?

It’s no secret that the large social media platforms have a negative bias towards conservatives on the platforms but the fact that they are now censoring the President’s social media chief just shows how they aren’t even trying to hide their bias anymore.

This censorship of Scavino comes right after Devin Rep. Nunes announced that he is suing Twitter for $250 million for censoring conservatives.

Check out what Fox News reported:

California GOP Rep. Devin Nunes filed a major lawsuit seeking $250 million in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages against Twitter and a handful of its users on Monday, accusing the social media site of “shadow-banning conservatives” including himself to influence the 2018 elections, systematically censoring opposing viewpoints and totally “ignoring” lawful complaints of repeated abusive behavior.

In a complaint filed in Virginia state court on Monday, obtained by Fox News, Nunes charged that Twitter wanted to derail his work on the House Intelligence Committee, which he chaired until 2019, as he probed alleged and apparent surveillance abuses by the government. Nunes said Twitter was guilty of “knowingly hosting and monetizing content that is clearly abusive, hateful and defamatory – providing both a voice and financial incentive to the defamers – thereby facilitating defamation on its platform.”

The lawsuit alleges defamation, conspiracy, and negligence, and seeks not only damages, but also an injunction compelling Twitter to turn over the identities behind numerous accounts he says have harassed and defamed him. The lawsuit is separate from Nunes’ work on the House Intelligence Committee, where he is now the ranking member.

NATIONWIDE POLL: Do you stand with Judge Jeanine?

This growing problem appears to be reaching a tipping point so it will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.

President Trump Calls Social Media Censorship of Conservatives ‘Collusion’

by Nwo Report

( a joint White House press conference with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, President Donald Trump said something has to be done about social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook censoring conservatives.

Daily Caller White House Correspondent Saagar Enjeti asked Trump, “You tweeted in support of Congressmen Nunes’s suit against Twitter. That’s part of a larger discussion that Senator Josh Hawley’s been leading about making social media companies liable for the content that is on their platform, which they’re not currently. Is that an idea or a change in law that you would support?”

“We have to do something. I tell you. I have many, many millions of followers on Twitter, and it’s different than it used to be. Things are happening. Names are taken off. People aren’t getting through,” Trump said.

“You’ve heard the same complaints, and it seems to be if they’re conservative, if they’re Republicans, if they’re in a certain group, there’s discrimination and big discrimination. I see it absolutely on Twitter and Facebook, which I have also, and also others I see, but I really focus on the one platform, and I have many different platforms,” the president said, adding that he has 60 million Twitter followers and 100 million people if you add those following his Facebook page.

Trump used the word “collusion” to describe social media’s censorship of conservatives.

“We use the word collusion very loosely all the time, and I will tell you there is collusion with respect to that, because something has to be going on,” he said, adding that statements made by social media executives display “the level of in many cases hatred they have for a certain group of people that happen to be in power, that happen to have won the election.”

“Something’s happening with those groups of folks that are running Facebook and Google and Twitter, and I do think we have to get to the bottom of it,” the president said.

Trump also called out the mainstream media, who he called “fake news” for their coverage, and he praised the Brazilian president for using the term “fake news” during his remarks at the press conference.

“It’s collusive, and it’s very, very fair to say that we have to do something about it, and if we don’t, the incredible thing is that we can win an election and we have such a stacked deck, and that includes networks frankly. You look at the networks. You look at the news. You look at the newscasts. I call it fake news,” he said.

“I’m very proud to hear the president use the term fake news, but you look at what’s happening with the networks. You look at what’s happening with different shows, and it’s hard to believe we win, but I’ll tell you what it really shows. The people are smart. The people get it. They’ll go through all of that, whatever it is they’re fed, and in the end, they pull the right lever. It’s a very, very dangerous situation, so I think– I agree. I think something has to be looked at very closely,” the president said.

Trump was also asked whether he would entertain adding more justices to the Supreme Court as Democratic presidential candidates are proposing.

“On the 2020 election, there’s a growing number of Democratic candidates who have endorsed the idea of adding seats to the Supreme Court. Is that an idea that you would entertain in the remainder of your term or possible next term or is that not something that you agree with?” Enjeti asked.

“No, I wouldn’t entertain that,” the president said. “The only reason is that they’re doing is they want to try and catch up, so if they can’t catch up through the ballot box by winning an election, they want to try doing it in a different way. Now we would have no interest in that whatsoever. It’ll never happen. It won’t happen. I guarantee you it won’t happen for six years.”

Missouri lawmaker proposes bill that would require every state resident to own an AR-15

Liberals will be up in arms — literally

Source: Chris Enloe

A new bill recently introduced in Missouri State House would mandate that every state citizen within a certain age range own an AR-15 style rifle.

What are the details?

Missouri State Rep. Andrew McDaniel (R) this week introduced the “McDaniel Militia Act,” which declares that “every resident of this state shall own at least one AR-15.” The bill defines “residents” as those between the ages of 18-35 “who is not prohibited by law or court order from possessing a firearm.”

Under the bill, state residents are given one year to purchase an AR-15 if they do not already own one.

“Every resident of this state shall own at least one AR-15. Any person who qualifies as a resident on August 28, 2019, and who does not own an AR-15 shall have one year to purchase an AR-15,” the bill states. “Any resident qualifies as a resident after August 28, 2019, and does not own an AR-15 shall purchase an AR-15 no later than one year after qualifying as a resident.”

The bill offers a tax credit for residents who purchase an AR-15 in compliance with the law.

What did McDaniel say?

McDaniel, who is a former sheriff’s deputy, told the Associated Press that he knows his bill has no chance of becoming law. Instead, he introduced the legislation to “make a point on mandates in general.”

