Why Can’t America Fill a Pothole?

Why can’t America build or repair infrastructure on a par with countries in Europe or Asia? Why are our bridges, roads, and airports not what they should be? Aren’t we the richest and most technologically savvy country in the world? Who or what is holding us back? Kyle Smith of National Review has the surprising (and frustrating) answer.

Shut Up: Human Voice Declared Environmental Hazard

Posted By: John Ellis July 21, 2019

Whoever thought that Sustainable Development/environmentalism is not anti-human, just isn’t paying attention. Now the human voice is disturbing nature and people should be respectful. ⁃ TN Editor

In case you haven’t been paying attention, leftists will not be satisfied until they have undermined all human flourishing. Actually, whether they’re willing to admit it or not, human extinction is the highest ideal for leftists. Don’t believe me? Then check out this article in The Atlantic that declares the human voice is bad for the environment. One more piece of evidence to slide next to things like abortion, euthanasia, and environmental regulations and economic policies that make it harder for humans to prosper.

During the summer of 2017, researchers from the University of California at Santa Cruz played recordings of human voices in wilderness areas where humans rarely venture. Populated with predators like mountain lions and bobcats, as well as a variety of other animals, the researchers didn’t force the wilderness residents to listen to loud, obnoxious voices. Rather, quiet voices reading poetry were played through the speakers. “Some of the animals became jittery. Others stopped eating. A few fled in fear,” The Atlantic explains.

Through their experiments, researchers discovered:

That, the quality of the poetry aside, even the gentlest of human speech can make wild animals—even top predators—unnerved and watchful, in ways that shake entire food webs. It’s the clearest demonstration yet that we are among the scariest of animals—a super-predator that terrifies even the carnivores that themselves incite terror.

All fine and good, I could’ve told them that, saving them the trouble and expense of the research. Of course, the research is more than just a fact-finding expedition for those interested in learning about the quirks of animals. It’s ideologically driven. Buried deep in the article, The Atlantic reveals that:

Suraci’s studies show that through our mere presence, we can affect wildlife by changing the contours of their landscapes of fear. “We’re a very loud and big species,” says Suraci. “Much of what we do is potentially terrifying to wildlife, like industrial activity and vehicle traffic. We tried to get past all of that and isolate the perceived presence of humans, separate from all the other disturbing things we do. And the implication is that we don’t need to cut down the forest to have an impact on wildlife.”

Our very presence is bad for the environment. Our voices are harmful to frightened animals. The article goes on to quote UC Berkeley’s Kaitlyn Gaynor who warns, “Human-induced behavioral changes may be ultimately harmful to species and ecosystems if they make it harder for animals to survive and reproduce.”

Read full story here…

Apple Shuts Hong Kong Stores Early as Fears of Lawlessness Rise.

Tech giant Apple Inc. shut its stores early citywide on Monday, as fears of escalating violence and spiraling lawlessness linked to weekslong protests spurred concern among businesses and the public.

A day after police fired tear gas in clashes with thousands of protesters, Hong Kong remains on edge as officials conceded no ground and activists accused the government of coddling a rise in vigilante justice. In the north of the city, a mob of white-shirted men stormed a subway station late Sunday and beat people whom they blamed for taking part in the earlier antigovernment protests, leaving 45 people injured.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam condemned the violence Monday as she was questioned by reporters about a breakdown in law and order following weeks of antigovernment protests… https://www.wsj.com/articles/apple-shuts-hong-kong-stores-early-as-fears-of-lawlessness-rise-11563793440

SKELETON COAST Mystery as 50 dead whales found washed up on remote beach in Iceland

The majestic pilot whales were spotted on the shore at Longufjorur, on Thursday, by a plane flying overhead.

 Fifty dead pilot whales have been found washed up at Longufjorur in Iceland on Thursday
Fifty dead pilot whales have been found washed up at Longufjorur in Iceland on ThursdayCredit: Reuters

Pilot David Schwarzhans said he and his passengers counted the whales as they were flying.

“There might  have been more,” he said, “some were already buried in sand.”

Officials believe the whales died as a result of dehydration.

It is not completely understood why pilot whales become stranded in large numbers.

Pilot whales are members of the dolphin family that can grow up to 20 feet (6 meters) long and weigh as much as 3 tons (2.7 metric tons).

They are often involved in mass strandings because of their social nature, according to the American Cetacean Society.

They swim in really tight groups, but experts have said the mammals become confused, when they enter shallow waters.https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9552039/dead-whales-found-remote-beach-iceland/

Army Lets Slip That It’s Conducting Secret Operation Around D.C.

(Bloomberg) — The Pentagon has revealed a few details about a secret Army mission that has Black Hawk helicopters flying missions over the Washington, D.C., area backed by active-duty and reserve soldiers. The mysterious classified operation was disclosed when the Army asked Congress for approval to shift funds to provide an extra $1.55 million for aircraft maintenance, air crews and travel in

Read more at: https://www.bloombergquint.com/politics/army-lets-slip-that-it-s-conducting-secret-operation-around-d-c
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California Launches Creepy “Cradle-To-Career” Data System To Track Everything About Children

Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

Just in case we haven’t provided you with enough creepy dystopian news lately, the nation’s leader in Creepy Dystopia, California, has a brand new program. The “Cradle to Career Data System” will study and document everything about a child born in the state.

But don’t worry, it’s for your children’s own good.

What the heck is the “Cradle to Career Data System”?

Beginning at birth and stalking the child until he or she joins the workforce, California wants to keep on eye on all sorts of demographics and variables. They’ll do this by collecting information from “partner entities.” They’ll use this information, according to the Pasadena Star, to “provide appropriate interventions and supports to address disparities in opportunities and improve outcomes for all students.”

Who are these partner entities, you ask?

The “partner entities” include (but are not limited to) “state entities responsible for elementary and secondary education data, entities responsible for early learning data, segments of public higher education, private colleges and universities, state entities responsible for student financial aid, childcare providers, state labor and workforce development agencies, and state departments administering health and human services programs.” (source)

So, your kid’s teachers, principles, professors, babysitters, and the purveyors of any state services you happen to use will all cough up every detail of your child’s life.

Of course, California just wants to help..https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-21/california-launches-creepy-cradle-career-data-system-track-everything-about

Watch Live Demonstration Of Cleaning Robots That Will Displace Thousands Of Jobs

As we’ve said in many articles, a new wave of investments in automation is already underway, could eliminate 20% to 25% of the current American workforce by 2030, or about 40 million jobs.

In the latest installment of robots plotting a takeover, we set our eyes on a Singapore-based firm called LionsBot International – who has developed an autonomous robot that can sing, rap, wink and even tell jokes while scrubbing floors, reported Yahoo.

The company debuted the robot at a live demonstration ceremony on July 17 at the Gardens by the Bay, a resort located in the Central Region of Singapore, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir.

About 300 of these robots will be produced by March 2020, will allow the company to be the first in the world to offer cleaning robots on a subscription model to clients.

Prospective and current clients can rent the robots at a rate of $1,350 to $2,150 per month.

As of last week, two of the robots have been deployed at National Gallery Singapore and Jewel Changi Airport in April, with more expected at other commercial facilities in the coming months.

LionsBot said at least six of its clients would deploy the robots early next year.

According to LionsBot, the cleaning robot is more efficient than a human and can work longer hours.

“Multiple cleaning robots are able to coordinate and clean a given area simultaneously, without the need for human programming,” the company said in a statement.

Besides regional demand, LionsBot has also received orders from companies based in Australia and Japan, said a company spokesperson, with the possible introduction to the US by 2021 to 2022.

LionsBot’s clients will be able to choose from 13 different types of robots including ones that scrub, mop, vacuum, and sweep across various terrains, effectively eliminating low wage cleaning jobs. Another version of the robot can also transport up to 1,000 pounds of equipment.

At the launch event at Gardens by the Bay, Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Trade and Industry Koh Poh Koon said cleaning robots could raise productivity, adding that the government will continue to promote the proliferation of automation.

However, the trade minister made zero mention of the upcoming labor force shift due to automation, how hundreds of thousands of people across the region will be displaced because of robots in the years ahead.

More importantly, once these robots wash ashore in the US (maybe in the next few years), and most likely on the West Coast first, a tidal wave of job losses due to automation will be seen as corporate America continues to streamline their operations with technology to curb margin compression…https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-20/watch-live-demonstration-cleaning-robots-will-displace-thousands-jobs

Trump Trashes ‘Squad’ As “Racist Group Of Troublemakers”

President Trump’s ongoing effort to force ‘moderate’ liberals to support the most extreme leftists – somewhat tarring the entire Democratic party with the same open-borders, anti-Israel, “America’s the worst” strategy – was turned up to ’11’ on the rhetoric scale today.

For more than a week, the president has been at the center of racism accusations after telling the group, made up of Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) and Ayanna Pressley (Mass.), to “go back” to their home countries.

And this morning he continued the attacks, calling the group of minority women a “racist group of troublemakers.”

“The ‘Squad’ is a very Racist group of troublemakers who are young, inexperienced, and not very smart.”

Reading through the ‘squad’s statements, one can’t help but see Trump’s perspective, as Kurt Schlichter recent noted, the Democrats’ 2020 theme is that you are terrible and the party’s slogan will be “Americans suck, vote for us.”

LibertyNation’s James Capua concludes,

“Thus enlightened, such people are single-minded in doing what is necessary to keep that job, which in their, and their perpetually-outraged sisters’ cases, is feeding the leftist audience what it craves. They live at the whim of the mob; for them, achievement consists of running fast enough to keep near the front of the crowd, news cycle to news cycle, appearing to be directing it. Since the howls and “likes” of the audience pay their bills, it is thus understandable that the news of every imagined American outrage, every shortcoming, and every awkward verbal stumble by a MAGA-hat wearing prole or cabinet secretary, is delivered by an Omar or a Tlaib with a haughty superiority and unalloyed joyfulness that is fingernails on a blackboard for the rest of us.”

We wonder just how many middle-Americans actually know (let alone care) about ‘the squad’? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-22/trump-trashes-squad-racist-group-troublemakers

Eur-ope-an Un-ion dem-ands Isr-ael ha-lt dem-olition of ill-egal ho-mes

WordPress Nazi’s are playing devils advocate AGAIN and it will not allow me to post this news story – Sad that my freedom of speech is being taken away on this site that I PAY FOR out of my OWN POCKET! – Don’t waste your money on WordPress site – go make your own web site. It’s cheaper and you can still remain free to speak your mind.

The Europ-ean Un-ion formally conde-mned the demoli-tion of ille-gal Ar-ab apartment buildings near Isr-ael’s secu-rity barrier separating Jeru-salem from Pal-esti-nian Auth-ority-controlled areas, and demanded Isr-ael halt its enfor-cement of demo-lition orders.   In a statement issued Monday afternoon, the Euro-pean Uni-on’s foreign affairs department said the demoli-tions undermine the “viability of the t-wo-sta-te solu-tion”.   “Isr-aeli authorities have proceeded with the demo-lition of 10 Palest-inian buildings, containing some 70 apartments, in W-adi al Hu–mmus, part of Sur Ba-her neighbou-rhood in occu-pied East Jeru-salem. The majority of the buildings are located in Area A and B of the W-est Bank where, according to the O-slo Ac-cords, all civil issues are under the jurisdiction of the Palesti-nian Auth-ority,” the EU said.   “Isra-el’s settle-ment policy, including actions taken in that context, such as forced transfers, evic-tions, demo-litions and confis-cat-ions of homes, is ille-gal under interna-tional law. In line with the EU’s long-standing position, we expect the Isr-aeli authorities to immediately halt the ongoing demol-itions.”   “The continuation of this policy undermines the viability of the t-wo-sta-te solution and the prospect for a lasting peace and seriously jeopardizes the possibility of Jeru-salem serving as the future capital of both States.”   Earlier on Monday, Public Security Minister, Gi-lad Er-dan (Lik-ud) defended the dem-olition of illegal Ar-ab apartment buildings on the southeastern fringe of Jeru-salem Monday morning, saying the structures were built too close to the security barrier, and could be used as a haven for terr-orists. READ MORE

Iran Urges UK To Rein In ‘Deep State’ – Germany Warns Of ‘Uncontrollable’ Escalation

Iran Urges UK To Rein In ‘Deep State’; Germany Warns Of “Uncontrollable” Escalation
Iran’s ambassador in London warned on Sunday that the UK government must get its“domestic political forces” pushing for regime change under controlor else the two countries will face dangerous escalation.
The public statement came two days after the British-flagged Stena Impero was boarded and captured by IRGC commandos, and over two weeks after the tanker Grace 1 was seized by UK Royal Marines off Gibraltar. Iranian Ambassador Hamid Baeidinejad urged via his personal Twitter account that continued pressure on Iran would be “unwise” given that Tehran stands “firm and ready for different scenarios”.The ambassador said the UK government must “contain those domestic political forces who want to escalate existing tension between Iran and the UK well beyond the issue of ships” — in what appears a reference to the UK defense establishment and its allies at think tanks like the neoconservative the Henry Jackson Society and others, and powerful oil and weapons gulf allies like Saudi Arabia.  His statement implied that British ‘deep state’ elements were using the tit-for-tat tanker seizures as a convenient raison d’etre for pushing conflict with Iran.  On Friday Britain had issued its own warnings, with Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt telling the Iranians they face “robust” and “serious consequences,” but he stopped short of discussing military options, instead his statements emphasized diplomacy.  The UK has condemned it as “a hostile act” – and German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has indicated European leaders are desperately trying to prevent “uncontrollable military escalation.” Meanwhile, more details of Iran’s seizure of the still detained Stena Impero tanker have emerged.  IRGC spokesman Brig. Gen. Ramezan Sharif was cited by Iran’s Fars News Agency over the weekend as claiminga Royal Navy warship had attempted to put up “resistance and interference” to prevent Iran’s navy from detaining the vessel.  State media released new footage showing the tanker impounded with Iran’s flag raised above.

U.S. Team To Middle East To Discuss Peace Plan

Senior US team to visit Middle East for talks on Washington’s peace plan
Senior US officials are set arrive in the region next week to further discuss the Trump administration’s forthcoming Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, a senior US official told The Times of Israel Sunday. The US delegation includes US President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jared Kushner, US special peace envoy Jason Greenblatt, Kushner’s senior aid Avi Berkowitz, and Brian Hook, the administration’s point man on Iran. They are set to travel to Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, said the senior official, who asked not to be named, as he was not authorized to speak about the visit to press. “The purpose of the visit is to follow up on the Bahrain workshop,” the official said, referring to last month’s “Peace to Prosperity” summit in Manama, during which the administration presented the economic part of its two-pronged peace proposal. “We would like to finalize the plan’s economic portion, including to discuss the potential placement of the investments,” the official said, referring to the $50 billion investment packaged for the Palestinians and the wider region proposed by the plan. The delegation’s trip is to be understood as the conclusion of the first stage of the peace plan’s unveiling, but not yet as the overture to the presentation of the political part, the official stresses.The White House has indicated that it is waiting until after a government is formed in Israel following September 17 elections before it releases the political part of the peace plan, and has not revealed any of its details. Days after publicizing the economic part of the plan, the White House also co-sponsored a conference in Bahrain, which focused on it. The Palestinians fiercely opposed the workshop in the Gulf country, arguing any peace effort must address political matters before economic ones. Greenblatt has previously stated that the publication of the political section of the plan may be postponed until around early November, when he predicted a new Israeli government would be formed. Netanyahu has said he will keep an “open mind” about the US peace proposal, while PA President Mahmoud Abbas has vowed on many occasions to reject the US plan.

Did Israel Attack An Iranian Military Base In Iraq?

Did Israel Attack in Iraq? Edy Cohen
Last Thursday night, unidentified aircraft attacked an Iranian military base in the district of Salah al-Din in Iraq. It is a desert area very close to the border between Iraq and Syria, through which passes the main land corridor connecting Iran to Syria and Lebanon via Iraq. The Iranian base was full of ballistic missiles and dozens of operatives from Al-Heshid al-Shaabi [a pro-Iranian Iraqi Shiite militia] and Lebanese Hezbollah operatives were inside during the bombing. According to reports in the Arab media, several people were killed and dozens of fighters from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah operatives were injured in the attack. Several fires broke out during the night as a result of the weapons and ammunition igniting. At the time of writing, it is still not clear who carried out the attack. No one has taken responsibility. A number of media outlets suggested at first that the US may be behind the operation, but a few hours later the Pentagon issued a denial and made it clear that the US was not involved. It is important to note that this area has already been attacked in the past with the purpose of disrupting the direct Shi’ite corridor from Iran to Syria and Lebanon, thus preventing Hezbollah and other terrorist proxies from receiving advanced weapons that could threaten Israel’s security. The previous attack, which took place about a year ago in June 2018, happened not far from last week’s bombing site, where it is now reported that 52 jihadists, mostly Iraqis, were killed. Officially, Israel refuses to comment on the development, but behind the scenes many are suggesting it was an Israeli operation. For example, the Minister for Regional Cooperation, Tzahi Hanegbi, said in a radio interview on Monday morning (July 21) that “we are the only ones who kill Iranians, we strike the Iranians hundreds of times in Syria, sometimes they admit it, and sometimes foreign publications expose the matter.” It is no secret that Israel has been striking Syria for several years and is preventing Hezbollah from obtaining advanced weapons from Iran. Most of these operations are published by the Syrian media. Israel is trying to maintain a low profile so as not to provoke the other side to initiate a response. It was years even until Israel admitted to carrying out the 2007 airstrike on Dir al-Zawar, where the Israel Air Force destroyed a nascent Syrian nuclear reactor being built with help from North Korea. Israel tries to avoid confirming its involvement in real time, but will often admit carrying out such strikes in retrospect. Israel’s political echelon will also often threaten future attacks, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu even said that hitting targets in Iraq is not out of the question. The Iranian base hit last week in Iraq is certainly one that poses a threat to Israel. To save face, Iran and Iraq have not volunteered much information regarding the strike, but it is clear that the Iranians and their Shiite allies were dealt a heavy and strategic blow. If war breaks out in the Persian Gulf anytime soon, Iran will now have a much harder time carrying through on threats to punish Israel using missiles positioned in Syria and Lebanon.  As the tension mounts, the risk of war in the Middle East increases. The question is whether Iran will follow in the footsteps of Saddam Hussein, who launched missiles at Israel in response to being attacked by the US, or use its proxies to do the dirty work. Israel isn’t waiting around to find out, and remains busy eliminating threats preemptively.