He said the bill “points out the absurdity of the opposite side,” mocking gun control activists who advocate for “more requirements and barriers for law-abiding citizens.”

McDaniel also recently introduced the “McDaniel Second Amendment Act,” which would require all adults in Missouri who are legally eligible to own firearms to do so. McDaniel introduced both bills to illustrate his point about progressive mandates on firearms.


Americans Could Soon Be Prosecuted for ‘Terrorism’ for Criticizing Islam Online

Americans could soon be prosecuted for criticizing Islam online

Americans could soon be charged and prosecuted for “cyber terrorism crimes” if they criticize Islam on social media. 

Big Tech companies are already complying with Sharia law and banning users who dare to speak the truth about Islamic terrorism. reports: Twitter legal recently issued this reporter a warning that a tweet posted calling for burkas to be banned in the US violated Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

The specific Pakistani blasphemy laws that the tweet violated are punishable by life imprisonment or death and Twitter happily delivered the threat.

But these warnings are just the beginning.

Terror-tied CAIR wasted no time and blamed Trump, Trump supporters and “Islamophobia” after the New Zealand mosque shooting.

Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is seeking to exploit the New Zealand mosque shooting to impose Sharia blasphemy laws in the United States.

CAIR launched an all out assault on the 1st Amendment.

CAIR “Research Director” Dr. Abbas Barzegar said in a presser we should “Not allow these people to exploit freedom of speech.”

“We ask our political leaders to address growing menace of islamophobia.”

“The perpetrator of this terrorist attack has been inspired by hatemongers in the United States,” he continued.

“Directly related to ideas that are carried out on radio shows, TV shows, news commentators — That’s the burning smoke. We as a community have to take control and leadership back in our public space.”

“It is not the case that this is some random marginal activity on the internet in some closed dark web or something,” he said, adding, “No, this stuff is mainstream now.”

We have to put a stop to it. We have to ask our TV networks to be responsible. We have to ask our social media platforms to be responsible. We have to ask our charities and philanthropic communities to be responsible and not allow these people to guide, to exploit freedom of speech, exploit non profit covers – these are hate groups, special interest groups with a very nefarious agenda and we have to take that activity back.”

So there you have it — CAIR has labeled any person or any group that dares expose jihad and criticizes Islam as “hate groups.”

CAIR will argue that online criticism of Islam is an “incitement to violence” and should be charged as a “cyber terrorism crime.”

In fact, it is already happening — A California man was arrested, prosecuted and hit with misdemeanor charges in 2017 for posting 5 anti-Islam posts on Facebook in 2016.

The California Attorney General’s office argued the man’s comments constituted “repeated contact by means of an electronic communication device” with “intent to annoy or harass,” a misdemeanor under California law, reported the Daily Caller.

How are five posts to an Islamic Center’s Facebook page considered “repeated contact?” This was just another way to impose Sharia law onto a concerned American citizen.

The anti-Islam posts were completely benign. The man posted zero threats and all of his comments fell under the 1st Amendment protection.

Nwo Report |

Beto O’Rourke Used to Fantasize About Killing Young Kids

Beto O’Rourke fantasized about mass killing children in disturbing essay

Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke used to fantasize about killing young children by mowing them down in his car, according to newly unearthed essays. 

While a teenager, O’Rourke belonged to a group of U.S. hackers known as ‘Cult of the Dead Cow’ (CDC).  Members of CDC have now come forward with disturbing online essay’s O’Rourke wrote online under the handle “Psychedelic Warlord.” reports:  Another t-file from O’Rourke, written when he was 15, is a short and disturbing piece of fiction. “One day, as I was driving home from work, I noticed two children crossing the street. They were happy, happy to be free from their troubles…. This happiness was mine by right. I had earned it in my dreams.

“As I neared the young ones, I put all my weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of the two children on the hood, and then the sharp cry of pain from one of the two. I was so fascinated for a moment, that when after I had stopped my vehicle, I just sat in a daze, sweet visions filling my head.”

More from Beto’s disturbing writings are here:

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NEXT LEVEL OF CENSORSHIP IS HERE: THE BANNING OF URLS… Telecoms start blocking websites…

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Source: Tyler Durden

In the wake of last week’s terror attacks at two New Zealand mosques which left 50 dead, several websites which either reported on the incident, hosted footage of the attacks, or have simply allowed people to engage in uncensored discussion such as Dissenter or Zero Hedge, have been partially or completely blocked in both New Zealand and Australia for the sake of “protecting consumers,” according to the CEOs of three New Zealand telcos.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting – which was broadcast over Facebook Live by accused gunman Brenton Tarrant to an initial audience of just 200 viewers (none of whom reported it) and had 4,000 overall views before it was taken down – Facebook deleted 1.5 million videos of the attack, of which 1.2 million were blocked at the time of upload.

A video of the attacks is still freely available to anyone who wishes to download it from bittorrent.

Twitter has also been aggressively censoring content related to the Christchurch shooting – perhaps most egregiously forcing journalist Nick Monroe to delete a large number of tweets as he covered the incident in real time, just one of which had links to footage of the shooting. Document hosting website Scribd, meanwhile, has been deleting copies of Tarrant’s 74-page manifesto.

In addition to documenting the incident, Monroe has been noting the mass censorship surrounding the shootings – as well as things such as the New Zealand herald stealth editing a March 15 article to remove mention of a “well known Muslim local” who “chased the shooters and fired two shots at them as they sped off.

That said, Twitter and Facebook’s suppression hasn’t gone far enough according to New Zealand telecom CEOs, who have penned an open letter to Facebook, Twitter and Google suggesting that they follow European proposals for hyper-vigilant policing of content for the sake of ‘protecting consumers.’

“Consumers have the right to be protected, whether using services funded by money or data. Now is the time for this conversation to be had and we call on all of you to join us at the table and be part of the solution,” reads the letter.

Zero Hedge banned… again. 

Less than a week after Facebook ‘mistakenly’ banned us for two days with no explanation following several reports which were critical of the social media giant, we learned that Zero Hedge has now been banned in New Zealand and Australia, despite the fact that we never hosted video footage of the Christchurch attack. We were not contacted prior to the censorship. Instead, we have received a steady flood of people noting that the site is unavailable in the two countries unless a VPN is used.

And while Australia and New Zealand account for a negligible amount of traffic to Zero Hedge, the stunning arrogance of NZ and OZ telcos to arbitrarily impose nanny-state restrictions on content is more than a little disturbing, and should – at least in a so-called democracy – be subject to majority vote.

Also banned down under are the ‘chans‘ and video hosting platform LiveLeak, among others.

The letter continues

“You may be aware that on the afternoon of Friday 15 March, three of New Zealand’s largest broadband providers, Vodafone NZ, Spark and 2degrees, took the unprecedented step to jointly identify and suspend access to web sites that were hosting video footage taken by the gunman related to the horrific terrorism incident in Christchurch,” reads the joint letter from Vodafone’s Jason Paris, and NZ telcos Spark and 2degrees Simon Moutter Stewart Sherriff.

“As key industry players, we believed this extraordinary step was the right thing to do in such extreme and tragic circumstances. Other New Zealand broadband providers have also taken steps to restrict availability of this content, although they may be taking a different approach technically,” the letter continues.

“We also accept it is impossible as internet service providers to prevent completely access to this material. But hopefully we have made it more difficult for this content to be viewed and shared – reducing the risk our customers may inadvertently be exposed to it and limiting the publicity the gunman was clearly seeking”

“Internet service providers are the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, with blunt tools involving the blocking of sites after the fact. The greatest challenge is how to prevent this sort of material being uploaded and shared on social media platforms and forums.

We call on Facebook, Twitter and Google, whose platforms carry so much content, to be a part of an urgent discussion at an industry and New Zealand Government level on an enduring solution to this issue.

So while the telcos have defended their decision to censor a wide swath of material in order to shield people from dangerous information – and have encouraged social media platforms to commit to European-style information control, Kiwis and Australians will only get to know what the technocracy approves in order to ‘protect consumers.’

Unless they set aside 15 seconds and use a VPN.

Indiana Court Rules Sale of Aborted Babies Is Now Illegal

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Indiana Court Rules Sale of Aborted Babies Is Now Illegal

Source: Amanda Casanova | ChristianHeadlines Contributing Writer |

The sale of aborted baby body parts is now illegal, according to a court ruling that approved an Indiana law.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a previous trial judge’s decision to block the law be removed, paving the way for the law to be put in place.

According to the law, a “person who intentionally acquires, receives, sells, or transfers fetal tissue commits unlawful transfer of fetal tissue, a level 5 felony.”

The dispute started when the University of Indiana sued for the right to use the aborted tissue for research.

According to Courthouse News, an Indiana professor “has been using fetal tissue in his research since 2011 as a control to understand differences between and healthy and unhealthy brains.”

University officials claimed in their suit that the law violated the First Amendment.

In the most recent ruling in the case, the judge said the state’s law was “not equivalent” to a prohibition on free speech.

He added that the ruling “does not eliminate the possibility of serious debate about when, if at all, it is ethical to perform medical experiments on aborted fetal tissue.”

The ruling in Indiana is the latest following the 2015 undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress, which showed Planned Parenthood executives discussing the process of acquiring and selling aborted baby parts.

Investigations by the House and the Senate led to tougher enforcement on abortion laws and a slew of lawsuits.

In the aftermath of the release of videos, Operation Rescue reported that dozens of Planned Parenthood executives left their top tier roles in the organization.

“Pretty much everyone who had anything to do with the trafficking of aborted babies is gone from Planned Parenthood, including their CEO Cecile Richards,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue.

Another 10 Christians Killed in Kaduna State as Carnage Continues in Nigeria, Sources Say

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Another 10 Christians Killed in Kaduna State as Carnage Continues in Nigeria, Sources Say

Source: Morning Star News Nigeria Correspondent | Morning Star News |

JOS, Nigeria, March 18, 2019 (Morning Star News) – Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed 10 Christians in southern Kaduna state, Nigeria on Saturday (March 16), bringing the lives lost in the past five weeks to 140 with 160 houses destroyed, sources said.

“We were all asleep in our various homes when at about 4 a.m. [Saturday], we heard gunshots everywhere in my village,” Amos Samuel, 40, of Nandu Gbok village in Sanga County told Morning Star News. “Everyone ran out of their homes to escape from the Fulani herdsmen. Three hours after the herdsmen left, those of us who survived the attack returned to the village to find that our houses were destroyed and 10 of our villagers killed.”

About 30 houses were burned in the attack, Sanga chairman Charles Danladi told Morning Star News, who also said 10 people were killed.

“The attack occurred while the villagers were still sleeping,” he said. “Normalcy has now been restored in the village, and we are making efforts to assist victims.”

Shehu Nicholas Garba, a member of Nigeria’s parliament, the National Assembly, and a resident of the area, said in a press statement that “about 10” people were killed and “about 30” houses were burned.

“Our communities are helpless and are pleading that all persons of conscience should speak out,” Garba said.