Israel Puts Iran On Notice: Plans To Use Iraq As Launching Pad For Attacks On Israel Will Not Be Tolerated

Tehran sources: An Israeli Harop drone attacked pro-Iranian Iraqi militia base NE of BaghdadIranian and Iraq intelligence sources claim an Israeli Harop UAV carried out the attack on the 52nd Brigade of the Hashd Shaabi militia on Friday, July 19. The attack struck the militia at a Badr Brigades camp outside Amerli town in the Salahudin Province northeast of Baghdad.
The sources identify the fragments gathered at the site as belonging to the IAF’s Harop, a loitering combat unmanned vehicle, itself a flying bomb, developed by Israel’s Aerospace Industries. This drone is a stealth munition that can loiter for up to six hours before homing in on a target. It has a range of 1,000km. The Badr camp is about 900km from Israel. Some Russian aviation websites also speculated on Sunday that Israel was responsible for the attack.
According to Iranian Revolutionary Guards, there were no casualties – in denial of  local accounts of deaths among Iranian and Hizballah officers. 
If the Iranian and Iraqi claim is confirmed, it would represent three groundbreaking events:

  1. The Israeli Air Force’s first known attack on an Iranian target using a Harop UCAV.
  2. The first Israeli attack deep inside Iraq not far from its border with Iran.
  3. The Israeli minister Tzachi Hnegbi’s blunt remark on Sunday, that in the past two years Israel has caused Iranian military deaths in both overt and covert operations, may have betrayed some impatience with the Trump administration’s policy of military restraint against Iran, including Tehran’s threat to Gulf shipping. In certain circles, Washington’s restraint is seen as exposing Israel to bolder Iranian aggression. 
  4. Israel has repeatedly put Tehran on notice that its plans to use Iraq as a launching pad for attacks on Israel would not be tolerated.

Ilhan Omar Was Arrested In 2013, Reason Why Has the Media Dead Silent.

by Nwo Report

Source: J.R

Back in 2018, it was reported that then-state Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was arrested for trespassing in 2013.

Have you heard about that story until today, July 20, 2019?

Maybe. But probably not.

Here’s the scoop, via Alpha News:

State Rep. Ilhan Omar was arrested in 2013 for trespassing and booked at Hennepin County Jail “to prevent further criminal conduct,” according to a newly uncovered police report.

The incident took place on January 18, 2013 following an event at the Minneapolis Convention Center featuring former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. The Somali president was set to stay the night at the Hotel Ivy, causing large groups of Somalis to follow the presidential convoy to the hotel, including Omar.

According to the police report, hotel staff requested police assistance in clearing the lobby, saying that anyone without a hotel room key was not welcome on the premises and needed to leave immediately. The officer handling the incident said the majority of people who were asked to leave were compliant. However, Omar, when approached, was “argumentative” and refused to leave.

Read More

Wow! Have we been using money incorrectly? – How to Legally Not Pay Taxes by Tom Wheelwright

Let me know your thoughts on this video. I’m skeptical, but interested. Mostly because I am considering starting my own business (again) in the great North. Thanks for watching and subscribing – luvs:)

Tom Wheelwright, CPA and Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, discusses how it’s possible to legally not pay taxes and still be very wealthy. He discusses how to take advantage of the tax laws in order to keep more of your money where it belongs – in your pocket! Learn more here: https://wealthability.com Tom Wheelwright covers the specifics of how to achieve tax savings every day of your life using a few simple real life ideas. Wouldn’t it be great to not only learn how to pay less tax but while you are at it, learn how to reduce your chances of an IRS or CRA audit? Most importantly, learn why the tax law is simply a series of stimulus packages for business owners and investors. Get even more in-depth knowledge and insight on how to permanently reduce your taxes and build massive wealth by reading Tom’s best-selling book Tax-Free Wealth. Learn more here: https://taxfreewealthbook.com/ Connect with Tom Wheelwright Podcast (The WealthAbility Show) https://wealthability.com/show/ YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/tomwheel… Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Tom.Wheelwri… Twitter https://twitter.com/Tom_Wheelwright

All-Out War On Free Speech Launched By United Nations


Wikimedia Commons

Posted By: Judith Bergman July 12, 2019

Proving the point that the assault on Free Speech is being driven by Technocracy, the United Nations has openly joined the fray in the name of Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030, New Urban Agenda, etc. ⁃ TN Editor

In January, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, tasked his Special Adviser for the Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng, to “present a global plan of action against hate speech and hate crimes on a fast-track basis”. Speaking at a press conference about the UN’s challenges for 2019, Guterres maintained, “The biggest challenge that governments and institutions face today is to show that we care — and to mobilize solutions that respond to people’s fears and anxieties with answers…”

One of those answers, Guterres appeared to suggest, is shutting down free speech.

“We need to enlist every segment of society in the battle for values that our world faces today – and, in particular, to tackle the rise of hate speech, xenophobia and intolerance. We hear troubling, hateful echoes of eras long past” Guterres said, “Poisonous views are penetrating political debates and polluting the mainstream. Let’s never forget the lessons of the 1930s. Hate speech and hate crimes are direct threats to human rights…”

Guterres added, “Words are not enough. We need to be effective in both asserting our universal values and in addressing the root causes of fear, mistrust, anxiety and anger. That is the key to bring people along in defence of those values that are under such grave threat today”.

In other words, forget everything about the free exchange of ideas: the UN feels that its ‘values’ are being threatened and those who criticize those values must therefore be shut down. Not only that, but — disingenuously — the UN is comparing dissent from its agendas with the rise of fascism and Nazism in the 1930s.

Now the action plan that Guterres spoke of in January is ready. On June 18, Guterres presented the United Nations Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech:

“Hate speech is…an attack on tolerance, inclusion, diversity and the very essence of our human rights norms and principles,” Guterres said. He also wrote in an article on the subject, “To those who insist on using fear to divide communities, we must say: diversity is a richness, never a threat…We must never forget, after all, that each of us is an “other” to someone, somewhere”.

According to the action plan, “Hate is moving into the mainstream – in liberal democracies and authoritarian systems alike. And with each broken norm, the pillars of our common humanity are weakened”. The UN sees for itself a crucial role: “As a matter of principle, the United Nations must confront hate speech at every turn. Silence can signal indifference to bigotry and intolerance…”.

Naturally, the UN assures everyone that, “Addressing hate speech does not mean limiting or prohibiting freedom of speech. It means keeping hate speech from escalating into something more dangerous, particularly incitement to discrimination, hostility and violence, which is prohibited under international law”.

Except the UN most definitely seeks to limit freedom of speech, especially the kind that challenges the UN’s agendas. This was evident with regard to the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration in which it was explicitly statedthat public funding to “media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants” should be stopped.

In contrast to the UN Global Migration compact, the UN’s action plan against hate speech does contain a definition of what the UN considers to be “hate” and it happens to be the broadest and vaguest of definitions possible:

“Any kind of communication in speech, writing or behaviour, that attacks or uses pejorative or discriminatory language with reference to a person or a group on the basis of who they are, in other words, based on their religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, colour, descent, gender or other identity factor”. With a definition as broad as this, all speech could be labelled “hate”.

The action plan, “aims to give to the United Nations the room and the resources to address hate speech, which poses a threat to United Nations principles, values and programmes. Measures taken will be in line with international human rights norms and standards, in particular the right to freedom of opinion and expression. The objectives are twofold: Enhance UN efforts to address root causes and drivers of hate speech [and] enable effective UN responses to the impact of hate speech on societies”.

The UN makes it clear in the plan that it “will implement actions at global and country level, as well as enhance internal cooperation among relevant UN entities” to fight hate speech. It considers that “Tackling hate speech is the responsibility of all – governments, societies, the private sector” and it envisages “a new generation of digital citizens, empowered to recognize, reject and stand up to hate speech”. What a brave new world.

Read full story here…

When Big Tech And Big Government Partner To Track Everyone Everywhere

Posted By: Seton Motley July 16, 2019

Who is leading whom? The Technocrats of Big Tech can lead government around by the nose, because they have the ultimate tools of scientific social engineering and the government does not. ⁃ TN Editor

George Orwell was a brilliant individual.  A man of incredible insight – and foresight.

In his unfathomably predictive novel 1984, Orwell warns of Big Brother:

“(O)stensibly the leader of Oceania, a totalitarian state wherein the ruling party Ingsoc wields total power ‘for its own sake’ over the inhabitants.

“In the society that Orwell describes, every citizen is under constant surveillance by the authorities, mainly by telescreens.…The people are constantly reminded of this by the slogan ‘Big Brother is watching you’: a maxim that is ubiquitously on display.

“In modern culture, the term ‘Big Brother’ has entered the lexicon as a synonym for abuse of government power, particularly in respect to civil liberties, often specifically related to mass surveillance.”

As brilliant as Orwell was, something continuously struck me as incorrect as I read 1984.

Orwell’s government – was extraordinarily competent in its totalitarian imposition of technological power.

In Reality – no government in the history of man has ever been even remotely close to that competent.

For Orwell’s Big Brother dystopia to become Reality – Big Government would need private sector help.

Enter private sector Big Tech.

Big Tech has delivered much of the technology Orwell envisioned.  As but one of many examples – Orwell’s telescreens:

(D)evices that operate as televisions, security cameras, and microphones….(T)elescreens are used by the ruling Party in the totalitarian fictional State of Oceania to keep its subjects under constant surveillance, thus eliminating the chance of secret conspiracies against Oceania.”

We’re already all the way there – via Big Tech.

How Google and Amazon Are ‘Spying’ on You:

“The study found that digital assistants (Google Home and Amazon Echo) can be ‘awake’ even when users think they aren’t listening….

“(T)he devices listen all the time they are turned on – and Amazon has envisioned Alexa using that information to build profiles on anyone in the room….

“Amazon filed a patent application for an algorithm that would let future versions of the device identify statements of interest, such as ‘I love skiing’, enabling the speaker to be monitored based on their interests and targeted for related advertising.