The Kaduna governor’s spokesman said Saturday night (March 16) that nine people died in the attack.

“The security agencies have so far recovered nine corpses, including children,” Samuel Aruwan said in a press statement. “Violence has left an unacceptable toll of death and injury, loss of livelihoods, pain and fear. The government condemns this attack on the life and security of citizens and appeals to our communities to resist those who do not want peace.”

Security agencies have been deployed in the area, and the State Emergency Management Agency has been directed to immediately provide relief materials to the affected community, Aruwan said.

130 Killed Previously

In Kajuru County, also in southern Kaduna state, Muslim Fulani herdsmen have killed 130 Christians since Feb. 10, sources said.

Ungwan Barde village was attacked twice, resulting in the killing of 28 people, said Luke Waziri, an area attorney and national assistant secretary of the Adara Development Association, an umbrella body of the predominantly Christian Adara ethnic group. Another 102 people were killed in attacks on Karamai, Inkirimi, Dogonnma and Ungwan Gora, he said.

Kajuru land and by extension the Adara nation has been gripped by a fully funded and supported group of terrorists that have been wreaking havoc in our lands for long, while those saddled with the responsibility of securing us deliberately looked the other way,” Waziri said in a press statement. “First, Ungwan Barde was attacked on Feb. 10, 2019, and nobody said anything, even though those in government knew. Furthermore, the government pretended that the 11 people killed didn’t matter.”

The herdsmen next attacked Karamai on Feb. 26, killing 38 people, he said. A resident of Karamai, Paulina Irimiya, confirmed to Morning Star News that Fulani herdsmen attacked while Christians were at a church service, killed at least 32 Christians and burned down 40 houses.

“While the victims were buried in a mass grave and the injured yet to recover,” Waziri said in the press statement, “Ungwan Barde village was attacked again on Sunday, March 10. Seventeen people were killed and dozens of houses burned.”

The next day, Inkirimi and Dogonnoma villages in Maro were attacked, killing 52 people and wounding dozens, he said.

“The smoke had barely settled when an attack was launched in the evening at Ungwan Gora (Labi Village), with dozens injured and 43 houses burned down,” he said.

A total of 64 Christians were killed in the villages of Inkirimi, Dogonnma and Ungwan Gora, he said.

About 100 homes were destroyed in the attacks, and thousands of people who fled are now moving from one village to the other in search of refuge, Waziri said.

“In all these, not a single person has been arrested, nor even questioned,” he said. “This is despite the fact that all the attacks took place either in the morning or in the evening – in full glare of everyone.”

Hundreds of terrorists had time to kill and leave without anyone being caught or apprehended, he said.

“However, in a strange twist of the application of justice, nine Adara elders and village chiefs were indiscriminately arrested and thrown into the Kaduna prison on allegations of complicity,” Waziri said. “The victims that have been killed and brutalized are the same ones being arrested and thrown into prison, while the real killers are being pampered, supported and allowed to freely continue their onslaught on people and our land.”

In the Inkirimi, Dogonnma and Ungwan Gora Communities, 43 houses were destroyed, Waziri said.

Christians make up 51.3 percent of Nigeria’s population, while Muslims living primarily in the north and middle belt account for 45 percent.

Nigeria ranked 12th on Open Doors’ 2019 World Watch List of countries where Christians suffer the most persecution.

If you would like to help persecuted Christians, visit for a list of organizations that can orient you on how to get involved.  

If you or your organization would like to help enable Morning Star News to continue raising awareness of persecuted Christians worldwide with original-content reporting, please consider collaborating at

Article originally published by Morning Star News.

Iran Building Two New Nuclear Plants

by Nwo Report
The reactor building at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran

Source: Adam Kredo Follow @Kredo0

Iranian leaders announced on Monday the construction of two new nuclear plants, and it remains unclear if the Trump administration views this as crossing a red line since its abandonment of the landmark nuclear deal, which included provisions permitting Iran to work on heavy water nuclear reactors that could provide a plutonium-based pathway to a bomb.

On the same day it announced these new nuclear reactors, which are being built in conjunction with Russia, Iran announced it would be filing papers accusing the United States of “crimes against humanity.”

The new nuclear moves are rattling congressional Iran hawks, who have been critical of a series of waivers issued by the Trump administration permitting Iran to continue engaging in nuclear research, including at an underground site that once housed the regime’s nuclear weapons program.

It remains unclear if the Trump administration will move to block this activity and sanction any international company that aids Iran in the construction of the new nuclear reactors.

“If the State Department is even considering waivers for Iran to expand its nuclear program, if those are even a little bit in play, you have to ask yourself what else is already a done deal and why that isn’t public yet,” one veteran Republican official, reflecting the views of many Iran hawks, told the Washington Free Beacon.

“You also have to ask yourself if the State Department knows that Republicans won the last presidential election or whether we’re all just going to pretend it’s Obama’s third term and the Iran deal is still in place,” the source said.

Ali Salehi, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, announced on Monday that construction of the two new nuclear plants have begun in the southern Iranian city of Bushehr.

“Everything is moving ahead in an excellent manner,” Salehi was quoted as saying in the country’s state-controlled press. “I was in Bushehr two or three days ago and the Bushehr 2 and Bushehr 3 power plants are being constructed.”

The State Department would not respond to questions about its policy on Iran’s nuclear construction.

Meanwhile, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced on Monday that Iran had begun filing paperwork accusing the United States of “crimes against humanity” for its reimposition of harsh sanctions on Tehran.

“The presidential office’s legal department, the justice minister, and foreign minister are required to compile a bill of complaint on crime against humanity against the Americans and those who were involved in sanctions and implementation of sanctions so that we can take it to a competent court for prosecution,” Rouhani was quoted as saying.

“The world should know that the U.S. move [sanctions] is not aimed at the Iranian government and nuclear technology but it is against the Iranian people’s health, environment, ordinary life, foodstuff and medicine,” Rouhani said.

However, it is the nuclear reactors that are eliciting outrage within the Trump administration and on Capitol Hill.

The news comes amid an ongoing inter-agency battle over how far to go in sanctioning Iran and its illicit activities. Some elements of the Trump administration are angling to keep issuing waivers to permit Iran’s nuclear work, as well as its production of lucrative crude oil.

The debate has been raging inside the administration for months, with some hardline officials expressing frustration at some colleagues for seeking to preserve the nuclear deal and keep it on life support, despite President Donald Trump’s vocal commitment to a policy he describes as “maximum pressure.”

Some administration officials in the State Department have made clear that these various waivers exempting countries from sanctions are necessary to preserve the framework of the Iran nuclear deal.

“Even as we have been systematically re-imposing sanctions related to Iran in pursuit of the better, ‘win-win’ deal of which I speak, we have carefully refrained from restoring sanctions in such a way as to obstruct international cooperation with Iran on a number of projects contemplated under the JCPOA that provide Iran opportunities to benefit from nuclear technology in ways not raising proliferation risks,” Chris Ford, assistant secretary in the State Department’s Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, said in December in comments that rankled some Iran hawks.

“To accomplish this, the secretary of state waived the imposition of certain sanctions to the extent necessary to enable specified nonproliferation activities involving Iran,” Ford explained.

Big Pharma Panics as Medical Marijuana Users Quit Prescription Drugs

by Nwo Report
Medical marijuana users begin ditching Big Pharma drugs

Source: Sean Adl-Tabatabai

As more and more U.S. states create laws lifting the prohibition of cannabis, medical marijuana users are ditching their prescription drugs in droves. 

According to data released in a report published by the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, there has been a mass exodus in the use of prescription drugs in states where marijuana is legal. reports: The research underscores the need for an “evidence-based approach” to the benefits of cannabis, rather than its criminalization and the advocacy of antiquated public health approaches calling for abstinence.

Researchers surveyed 450 adults who currently use cannabis at a cannabis law reform event in Michigan, where the plant became legal for medical purposes in 2008.

According to the study authored by Daniel Kruger of the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research and co-author Jessica Kruger of University of Buffalo, 44 percent of the medical cannabis users interviewed abandoned their usage of a pharmaceutical drug, cut back on its use, or both, and have instead opted for the sticky green herb and its numerous derivative products such as waxes, vaporizers, and medicated food products.

Out of those surveyed, 392 users reported that they use cannabis to help treat their health conditions. These users also indicated that they trust medical cannabis far more than mainstream health care including pharmaceutical drugs, especially due to its effectiveness, lack of adverse effects, cost and availability.

Cannabis has been used medicinally by humans for over 5,000 years, and in recent decades has enjoyed increasing acceptance by mainstream society and the medical community alike for its ability to treat an array of health conditions including chronic pain, insomnia, muscle spasms, headaches, menstrual cramps, narcotic addiction, appetite loss, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, HIV-AIDS, cancer and other problems, according to the study.

In 1996, California became the first state to legalize cannabis for medical use, and over than 30 states have since done the same. Ten states along with Washington, D.C. have freed the herb almost entirely, allowing adults over 21 to partake in the recreational use of cannabis. Cannabis remains illegal under U.S. federal law.

The researchers noted that those “with legitimized medical access obtained a greater proportion of their cannabis from official dispensaries, where the potential for systematic regulation and knowledge of chemical content and psychoactive effects for cannabis products is higher than on the black market.”

Most cannabis products available through dispensaries clearly label the cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) contents of goods sold, giving consumers a clear picture of the two cannabinoids that are most prevalent in medical and recreational cannabis products. Product labels also make clear whether the products are derived from Indica, Sativa or Hybrid cannabis plants, which each have unique physiological effects on users.

Civil liberties advocates have greeted legalization as a crucial pillar of criminal justice reform that has helped reduce the disproportionate incarceration of mainly black and brown people who faced hefty sentences for cannabis-related offenses, while legislators and the private industry have been pleased by the economic stimulus provided by the burgeoning marijuana industry.

A recent poll by the Pew Research Center also found that 62 percent of U.S. residents, including 74 percent of millennials, favor an end to the prohibition of cannabis.

Remember what Carol Rosin said…? Pentagon Wants to Test A Space-Based Weapon in 2023

“The enemy at first he said, the enemy against whom we’re going to build a space based weapons system . . . First the Russians are going to be considered the enemy . . . then terrorists would be identified and that was soon to follow . . . then we were going to identify third world crazies, we now call them nations of concern. . . . The next enemy was asteroids . . . [and] against asteroids we’re going to build space based weapons.”

“And the funniest one of all, was against what he called aliens, extraterrestrials, that would be the final card. And over, and over, and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving his speeches for him, he would bring up that last card.

‘And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We’re going to have to build space based weapons against aliens,’ and all of it, he said, is a lie.”

Defense officials have asked for $304 million to fund research into space-based lasers, particle beams, and other new forms of missile defense next year.

Defense officials want to test a neutral particle-beam in orbit in fiscal 2023 as part of a ramped-up effort to explore various types of space-based weaponry. They’ve asked for $304 million in the 2020 budget to develop such beams, more powerful lasers, and other new tech for next-generation missile defense. Such weapons are needed, they say, to counter new missiles from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran. But just figuring out what might work is a difficult technical challenge.