“A Google patent application describes using a future release of it smart Home system to monitor and control everything from screen time and hygiene habits, to meal and travel schedules and other activities.

“The devices are envisioned as part of a surveillance web in the home to chart a families’ patterns….”

This is ALL insanely creepy.

Big Tech is…insanely big.

Microsoft (Market Cap: $1.1 trillion)

Amazon (Market Cap: $942 billion)

Google (Market Cap: $775 billion)

Facebook (Market Cap: $550 billion)

These four spying companies – are currently worth a combined $3.7 trillion.  Our nation’s entire economy – is $19.4 trillion.

Which means these four companies – all by themselves – are worth 19% of the United States.

But it’s Big Tech doing the spying – not Big Government.

Anyone who looks at Big Tech’s all-encompassing spying ability and thinks Big Government is capable of doing anything remotely similar – hasn’t paid attention to the past 10,000 years of human history.

The ONLY way Big Government can impose Big Brother – is to partner with Big Tech.

Uh oh.

The Role of Tech Companies in Government Surveillance

Tech Companies Concede to Surveillance Program

Four High-Tech Ways the Federal Government Is Spying on Private Citizens:

“Right now, the government is tracking the movements of private citizens by GPS, reading private citizens’ emails, and possibly even reading what you’re saying on Facebook.”

Big Tech once offered at least token resistance to Big Government’s demands – at least after being outed for acquiescing to Big Government’s demands.

Facebook, Amazon, Google Call for Government Surveillance Reform:

“It first gained attention after the revelations of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013. Congress is in the process of weighing reforms for the program. It must vote to renew Section 702 before the end of the year, otherwise it will expire.

“The letter, addressed to the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, asks Congress to consider several reforms to the program to ensure greater transparency and privacy protections.”

We can now officially refer to those – as the Good Old Days.

Why would Big Tech fight Big Government – when they can get paid to join them?

And the Big Government-Big Tech surveillance state – is getting closer and closer to home.

In fact – just outside…and inside it.

Amazon’s Helping Police Build a Surveillance Network with Ring Doorbells:

“Police departments across the country, from major cities like Houston to towns with fewer than 30,000 people, have offered free or discounted Ring doorbells to citizens, sometimes using taxpayer funds to pay for Amazon’s products.

“While Ring owners are supposed to have a choice on providing police footage, in some giveaways, police require recipients to turn over footage when requested….

“(T)he sheer number of cameras run by Amazon’s Ring business raises questions about privacy involving both law enforcement and tech giants….(C)ritics have pointed out the retail giant’s (other) ventures with law enforcement, like offering facial recognition tools….

“More than 50 local police departments across the US have partnered with Ring over the last two years, lauding how the Amazon-owned product allows them to access security footage in areas that typically don’t have cameras — on suburban doorsteps….

“‘What we have here is a perfect marriage between law enforcement and one of the world’s biggest companies creating conditions for a society that few people would want to be a part of,’ said Mohammad Tajsar, staff attorney at the ACLU of Southern California.”

That’s the outside of your home.  Here’s the in….

The Government Just Admitted It Will Use Smart Home Devices for Spying:

“If you want evidence that US intelligence agencies aren’t losing surveillance abilities because of the rising use of encryption by tech companies, look no further than the testimony…by the (then) director of national intelligence, James Clapper….

“Clapper made clear that the internet of things – the many devices like thermostats, cameras and other appliances that are increasingly connected to the internet – are providing ample opportunity for intelligence agencies to spy on targets, and possibly the masses. And it’s a danger that many consumers who buy these products may be wholly unaware of….

“Privacy advocates have known about the potential for government to exploit the internet of things for years. Law enforcement agencies have taken notice too, increasingly serving court orders on companies for data they keep that citizens might not even know they are transmitting. Police have already been asking Google-owned company Dropcam for footage from cameras inside people’s homes meant to keep an eye on their kids.”

Orwell got the tech right – just not Big Government’s ability to create it for totalitarian ends.

Freedom has allowed for the free markets – that allowed the rise of the private sector Big Tech Orwell thought Big Government would produce.

And now Big Tech and Big Government are partnering – to end that freedom.

Well…for we plebeians, anyway.

I’m sure Big Tech and Big Government will be just fine.

Read full story here…

Farms Are Climate Enemies And Must Be Radically Transformed

Photograph: Owen Humphreys/PA

Posted By: Damien Carrington July 17, 2019

The UK says farm practices must radically change to be sustainable and friendly to the environment, claiming that the true cost of cheap food is health and climate crisis.

The hallmark of Technocracy is that Technocrats think they are experts at everything, even if they know nothing about it. Pushing agriculture backwards will precipitate a region-wide famine.⁃ TN Editor

The true cost of cheap, unhealthy food is a spiralling public health crisis and environmental destruction, according to a high-level commission. It said the UK’s food and farming system must be radically transformed and become sustainable within 10 years.

The commission’s report, which was welcomed by the environment secretary, Michael Gove, concluded that farmers must be enabled to shift from intensive farming to more organic and wildlife friendly production, raising livestock on grass and growing more nuts and pulses. It also said a National Nature Service should be created to give opportunities for young people to work in the countryside and, for example, tackle the climate crisis by planting trees or restoring peatlands.

“Our own health and the health of the land are inextricably intertwined [but] in the last 70 years, this relationship has been broken,” said the report, which was produced by leaders from farming, supermarket and food supply businesses, as well as health and environment groups, and involved conversations with thousands of rural inhabitants.

“Time is now running out. The actions that we take in the next 10 years are critical: to recover and regenerate nature and to restore health and wellbeing to both people and planet,” said the commission, which was convened by the RSA, a group focused on pressing social challenges.

The commission said most farmers thought they could make big changes in five to 10 years if they got the right backing.

“Farmers are extraordinarily adaptable,” said Sue Pritchard, director of the RSA commission and an organic farmer in Wales. “We have to live with change every single day of our lives.

“We are really keen that farmers feel they are in the driving seat and that they can be a force of change. At the moment, a lot of farmers feel beleaguered and that they have become the bad guys. But without sustainable, secure and safe farming in the UK, we will not survive.”

The commission criticised decades of government policy aimed at making food cheaper, fuelling rising obesity and other health problems. “The true cost of that is simply passed off elsewhere in society – in a degraded environment, spiralling ill health and impoverished high streets,” said the report.

Pritchard said the UK had the third cheapest basket of food in the developed world, but also had the highest food poverty in Europe in terms of people being able to afford a healthy diet. Type 2 diabetes, a diet-related illness, costs the UK £27bn a year, she said.

The commission also said agriculture produced more than 10% of the UK’s climate-heating gases and was the biggest destroyer of wildlife; the abundance of key species has fallen 67% since 1970 and 13% of species are now close to extinction.

To solve these crises, the commission said “agroecology” practices must be supported – such as organic farming and agroforestry, where trees are combined with crops and livestock such as pigs or egg-laying hens.

The commission has also adapted for the UK a recently published scientific dietthat is both nutritious and environmentally sustainable. While it and other studies recommend large reductions in meat-eating, Pritchard said: “There is a strong case to be made [in the UK] to support sustainable beef and lamb in the places where grass is the best thing to grow.”

The so-called planetary health diet calls for more nuts and pulses in diets and Pritchard said these and more vegetables could be grown in the UK. Hazelnuts and walnuts are native to the UK, she pointed out, and some farmers are now starting to grow crops like lentils and quinoa, as well as beans and peas.

The commission said the government must develop a plan to put the countryside and the communities living there at the centre of the green economy.

“[Brexit] creates a once-in-50-years opportunity to change our food and farming system, but we need to act now: the climate emergency makes urgent, radical action on the environment essential,” said Sir Ian Cheshire, chair of the RSA commission and also a senior government adviser.

Gove said: “This report raises issues that are hugely important. We know that it is in the interests of farmers and landowners to move to a more sustainable model.” He added that the government’s agriculture bill would reward farmers with public money for public goods and a new “farm to fork” food review would look to ensure everyone had access to healthy British food.

The report was backed by Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The Green MP Caroline Lucas said: “This monumental report is a powerful and profound account of the ecological transformation of our food and farming system that we urgently need – and where we can start.”

The commission said a new non-profit bank should be set up to provide finance to farmers investing in new practices.

With Brexit uncertainty worrying farmers, the commission urged minister to stop delays on policy and trade decisions and commit to a future-proof ambition by January 2020. It also said schools, hospitals and prisons should buy more sustainably produced British food.

Prof Joanna Price, the vice-chancellor of the Royal Agricultural University, said: “The report paints an honest picture of the challenges and sets out some bold ideas to address them. We strongly agree that farming can be a force for positive change and that rural communities can thrive as a powerhouse for a green economy.”

Read full story here…

CA Fires: Forest Mismanagement Pawned Off On Climate Change

Posted By: Robinson Meyer July 17, 2019

Since the 1970s, the size of California forest fires has increased by 800 percent, in direct proportion to the shutdown of forest management, logging, maintenance, etc. Climate change had nothing to do with it.  ⁃ TN Editor

On a hot July evening last year, a rancher tried to use a hammer and stake to plug a wasp’s nest. The hammer slipped, a spark flew, and a patch of dry grass ignited, according to the Los Angeles TimesWithin minutes, the brush fire fed on bone-dry conditions and became too big to control.

It soon merged with another blaze and became the Mendocino Complex Fire, the largest wildfire in California’s history. It burned almost half a million acres, or roughly 720 square miles, before it was finally extinguished four months later. It killed one firefighter and injured four.