So the Pentagon is undertaking two studies. The first is a $15 million exploration of whether satellites outfitted with lasers might be able to disable enemy missiles coming off the launch pad. Defense officials have said previously that these lasers would need to be in the megawatt class. They expect to finish the study within six months.

They’re also pouring money into a study of space-based neutral particle beams, a different form of directed energy that disrupts missiles with streams of subatomic particles traveling close to light speed — as opposed to lasers, whose photons travel at light speed.

On Wednesday, officials speaking to reporters at the Pentagon voiced guarded confidence that they would result in something that would in fact be deployable.

It’s not the first time that the Department has looked at such weapons. In 1989, the U.S. launched a neutral particle beam into space, as part of an experiment called BEAR, for Beam Accelerator Aboard a Rocket.

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The experiment report described it as modestly successful: “The BEAR flight has demonstrated that accelerator technology can be adapted to a space environment. This first operation of an [neutral particle beam] accelerator in space uncovered no unexpected physics.”

But there’s a big difference between a successful experiment and an affordably deployable weapon. As part of the earlier effort, several companies produced prototype designs. The weapons they sketched were enormous. One was 72 feet long.

On Wednesday, Defense officials said that advances in technology have brought down the potential size and cost of space-based particle beams.

“We’ve come a long way in terms of the technology we use today to where a full, all-up system wouldn’t be the size of three of these conference rooms, right? We now believe we can get it down to a package that we can put on as part of a payload to be placed on orbit,” said a senior defense official. “Power generation, beam formation, the accelerometer that’s required to get there and what it takes to neutralize that beam, that capability has been matured and there are technologies that we can use today to miniaturize.”

Officials, however, stress that the explorative studies do not necessarily mean that the Department will actually deploy a weapon. “I can’t say that it is going to be at a space and weight requirement that’s going to actually be feasible, but we’re pushing forward with the prototyping and demo,” said an official. The exploration, according to the official, “means we need to understand as a Department, the costs and what it would take to go do that. There’s a lot of folklore…that says it’s either crazy expensive or that it’s free. It needs to be a definitive study.”

The push to develop space-based weapons also reflects growing concern about advances in missile technologies from adversarial and so-called “competing” nations like China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

“The addition of the neutral particle Beam effort will design, develop, and conduct a feasibility demonstration for a space-based Directed Energy Intercept layer. This future system will offer new kill options for the [Ballistic Missile Defense System] and adds another layer of protection for the homeland,” says an MDA document put out on Tuesday.

Those new options are essential, say defense officials, to hit missiles during their boost phase, as they leave the launch pad and head straight up.

“That’s a really hard battle space to go after, right?” said the senior official. “It’s a very short timeline, first to even know where it [meaning the missile] is coming from…It’s less than a  couple minutes before it leaves the atmosphere. So you have to have a weapon that’s on station, that’s not going to be taken out by air batteries and so we have been looking at directed energy applications for that. But you have to scale up power to that megawatt class. You’ve got to reduce the weight. You’ve got to have a power source. It’s a challenge, technically.”

It’s also a controversial idea and not popular among arms control proponents. “The deployment of interceptors in space would be a disaster for strategic stability. To ensure the credibility of their nuclear deterrents, Russia and China would likely respond by building additional and new types of long-range ballistic missiles as well as missiles that fly on non-ballistic trajectories. Russia and China could also take steps to improve their ability to destroy such U.S. interceptors, thereby greatly increasing the threat to U.S. assets in space,” said Kingston Reif, who directs disarmament and threat reduction policy at the Arms Control Association.

The U.S. is a signatory to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which prohibits placing nuclear weapons in space. Another Defense official made clear that the treaty does not provide an obstacle to the deployment of either lasers or neutral particle beams in orbit. “The 1967 Outer Space Treaty says that weapons of mass destruction can not be placed into outer space and then it limits even further specifically military activities on celestial bodies, I think the moon or otherwise. But the treaty does not expressly prohibit activities that are not weapons of mass destruction on outer space.”

If the Defense Department does deploy weapons in space, the United States would be the first country to do so officially. But defense officials frequently contend that they probably would not be the first to do so in actuality. A February report from the Defense Intelligence Agency suggests that both China and Russia are developing space-based weapons and that they could be in orbit next year.

  • Patrick Tucker is technology editor for Defense One. He’s also the author of The Naked Future: What Happens in a World That Anticipates Your Every Move? (Current, 2014). Previously, Tucker was deputy editor for The Futurist for nine years. Tucker has written about emerging technology in Slate, … Full bio

Maine’s Governor Proposes Bill Permitting Nurses to Perform Abortions


by Nwo Report
Maine's Governor Proposes Bill Permitting Nurses to Perform Abortions

Source: Michael Foust | Contributor |

Maine’s Democratic governor, Janet Mills, proposed a bill Thursday that would let physician assistants and nurses perform abortions, saying such a change in law is needed to broaden the access to “reproductive health care.”

The bill, LD 1261, would allow an advanced practice registered nurse or a physician assistant perform abortions. Under current Maine law, only doctors can perform abortions.

The law would increase the number of abortion clinics in the state from three to 18, according to supporters.

“Every woman in Maine should be able to access reproductive health care when and where she needs it, regardless of her zip code,” Gov. Janet Mills said. “Allowing advanced nurse practitioners and physician assistants to perform medication-administered abortions, which are already permitted in other states, will ensure Maine women, especially in rural areas of our state, can access reproductive health care services. It is time to remedy this inequity that negatively impacts too many Maine women.”

The ACLU and Planned Parenthood have pushed for such a change to the law, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Already, eight states permit medical personnel other than doctors to perform abortions, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

Carroll Conley, executive director of the Christian Civic League of Maine, opposes the bill.

“We just feel that health care and any expansion of it should be life-affirming and not life-ending,” Conley told the Portland Press Herald. “Making health care more accessible is not contrary to our mission as long as it’s life-affirming.”

Michael Foust is a freelance writer. Visit his blog,

American Civil War….NZ Terror Attack Immediately Weaponized By Vile American Leftists To Attack Conservatives

by Nwo Report

Source: Billy M – Nworeport

Face it. We’re not in a shooting war, but we are most certainly in a civil war. One of the ways you can tell is that when a terrorist incident happens on the other side of the planet, involving ZERO Americans in any way, vile American progressives immediately try to place blame on..THEIR FELLOW AMERICANS.

Hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota began the segment lamenting that the shooter’s alleged manifesto, which was posted online, contained rhetoric that was similar to things President Trump has said in rallies and ads.

Some of the same language the president used in his campaign ad before the midtermsIt’s just rife with that stuff of someone who just, he’s a white supremacist,” Camerota gushed. Referring to Trump, Avlon added that when “powerful people” “echo it with their megaphones that has a real effect in people’s minds because it legitimizes it.”

THIS from a group of people who just last week couldn’t muster the testicular fortitude to condemn Rep Ilhan “Mullah” Omar by name for her words of blatant hatred and ignorance.

It’s even worse on social media.

It goes on and on and on.

Yet – when a muslim kills a christian, or a homosexual, or a jew, that’s not anyone’s fault but the perpetrator?

Or when a progressive shoots up a baseball diamond filled with Republican Congressmen, that’s not the fault of the media and Democrats for whipping him up?

Or when ANTIFA beats people in the streets of cities across the country, and that seems to be the fault of nobody, or maybe even Trump supporters somehow?

Yes. We’re at war. It’s a cold civil war.

Utrecht Eyewitness: Shooter Focused On Woman, Those Helping Her

Update4: Local media reports that an eyewitness named Niels says suspect Gökmen Tanis was targeting a specific woman, and then began shooting people attempting to help her. 

Via (translated): 

“It happened in the tram behind me. Suddenly there was commotion. The tram stopped in a bend so I could clearly see what was happening in the tram set behind me. The door of the tram was forced and windows were smashed. There was confusion in our tram set, but it remained fairly calm.”

“At that moment there was certainly already a shot in the tram behind me. You heard about the plop-plop-plop sounds, as if there was a muffler on it. Then I saw people running outside, really for their lives. I felt that he was focusing specifically on someone because I saw a woman crawling out. Bystanders tried to pull her away, but when they did, that man went after her specially and aimed at those bystanders.

“I couldn’t see what he looked like. He was wearing a dark coat, a normal posture, and a long gun in his hand. Just such a hand gun, not an automatic weapon, as far as I could see. Then he went after someone with a yellow vest trying to help that woman, and after that I could not see it anymore.”

Update3: A new photo of the suspect, Gökmen Tanis, has been released:

Terrorist Shooting In Dutch City Of Utrecht Kills One, Injures Several, Attacker At Large: Terror Threat Raised

Tram shooting in Dutch city of Utrecht kills one, injures several, attacker at large One person was killed and several more people were injured in a shooting that broke out in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Terrorism is being investigated as a potential motive, police said. The Dutch counter-terrorism unit has surrounded a building where the gunman may be located, local media has reported. The perpetrator manged to escape the scene of the crime earlier, despite police cordoning off the area and adjacent streets. A square around a tram station outside downtown Utrecht is also on lockdown. #Utrecht Trumanlaan

— Arjan van Midden (@ArjanvanMidden) March 18, 2019 The shooting has left one person dead, police confirmed. Ambulances and emergency services are also present although the number of injured is yet to be clarified. Police said it’s looking at all plausible motives for the shooting, including terrorism. The police is investigating the shooting at the #24oktoberplein in Utrecht this morning. An possible terrorist motif is part of the investigation.

— Politie Utrecht (@PolitieUtrecht) March 18, 2019 Medevac helicopters have been send in to airlift the wounded, Utrecht police said. They also urged drivers to make way for medical vehicles. BREEK – Volgens getuigen heeft een man in een tram op weg naar Utrecht CS een wapen getrokken en meerdere personen neergeschoten. Hulpdiensten massaal aanwezig en bezig met eerste hulp in de tram.

— Yelle Tieleman (@YelleTieleman) 18 марта 2019 г. U-OV, a local transport company, said tram services were suspended all around the city. As the situation developed, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte canceled the weekly coalition meeting and will consult with a crisis response team.  Slachtoffer wordt terwijl medewerkers hem/haar in ambulance leggen nog steeds gereanimeerd.

— Yelle Tieleman (@YelleTieleman) 18 марта 2019 г. A shooting occurred on the #24oktoberplein in #Utrecht. The incident has been reported at 10.45 hour. Multiple people have been injured. The surrounding area has been cordoned off and we are investigating the matter.

— Politie Utrecht (@PolitieUtrecht) March 18, 2019 It is still unclear if the shooter acted alone or had accomplices. “A man started shooting wildly,” an eyewitness told Dutch news outlet But the website cited a witness who said there were four gunmen who opened fire at a woman near the tram station.  24 Oktoberplein street, where the shooting took place, is an important traffic junction in Utrecht, the fourth largest city in the Netherlands.