Californians may feel like they’re enduring an epidemic of fire. The past decade has seen half of the state’s 10 largest wildfires and seven of its 10 most destructive fires, including last year’s Camp Fire, the state’s deadliest wildfire ever.

A new study, published this week in the journal Earth’s Future, finds that the state’s fire outbreak is real—and that it’s being driven by climate change. Since 1972, California’s annual burned area has increased more than fivefold, a trend clearly attributable to the warming climate, according to the paper.

The trend is dominated by fires like the Mendocino Complex Fire—huge blazes that start in the summer and feed mostly on timberland. Over the past five decades, these summertime forest fires have increased in size by roughly 800 percent. This effect is so large that it is driving the state’s overall increase in burned area. Why are summertime forest fires so much more likely? Because climate change has already redefined the seasons in Northern California. Since the early 1970s, summers in Northern California have warmed by about 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit (1.8 degrees Celsius) on average. A few degrees may not sound like much, but heat has an exponential relationship with forest fire.

“Each degree of warming causes way more fire than the previous degree of warming did. And that’s a really big deal,” Park Williams, a climate scientist at Columbia University and an author of the paper, told me. Every additional increment in heat in the environment speeds up evaporation, dries out soil, and parches trees and vegetation, turning them into ready fuel for a blaze. For that reason, Williams said, hot summers essentially overpower anything else happening in Northern California. Even during a wet year, an intense heat wave can choke forests so that it is as though the rain never fell.

And it matters that heat is prompting this 800 percent explosion in forest fire—because among the many ways climate change might be messing with the environment, extra heat is among the simplest and most obvious. “Heat is the most clear result of human-caused climate change,” Williams said.

In other words, the climate models say that Northern Californian summers should be getting hotter as climate change takes hold. And that’s exactly what the data show—and exactly what’s driving an unprecedented outbreak of forest fires.

But this outbreak of climate-addled fires is limited to summertime fires in forests; it does not extend to other types of environment or other times of the year, the paper cautions. Williams and his colleagues found that the amount of burned non-forest area—such as Southern California’s shrub and grassland—has not significantly increased.

Read full story here…

Berkeley, CA Bans Natural Gas From New Buildings

Posted By: Kristin Musulin July 18, 2019

When natural gas burns, it produces only C02 and water and is the cleanest of any hydrocarbon fuel. The city of Berkeley wrongly believes that C02 is a pollutant gas and therefore harms the environment. ⁃ TN Editor

The Berkeley, CA City Council unanimously voted this week to ban natural gas infrastructure in new low-rise residential buildings, beginning Jan 1. 2020. The legislation also requires that all new buildings in Berkeley be “electric-ready,” with proper panels and wiring conduits to support electric infrastructure.

The natural gas ban does not apply to new industrial or commercial buildings, as the California Energy Commission (CEC) has not yet proven that it is cost-effective or plausible to make such buildings all-electric. “We’re doing this on a rolling basis as the CEC finds these things to be effective,” said Councilwoman Kate Harrison, who sponsored the bill. The law also does not apply to renovations.

The bill received unanimous public support during the city council meeting, particularly in comments from PG&E and Sierra Club, and members of the community. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) also praised the move in a statement, noting, “cities are leading the way to a clean energy future, providing hope and optimism in the face of increasingly dire climate disruption.”

During a city council presentation called, “Meeting the Climate Challenge in New Buildings,” Harrison outlined the impact green buildings have on local climate efforts. She noted natural gas is responsible for 27% of Berkeley’s overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and 73% of the city’s building sector GHGs. The city is also under pressure from a statewide goal to reduce GHG emissions from building stock by 40% below 1990 levels by 2030.

“Every new building that we build in Berkeley locks in greenhouse gases for 100-plus years,” she said, noting methane leaks and other obstacles can increase the problem.

Harrison assured costs of electrification will be favorable for the city in the long-term. In a 2018 report, the Rocky Mountain Institute found, “electrification of space and water heating and air conditioning reduces the homeowner’s costs over the lifetime of the appliances when compared with performing the same functions with fossil fuels.” Harrison also said PG&E will have significant increases in gas prices by 2020, which will be offset to customers.

Read full story here…

Globalization Is Destroying The ‘Great American Middle’

Posted By: John Binder July 19, 2019 Watch video here: https://www.technocracy.news/globalization-is-destroying-the-great-american-middle/

Sen. Hawley has correctly nailed the big picture, except to name those who created weaponized globalization in the first place. TN readers can start with The Trilateral Commission and its New International Economic Order. ⁃ TN Editor

The ruling class’s consensus in support of globalizing the American economy is working “quite well” for its architects, the “cosmopolitan class,” while leaving behind the “great American middle,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) says.

During his keynote address at the National Conservatism Conference, Hawley slammed what he called the “political consensus that reflects the interests not of the American middle, but of a powerful upper class and their cosmopolitan priorities” that has been supported by both Republicans and Democrats for decades.

The goal of the “cosmopolitan class,” Hawley says, is mass globalization, not only of the American economy but of the American way of life, with efforts for “closer and closer economic union, more immigration … more trade on whatever terms” to blur the “boundaries between America and the rest of the world” and eliminate land and economic borders.

“Call it the cosmopolitan consensus,” Hawley said of the ruling class’s globalist priorities.

Hawley continued:

The goal is to build a global consumer economy, one that will provide an endless supply of cheap goods, most of them made with cheap labor overseas, and funded by American dollars. [Emphasis added]

But it’s about more than economics. According to the cosmopolitan consensus, globalization is a moral imperative. That’s because our elites distrust patriotism and dislike the common culture left to us by our forbearers. [Emphasis added]

The cosmopolitan elite look down on the common affections that once bound this nation together: things like place and national feeling and religious faithThey regard our inherited traditions as oppressive and our shared institutions—like family and neighborhood and church—as backwards. [Emphasis added]

The cultural and economic model that has been foisted on American citizens by the ruling “aristocracy,” Hawley said, is one entrenched in “a progressive agenda of social liberation in tune with the priorities of their wealthy” counterparts around the globe.

This “cosmopolitan economy” and culture has “worked quite well” for the ruling elite, but has left the American middle class behind with economic and social destruction, according to Hawley.

“Whom it has not served are the people whose labor sustains this nation,” Hawley said. “Whom it has not helped are the citizens whose sacrifices protect our republic. Whom it has not benefited is the great American middle. Because in this bargain, foreign competitors get to make the goods, and we just buy them. And then they buy up American companies with the profits.”

“And yes, in this bargain there are lots of jobs—jobs on Wall Street, or in Hollywood, or in Silicon Valley,” Hawley continued. “Because the truth is, the cosmopolitan economy has made the cosmopolitan class an aristocracy. At the same time, it has encouraged multinational corporations to move jobs and assets overseas to chase the cheapest wages and pay the lowest taxes.”

This, Hawley said, has left middle America with “flat wages, with lost jobs, with declining investment and declining opportunity” that has translated into a social crisis for the working class, declining rates of marriage, declining birth rates, falling life expectancy, as well as an opioid and drug addiction epidemic.

Hawley said:

Is it any surprise that in the last half-century, as our leaders have pursued a program the American middle does not espouse, does not support, and does not benefit from, that public confidence in American government has collapsed? Is it any wonder that American voters regularly tells pollsters they feel unheard, disempowered and disrespected? [Emphasis added]

Because who now listens to the American middle? The cosmopolitan agenda has driven both Left and Right. The Left champions multiculturalism and degrades our common identityThe Right celebrates hyper-globalization and promises that the market will make everything right in the end, eventually … perhaps. [Emphasis added]

In truth, neither political party has seemed much interested in the American middle for quite a long time. And neither has seemed much interested in the republic the middle sustains. [Emphasis added]

comprehensive survey by Pew Research Center released in March reveals an overwhelming divide between the country’s working and middle class and the ruling class, as well as their allies in the donor class.

About 73 percent of Americans said the gap between the rich and poor will continue to grow, a plurality of nearly 40 percent said the country will be weakened culturally due to a growing multicultural population, 44 percent said the standard of living for Americans by 2050 will be worse than today’s standard, nearly half of the working class said automation will take their jobs in the future, and majorities across economic groups said the lower class is likely to increase and the middle class is set to decrease.

Read full story here…

Green New Deal Demands End To Factory Farming

Posted By: Kelsey Kruger July 19, 2019


In a panic to cut CO2 emissions, demands are being made to end factory farming and shut down large scale animal operations like feed lots. There are strong overtones of radical veganism and vegetarianism in this movement. ⁃ TN Editor

This week, a petition signed by more than 100,000 people was delivered to Congress, outlining issues that should be addressed in Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Ed Markey’s (D-MA) Green New Deal. This petition shows overwhelming support for the Green New Deal, and calls for more attention to be brought to how our food system can be reformed to combat climate change. With the food and farming sector being the United States’ largest employer, and the country being one of the highest contributors toward climate change, citizens are calling for action to be taken to protect our world.

As someone in their mid-twenties, I have grown up seeing how climate change is actively impacting me and my community. Here in California, I expect droughts in the summer and extreme wildfires or mudslides in the fall; learning from a young age to always conserve water because the next shortage is just around the corner. Young activists from all across the U.S. have seen similar changes in their home states, and we recognize that our future depends on action being taken to stop the climate crisis before it is too late.

A unique opportunity to address climate change can be found in our agriculture sector—an area which must be made sustainable if we’re going to survive. Climate scientists have identified agriculture as one of the largest contributors to climate change. This an opportunity to shift agricultural practices away from the large scale, conventional farms that currently dominate our food system to a regenerative, locally-focused, small-scale system that values the welfare of the land and those who work it. CFS has identified several focus points that should be implemented with the passing of the GND resolution to cut back greenhouse gas emissions and create a healthier, more sustainable food system.

1. Invest in regenerative, local agriculture

The future of agriculture lies in the shifting of practices away from large scale monocultures towards small and medium-sized diversified farms. We must wean away from the mass amounts of toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers being used, and instead integrate regenerative practices such as cover cropping, the use of compost, and the implementation of hedgerows as alternatives that not only add nutrients into the soil, but provide many other ecosystem services. Among these, regenerative agriculture protects biodiversity, including the native bees and pollinators that are currently being decimated by conventional agriculture. Our “Regenerating Paradise” video series covers many practices currently being practiced in Hawai’i—including several that can be implemented nationwide—to reduce carbon emissions and protect our soils. Implementing these practices can sustain our food production all while sequestering carbon, protecting pollinators, and promoting on-farm biodiversity.

Switching to these regenerative agriculture practices will not be easy, but it will be beneficial. Despite research showing the vast benefits that come from cover cropping and other regenerative practices, farmers have been slow to start implementing them. Government and university grants, technical assistance, and further research should be funded to help promote these practices, transition farms, and aid the continuous education of farmers and farmworkers. This investment will have far-reaching effects on farms—preserving native pollinator habitat, sequestering carbon, and providing climate-smart food to local communities.

2. Cut meat consumption and shut down environmentally-harmful animal factory farms

Disinvestment from factory farms is necessary, not only from a climate standpoint, but from a larger human and environmental health perspective as well. Large scale animal operations pollute the water, lead to a higher risk of disease in humans, and contributelarge amounts of methane and other greenhouse gases into the air. Cutting back meat consumption, purchasing meat from local sources, and shifting toward plant-based sources of protein are all ways that individuals can help. More people than ever, especially young people, have recognized the harmful impacts of meat consumption and we are turning toward a flexitarian diet, vegetarianism, and veganism as a way to cut back on our carbon footprint. The government has the opportunity to support this effort on a larger scale by providing financial support and technical assistance to ranchers to help them transition to pasture-based and integrated livestock operations that reduce livestock’s impact on climate change and help sequester carbon in the soil.

CFS’s recently launched EndIndustrialMeat.org, a website that highlights some of the negative impacts that come with factory farming, including the vast amount of carbon released into the air and heavy metals being drained into the ground; serious consequences that disproportionately affect rural populations and disadvantaged communities. The GND’s goal to secure clean air and water, healthy food, and a sustainable environment for all communities mean that shutting down these harmful operations is imperative.

3. Reverse the trend of consolidation within the agriculture sector

For decades now, there has been increasing consolidation of seed, livestock, and other agriculture-related companies. These mega-corporations have purchased vast quantities of land and set the rules for how a farm has to run, undercutting disadvantaged farmers and farmworkers, and wrecking rural communities. GND policies can be used to break up these mega-farms, and empower local communities to take back the food system. Breaking up these predatory mega-farms would not only reinvigorate the economies of rural areas, but it would also give these communities access to the healthy, climate-friendly food necessary to slow the rate of climate change.

The growth of small and medium-sized farms would allow farmers and farmworkers to set fair wages and provide safe and humane conditions for themselves and a future for their children. Doing so would not only allow current farmers to continue their operations, but also would open the door for young farmers to have access to the land, resources, and funds needed to operate for a viable, sustainable farm.

Read full story here…

Boise City Hall Using Facial Recognition To Blacklist And Ban Residents


Posted By: Mass Privatel July 18, 2019

Boise City Hall will use cameras and AI to identify anyone who has been banned from entry. This most certainly violates the First Amendment right “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” ⁃ TN Editor

Local governments and private corporations are using facial recognition to secretly blacklist people, despite having no valid reason to do so.

A recent article in the Idaho Statesman and in the video above, prove that local governments are using facial recognition to ban residents from accessing city-owned buildings.

The Boise city council claimed that they need facial recognition cameras to protect public employees from disgruntled or unwelcome residents.

Wow, there must be a lot of disgruntled or unhappy residents for the city council to justify putting facial recognition cameras in Boise City Hall and City Hall West, right?

Would you believe both city halls have banned just one single resident because he opposed using city funds to pay for an NBA developmental league team.

His ban apparently did not last very long, because Mike Journee a spokeman for Mayor David Bieter said, “no one is currently banned from City Hall.”

So if no one is currently banned from City Hall why install facial recognition cameras? Could the government use facial recognition to quell dissent? How many people will refuse to complain or speak out because law enforcement could use it to identify them?

The Statesman revealed that “the technology would be used to identify people who are banned from City Hall for any reason.”

Journee also admitted that there is no “specific instance” that could justify installing facial recognition cameras on city property. So if there is no “specific instance” or reason to use facial recognition to identify unwelcome people, why use it?

To create secret blacklists and quell dissent of course.

The government already uses facial recognition to create a secret “No-Fly List” (blacklist) of citizens and now watchlists and blacklists are creeping into public transit. Private corporations, bars and nightclubs are also using facial recognition to identify and blacklist customers and sports fans

Everyone should take notice when the mass-media admits what I have been saying for years: facial recognition is being used to blacklist people for any reason.

It is time to face facts, the Feds and law enforcement are secretly using facial recognition to track and identify anyone of interest.

Read full story here…https://www.technocracy.news/boise-city-hall-using-facial-recognition-to-blacklist-and-ban-residents/

Senate Bill Would ‘Properly Identify’ Antifa As ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’

A new resolution introduced by Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) would “properly identify” Antifa as “Domestic Terrorists.”

Introduced Thursday, the resolution defines Antifa as “a movement that intentionally combines violence with the group’s alt-left positions,” and “represents opposition to the democratic ideals of peaceful assembly and free speech for all.” 

The measure then lists several examples of Antifa behavior, including: 

  • Assaulting conservative journalist Andy Ngo in February and June of 2019, putting him in the hospital. 
  • Doxxing ICE employees.
  • Confronting an ICE officer when he went to pick up his daughter from summer camp, as well as plastering “his name and photo” on flyers outside his home labeling him as part of the “Gestapo.”
  • Explicitly rejecting the authority of law enforcement to
  • “protect free speech and stop acts of violence.”

After Ngo was beaten and robbed by members of Portland’s Antifa cell, a GoFundMe established for the journalist raised $195,680 out of its original $50,000 goal after an outpouring of support. 

As noted by The Blaze, however, labeling Antifa as “Domestic Terrorists” may also require an entirely new law. 

federal law does not have the same clear-cut designation for domestic terrorism organizations that it does for foreign terror organizations (FTOs), explained Andy McCarthy in a 2017 column at National Review. 

“There are federal-law processes for designating foreign and international terrorism because defending against foreign threats to national security is primarily a federal responsibility,” McCarthy explained, because foreign operatives have fewer civil rights protections than American citizens and that the best weapon against domestic terror is local law enforcement, not federal. –The Blaze

Portland, meanwhile, is mulling a ban on wearing masks at protests in an effort to crack down on Antifa violence…https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-18/senate-bill-would-properly-identify-antifa-domestic-terrorist-organization

Woman gives birth to three-headed baby leaving doctors in shock

A WOMAN has given birth to a three-headed baby leaving doctors shocked in India. By Tim Hanlon / Published 19th July 2019

India: Woman gives birth to girl with THREE heads

The pregnancy had appeared to be going ahead as normal before the woman suffered extreme pain as she went into labour.

The baby was born with a rare birth defect, called an encephalocele, at a health centre in Etah in the country’s Uttar Pradesh district, on July 11.

Doctors were surprised to find the woman, from nearby Pilua, had given birth to a baby girl who had two large protrusions coming out of the back of her head.

A witness Bijji Thakur, present at the birth, said: “The girl child had three heads. Related Articles

“She looked like an alien.”

The baby has now been moved to the District Hospital in Etah that has more sophisticated facilities.

She will have an MRI scan before doctors operate.

Rajesh Thakur, Chief Medical Superintendent at the Etah District Hospital, said doctors would look to separate the heads.

woman baby three heads etah district hospital india

RARE: Baby born with three heads (Pic: MEDIADRUMIMAGES/NEWSLIONS)

The condition is rare but many cases have been reported especially in Africa and it is caused by the skull not forming correctly.

FAMILY: Baby being looked at by her relatives (Pic: MEDIADRUMIMAGES/NEWSLIONS)

woman baby three heads etah district hospital india

The condition is rare but many cases have been reported especially in Africa and it is caused by the skull not forming correctly.

Babies diagnosed with encephalocele have a 55% survival rate but those who do make it often suffer further complications later on with 75% of survivors suffering mental illnesses.

Surgeons in India successfully operated on a child with two heads last March at the Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

After fearing that he could not afford the treatment, his father tried to bury the baby alive before it was rescued by police.

Military eyes 16-year-olds as ranks and candidates dwindle

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In this June 4, 2017, file photo. nNew Army recruits take part in a swearing in ceremony before a baseball game between the San Diego Padres and the Colorado Rockies in San Diego. The Army has missed its recruiting goal … more >

By Ben Wolfgang

The best way to fix the U.S. armed forces’ recruiting challenges may involve dipping further into the nation’s high schools.

As the Army, Navy and other services contend with a thriving economy and a directive to expand their ranks, there is a growing debate over whether the military should consider lowering the minimum enlistment age from 17 to 16. More than a dozen countries, including the United Kingdom, already have adopted the policy.

Critics say the idea is deeply flawed and presents a host of societal problems, but supporters argue that the Pentagon needs to think outside the box if it wants to continually overcome one of the toughest recruiting environments in decades.