Christian Genocide In Nigeria

Christians are being slaughtered in Nigeria. A newly released report says that since February, 120 have been killed and 140 homes destroyed. Fulani militants are to blame. The Fulani are a large Islamic nomadic group who have been, according to some accounts, engaged in an “ethnic cleansing” of Christians from the areas they seek to control. To put their carnage into context, consider this shocking account from Christian Solidarity Worldwide, who has been tracking the attacks on Christians in Nigeria (emphasis mine): Armed with sophisticated weaponry, including AK-47s, and in some cases chemicals and even rocket launchers, the Fulani herder militia is believed to have murdered more people in 2015, 2016 and 2017 than Boko Haram; destroying, overrunning and seizing property and land, and displacing tens of thousands. Over 54 communities in Plateau State have been occupied and renamed, and around 11,833 victims displaced by these attacks are housed in about 17 camps in different parts of the state. The majority of these are children, the elderly and women, including pregnant women and nursing mothers. More than Boko Haram! That is saying something, as Boko Haram has been the Islamic terror organization in Nigeria for years. It was categorized by the State Department as a terrorist organization in 2013. It’s horrific to think that these kinds of sustained violence continue in our world. As much as we would like to think that mass murder is not a common occurrence, it is a fact of life for some. And no matter who perpetrates the violence, it is always evil and wrong.

Newark’s mayor exploring universal basic income program

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka

Posted Mar 14 2019 08:56AM EDTUpdated Mar 14 2019 09:53AM EDT

NEW JERSEY (FOX 5 NY) – Getting a paycheck for doing nothing could be in the future for residents of New Jersey’s largest city.  Newark Mayor Ras Baraka says the city is going to study a pilot program to provide a universal basic income, or basically guaranteeing income for all residents whether they have a job.

He made the statement during his annual State of the City address Tuesday night at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

The city has launched a taskforce to see if the program is feasible with help from the Economic Security Project and the Jain Institute.

“We believe in Universal Basic Income, especially in a time where studies have shown that families that have a crisis of just $400 in a month may experience a setback that may be difficult even impossible to recover from,” Baraka said.

He noted that a third of the city still lives in poverty.  He didn’t release any more details on the plan, like how it would be funded or when a final decision would be made.

There has not been a successful long-term Universal Basic Income program.  A small basic-income program that was tested in Finland was ended after one year.

Baraka was re-elected last year to a second term as mayor of the city of 280,000 residents.

Some DNA-testing firms are in cahoots with the feds

Friday, March 15, 2019 Chris Woodward (

DNA strand

It’s a growing industry, with radio, television, and print ads to boot – but do you know where your DNA might be going after signing on with one of those genealogy companies?

“Family Tree in particular has come under fire for not disclosing to the people who gave them their data that they share this data with the FBI without even getting warrants first,” says Dan King, a senior contributor at Young Voices. “They have issued a statement and sent an email to customers apologizing for it and explaining that they do have a setting within the app where you can turn off this data matching.” (See related article)

He continues: “However, that then defeats the purpose of giving your DNA up in the first place, because then you can no longer find those ancestral ties, you can no longer find long-lost family members – so it defeats the whole purpose of why you originally gave up your data if you want to protect your privacy.”

petri dish stem cell research

The spokesman for Young Voices says he wouldn’t be surprised if other companies are sharing data or DNA.

“23andMe and both say that they won’t share anything with any law enforcement agency unless that agency comes to them with a warrant; and so far, 23andMe has held true to that,” he continues. “They’ve received five requests without a warrant and they’ve turned down all five, but there’s nothing legally binding about that. So they could immediately do a turn-face and hand over everything willy-nilly.”

King shares these concerns in an article for The American Conservative. He doubts whether customers read the terms of agreement from these companies.

“It’s probably just like the terms of service you get from Apple before you buy an iPhone or any other company that takes your data,” he explains. “Most people are not reading through thousands or hundreds of pages to find out what’s going on with their data …

“Sure, some of that falls upon us,” he acknowledges, “but when it gets to the point where companies are sharing things with law enforcement [or] with the feds without a warrant, that’s when it really starts to become a problem.”

PRO-LIFE Democrat vote against HB 51 ‘speaks volumes’

Monday, March 18, 2019 Chris Woodward (

New Mexico flag

A pro-life group is commending Democrats for helping defeat an abortion bill.

“It speaks volumes,” says New Mexico Alliance for Life‘s Elisa Martinez about the eight senate Democrats voting in opposition of House Bill 51. “People are waking up to the reality of abortion extremism. Abortion up to birth and infanticide were on this bill, on the table, and the eight Democrat senators who voted with the will of the people against this bill need to be commended, and so we are just again so grateful for them standing up for life.”

According to KOB 4 in Albuquerque, the eight Democrats were Sen. Pete Campos of Las Vegas, Sen. Carlos Cisneros of Questa, Sen. Richard Martinez of Española, Sen. George Munoz of Gallup, Sen. Mary Kay Papen of Las Cruces, Sen. Gabriel Ramos of Silver City, Sen. Clemente Sanchez of Grants, and Sen. John Arthur Smith of Deming.


In his remarks leading up to the vote, Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino (D-Albuquerque) invoked St. Antoninus and said Catholics were free to vote for the bill.

Senator Ramos, another Catholic, responded to that by saying his church “does not approve of abortion.” 

“How can we protect coyotes, frogs, prairie dogs, chickens, but not the beating heart of a baby in a woman’s womb,” Ramos asked. “Vote your conscience.”

“All the odds were against us, and it took a lot of prayer, a lot of hard work, a lot of really divine intervention here in New Mexico,” says Elisa Martinez. “I’m just so thankful to God for intervening and hearing our prayers and hearing our cries.”