Neither the military nor lawmakers have given any indication that they are entertaining the idea, but some analysts say that opening the ranks to younger Americans could provide unique benefits and may be the kind of fundamental overhaul the recruiting system needs for the 21st century.

“For one, many of the factors that disqualify older youths from joining — like criminal records — are not as present in younger teens,” said Shane McCarthy, chief marketing officer of Sandboxx, a leading technology platform that connects military members stationed abroad with families and friends at home. Mr. McCarthy also has advised military commands on how to better target recruits….https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/jul/18/military-recruiting-woes-spur-debate-over-enlistme/

Parents Told They Could Lose Kids Over Unpaid School Lunches

KINGSTON, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania school district is warning that children could end up in foster care if their parents do not pay overdue school lunch bills.

The letters sent recently to about 1,000 parents in Wyoming Valley West School District have led to complaints from parents and a stern rebuke from Luzerne County child welfare authorities.

The district says that it is trying to collect more than $20,000, and that other methods to get parents to pay have not been successful. Four parents owe at least $450 apiece….https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/pennsylvania/articles/2019-07-19/parents-told-they-could-lose-kids-over-unpaid-school-lunches

Pew: 91% Democrats see violence next in war of words

by Paul Bedard

After a week that saw President Trump and his foes toss toxic words at each other, there is now a warning that the next phase could be “violence.”

Nearly 8 of 10 Americans told the Pew Research Center that supporters for both sides could “act” on the politically charged rhetoric with violence. It was higher for Democrats, 91%, than Republicans, 61%.

And they want politicians to cool it….https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/pew-91-democrats-see-violence-next-in-war-of-words

Iran’s seizure of UK tanker in Gulf seen as escalation


1 of 14In this May 5, 2019 photo issued by Karatzas Images, showing the British oil tanker Stena Impero at unknown location, which is believed to have been captured by Iran. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard announced on their website Friday July 19, 2019, it has seized a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz, the latest provocation in a strategic waterway that has become a flashpoint in the tensions between Tehran and the West. (Basil M. Karatzas, Karatzas Images via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

LONDON (AP) — Iran seized a British-flagged oil tanker Friday and briefly detained a second vessel in the Strait of Hormuz, intensifying tensions in the strategic waterway that has become a flashpoint between Tehran and the West.

The seizing of the British tanker marked perhaps the most significant escalation since tensions between Iran and the West began rising in May. At that time, the U.S. announced it was dispatching an aircraft carrier and additional troops to the Middle East, citing unspecified threats posed by Iran.

The ongoing showdown has caused jitters around the globe, with each maneuver bringing fear that any misunderstanding or misstep by either side could lead to war.

Details of what took place Friday remained sketchy after Iran reported that it had seized a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz. The straight at the mouth of the Persian Gulf is a shipping channel for one-fifth of all global crude exports.

The Stena Impero was taken to an Iranian port because it was not complying with “international maritime laws and regulations,” Iran’s Revolutionary Guard declared.

A statement from Stena Bulk, which owns the seized tanker, said it was unable to make contact with the ship after it was approached by unidentified vessels and a helicopter in international waters.

The company said the tanker had 23 crew members of various nationalities and there were no reports of any of them were injured.

The U.K. has featured prominently in the recent tensions with Iran. Britain’s Royal Marines assisted in the seizure of an Iranian oil supertanker on July 4 by Gibraltar, a British overseas territory off the southern coast of Spain.

Britain said it would release the vessel if Iran could prove it was not breaching European Union sanctions on oil shipments to Syria.

Gibraltar’s government said Friday that its Supreme Court had extended by 30 days the detention of the Panama-flagged Grace, which was loaded with over 2 million barrels of Iranian crude oil.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt initially said two ships were seized Friday in the Strait of Hormuz, the second sailing under a Liberian flag.

The owner of the Liberian-flagged tanker later said the ship was briefly boarded by armed guards before being allowed to go. Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency tweeted that the Mesdar had left Iran’s territorial waters.

“These seizures are unacceptable,” Hunt said as he prepared to enter an emergency government meeting Friday night. “It is essential that freedom of navigation is maintained and that all ships can move safely and freely in the region.”

U.K. Chamber of Shipping chief executive Bob Sanguinetti said the seizure represented a severe escalation of tensions in the Gulf and made it clear that merchant vessels urgently needed more protection.

The British government should do “whatever is necessary” to ensure the safe and swift return of the ship’s crew, Sanguinetti said.

President Donald Trump said U.S. officials would talk with Britain about the unfolding crisis.

“This only goes to show what I’m saying about Iran: Trouble, nothing but trouble,” he said.

Central Command said the U.S. has intensified air patrols over the Strait of Hormuz in response to the seizure….https://apnews.com/e8f432e5ef5247d8af8865310e88348a

Iran seizes two British oil tankers in Strait of Hormuz, releases one

Stena Impero, with 23 crew on board, remains captured after allegedly ‘violating international waters’ ■ Relations between Iran and U.K. tense over Iranian tanker seized in Gibraltar earlier this month

Reuters Jul 19, 2019 10:20 PM

The British oil tanker Stena Impero, believed to have been captured by Iran.
The British oil tanker Stena Impero, believed to have been captured by Iran. Stena Bulk/AP

One of two British oil tankers seized by Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the Strait of Hormuz has been released, according to the ship’s operator Norbulk Shipping UK.

Britain said Iranian authorities seized two vessels Friday, signaling an escalation in the strategic waterway that has become a flashpoint in tensions between Tehran and the West. Relations between Iran and Britain have been particular sour since an Iranian oil tanker was seized off Gibraltar earlier this month.  https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/iran-says-it-captured-a-british-oil-tanker-in-the-strait-of-hormuz-1.7542484

Russia Offers Advanced Su-35 Jets To Turkey After U.S. Denies F-35

Russia Offers Turkey Advanced Su-35 Jets Day After US F-35 Program Expulsion Could NATO show Turkey the door in the near future? Things could easily reach this point considering the alliance’s most easterly member is fast amassing significant Russian defense hardware. With reception of Russian S-400 anti-air components, and now blocked from the F-35 joint strike fighter program per Wednesday’s White House announcement, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is said to be mulling a new Russian offer. “Russia is ready to sell its super-maneuverable Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets to Turkey, the head of the Russian state conglomerate Rostec said Thursday,” according to Turkey’s English language Daily Sabah. “If our Turkish colleagues express a desire, we are ready to work out the deliveries of the Su-35,” Rostec CEO Sergei Chemezov said. Russia’s TASS news agency also confirmed the offer, which a Turkish military source said was “premature” but noted that Erdogan will assess the proposal. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu had stated previously that Ankara stood ready to sign a contract for jet fighters with other countries should the US block transfers of the F-35. After the White House statement confirming Turkey was booted from the program, Turkey urged the US to rectify its “mistake” while also calling it “unfair”.  The Su-35S is Russia’s latest advanced fighter, a derivative of the Su-27 plane, having been in service with the army since 2015, as TASS describes further of its specs: The Su-35S generation 4++ supersonic fighter jet performed its debut flight on February 19, 2008. The fighter jet is a derivative of the Su-27 plane. The Su-35S weighs 19 tonnes, has a service ceiling of 20,000 meters, can develop a maximum speed of 2,500 km/h and has a crew of one pilot. The fighter jet’s armament includes a 30mm aircraft gun, up to 8 tonnes of the weapon payload (missiles and bombs of various types) on 12 underwing hardpoints. The first foreign purchasers of the Su-35 were China and Indonesia. Russia completed delivery of two dozen of the supersonic jets to China in November 2018 as part of a deal said to be worth about $2.5 billion. Indonesia reportedly is awaiting delivery its own order of 11 Su-35s, expected by the end of 2019.  Should at some future point Turkey actually possesses advanced Russian fighters in the air, with Russian air defenses on the ground, the mainstay of NATO leadership would certainly find it hard to stomach Ankara’s continued membership in the alliance.  

The State vs The Family: How Washington Has Helped Destroy American Civil Society And Family Life

Bowling Alone: How Washington Has Helped Destroy American Civil Society And Family LifeVia Ammo.com,Church attendance in the United States is at an all-time low, according to a Gallup poll released in April 2019. This decline has not been a steady one. Indeed, over the last 20 years, church attendance has fallen by 20 percent. This might not sound like cause for concern off the bat. And if you’re not a person of faith, you might rightly wonder why you would care about such a thing. Church attendance is simply a measure of something deeper: social cohesion. It’s worth noting that the religions with the highest rate of attendance according to Pew Forum have almost notoriously high levels of social cohesion: Latter-Day Saints, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Evangelical Protestants, Mormons and historically black churches top the list. There’s also the question of religious donations. Religious giving has declined by 50 percent since 1990, according to a 2016 article in the New York Times. This means people who previously used religious services to make ends meet now either have to go without or receive funding from the government. This, in turn, strengthens the central power of the state. It is our position that civil society – those elements of society which exist independently of big government and big business – are essential to a functioning and free society. What’s more, these institutions are in rapid decline in the United States, and have been for over 50 years. Such a breakdown is a prelude to tyranny, and has been facilitated in part (either wittingly or unwittingly) by government policies favoring deindustrialization, financialization and centralization of the economy as well as the welfare state. The historical roots of this breakdown are explored below, along with what concerned citizens can do to mitigate its impact on their loved ones.
It is difficult to talk about the decline of civil society and social capital in the United States without looking at the destruction of the Rust Belt. The decline of the population in Rust Belt industrial cities over the last 50 years is worth a cursory glance before delving further into this topic:

  • In 1940, Detroit, Cleveland and Pittsburgh were all among the 10 most populated cities in the United States.
  • By 1980, Cleveland and Pittsburgh had dropped off.
  • While Detroit hung around in the top 10 until the 2010 census, it was also the first city to have its population drop below one million.

Cities outside of the top 10 in 1940 paint an even starker picture:

  • Between 1960 and 2010, Buffalo lost over half of its population, plummeting from 532,000 (20) to 261,000 (71).
  • Cincinnati was hit about this hard during the same time period, with its population dropping from 502,000 (21) to 296,000 (63).
  • Gary, Indiana is perhaps the most extreme case of Rust Belt depopulation. It lost over half its population between 1960 and 2010, going from 178,000 (70) to 80,000 (unranked).

Most of these massive depopulations are tied closely to deindustrialization and the financialization of the economy. While other factors cannot be ignored, such as central air conditioning, which makes living in cities like Phoenix (439,000 in 1960 and the 29th largest city to 1.4 million and the 6th largest by 2010) much more palatable, a conscious set of policies contributed to the destruction of America’s manufacturing base. While direct connections are difficult to establish, it is worth noting that there is a chicken-egg effect of the welfare state, which began during the New Deal, but accelerated under President Lyndon Baines Johnson’sGreat Society. What did people do before the advent of social welfare programs? This is a question that even few libertarians can answer without stammering something about private charity. And indeed, private charity did play a role in meeting social needs for the less fortunate. However, there is a hidden story in how communities met social needs prior to the advent of the welfare state. One of the main pillars of civil society is the nuclear family. Any discussion of the decline of civil society in the United States would be incomplete without a discussion of the decline of family life in the United States. Perhaps the best numbers to look at with regard to the American family are from the 2010 Census. These are, admittedly, a bit old. However, there is no reason to suspect that the trend has reversed itself and that the nuclear family has experienced some kind of resurgence in the years since that census. If anything, the opposite is probably true. So what does the last United States Census say?

  • Non-college graduates are more than twice as likely to be single parents.
  • Affluent families are more common than poor ones.

Pew Research likewise has good data on the state of the American family:

  • Americans who have never been married reached an all-time high in 2012, with 25 percent of all adults over the age of 25 having never been married. In 1960, this figure stood at 9 percent.
  • Men were significantly less likely to have ever been married than women.
  • 24 percent of never-married adults were cohabiting with their partner.
  • For black Americans, the percentage over 25 who had never been married was 36 percent.
  • Pew Research indicates that it expects this trend to continue and that, while people are getting married later in life, it does not expect a significant increase in marriage as the population ages.
  • Financial security was cited as the main hurdle to marriage by one third of all those polled who wanted to get married.
  • 67 percent of Americans under 50 who are married are in their first marriage, compared to 83 percent in 1960.
  • 46 percent of children live with two parents in their first marriage. In 1980, this number was 61 percent. In 1960, it was 73 percent.

The above-cited figures point toward two conclusions: First, the nuclear family is in sharp decline. Second, it is far more common for educated and affluent Americans to form traditional families. It’s difficult to assign direct blame to any one factor. The centralization of the economy cited above plays a role, as does the financialization and deindustrialization of the economy. In the 1960s, from where our earliest data comes, it was not difficult for a high school graduate or even a high school dropout to earn a living at a stable job that was effectively a career for life. With this job came a defined benefit pension, healthcare, etc. The wages and benefits made having and raising a family easier. The welfare state is another significant driver of the decline of the nuclear family. Unsurprisingly, the black family is massively impacted. In 1965, 25 percent of all black children were born out of wedlock. In 2016, that rate had increased to 70 percent and even topped 80 percent in certain urban areas. In the 1940s, this number was five percent, which was comparable to that of white children. The Hispanic out-of-wedlock birth rate in 2016 was 52 percent, while for whites it was 30 percent. The rise in children born out of wedlock cannot be separated from the massive expansion of the welfare state under Johnson’s Great Society. In a report from the Mises Institute, the basic argument is that welfare disincentivizes marriage. In times past, when women had children out of wedlock, it meant an incredibly difficult life balancing whatever work and charity they could get. It also carried a social stigma (from our old friend civil society), which further disincentivized single motherhood. Today, however, there are a host of social programs specifically for single mothers. A partial list of programs assisting single motherhood includes:

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) commonly known as “food stamps”
  • Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC), another food assistance program
  • Child Care Assistance Program, Head Start and Early Head Start, all daycare assistance programs
  • Section 8 housing assistance
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which helps single mothers pay their utilities
  • Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), health insurance assistance programs
  • Supplemental Security Income, often called “disability,” but accessible to those without bona fide physical disabilities
  • The Emergency Food Assistance Program and the National School Lunch Program, two more food assistance programs

These programs act as a disincentive toward family formation. Benefits are means tested, meaning that if one’s income is low enough, one qualifies. This means that it is advantageous in many cases for couples to remain unmarried so that only one income is counted for the purpose of benefits. Such programs, when coupled with a diminishing stigma against single motherhood, further incentivizes promiscuity and poor mate selection – why not have a child with a man who can’t support it when the welfare state is there to pick up the slack? The impact of single-parent households is far further reaching than you probably think: In the most extensive study ever done on single parenthood (in permissive, tolerant and liberal Sweden), it was found that children in single-parent households were twice as likely to suffer from psychiatric disorders and addiction. This figure might be conservative, as it only includes hospitalizations. Some other striking statistics about fatherless households include:

  • 63 percent of youth suicides take place in fatherless homes.
  • 90 percent of all homeless youth and runaways are from fatherless homes, which is a whopping 32 times the national average.
  • 85 percent of all children with behavior issues come from fatherless homes, 20 times the national average.
  • 80 percent of rapists with established anger issues come from fatherless homes, 14 times the national average.
  • 71 percent of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes, nine times the national average.
  • 70 percent of those in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes, nine times the national average.
  • 85 percent of all juveniles in prison come from single-parent households, 20 times the national average.
  • 90 percent of adolescent repeat arson offenders are from fatherless homes.
  • Fatherless children are nearly twice as likely to be victims of abuse or neglect.

These striking statistics are a serious indictment of the decline of the nuclear family. If, as is common of behaviors, single parenthood is heritable, we have not yet begun to see a crisis. The big takeaway is that in the United States, civil society has declined. While the blame cannot entirely be laid at the feet of big government and big business (individual actors are involved), there is strong evidence to suggest that the crisis in American civil society is driven primarily by the welfare state and government policies favoring deindustrialization, financialization and centralization of the economy. There is a reinforcing quality about the destruction of civil society. As the size of big government and big business increases, they become more capable of taking greater power. Smaller communities become increasingly reliant upon each, making it harder to resist further growth and greater disempowerment. It’s a vicious downward spiral. So what’s the solution for a concerned individual or family? It’s not political. Instead, the best one can do to counteract these trends are to become as financially independent as possible, make durable local connections in the community, and learn to think critically in order to insulate oneself from the more pernicious effects of social decay and the power of the state.

BDS: ‘Antisemitic, Operates Against Christianity And Against The Bible”

Top Pastor Calls BDS an Affront to Christianity
Ryan Jones The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is not only an antisemitic attack on the Jewish state, it is an affront to Christianity, declared Dr. Rubén Proietti, a top Evangelical Christian leader from Argentina during a recent visit to Israel. In a joint press conference with Jewish settlement leaders in Samaria, Dr. Proietti said that the BDS movement “operates against Christianity and against the Bible.” A number of Christian leaders have assailed efforts to boycott Israel for their underlying denial of the biblical record. BDS and similar movements label the Jews of Israel as “colonizers,” while the Bible makes it clear that this is the God-given homeland of the Jewish people. Most egregious to Christians is the claim that Jesus was a Palestinian, ignoring the fact that the New Testament records in no uncertain terms that He was a Jew, lived as a Jew, and was crucified as a Jew (the Romans hung a sign above Jesus’ head mockingly calling him “King of the Jews”). Dr. Proietti went on to call the resettlement of Jews in Judea and Samaria (the so-called “West Bank”) a “fulfillment of the vision of the prophets, and every world leader today needs to ask himself if he is going to aid, or to interfere with this fulfillment.” The mega-pastor was visiting at the invitation of the Parliament for Israel, which was founded to, in the words of its president Yossi Eldar, “connect Latin American countries and parliaments to the Land of Israel, the land of the Bible by bringing leaders from Latin America, establishing lobbies in various parliaments, Jerusalem, influence on UN votes, prayer marches for the State of Israel, and more.” Eldar called Dr. Proietti’s visit and his powerful statements the beginning of a new era in relations between the State of Israel and the burgeoning Evangelical community in South America.

Ilhan Omar’s Pro-BDS Resolution Compares Israel to Nazi Germany


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) introduced a resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday that supports the anti-Israel “boycott, divestment, sanctions” (BDS) movement — and which also likens Israel to Nazi Germany.

The resolution Omar introduced, H. Res. 496, is co-sponsored by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who wants Israel to be dismantled and replaced by a Palestinian state. Civil rights veteran Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) is also a co-sponsor. The text declares Americans have the right to engage in boycotts against Israel, and cites past examples of boycotts, including the Boston Tea Party, the anti-apartheid movement, and the boycott of Nazi Germany, among others. The BDS movement was launched after the notorious United Nations World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa, in 2001, which featured virulent anti-Israel resolutions and explicitly anti-Jewish demonstrations.
Anti-Israel activists, undeterred by the negative publicity their tactics generated, used South Africa as the context to launch BDS, which is modeled after the international effort to boycott the apartheid regime until it finally collapsed. A recent Israeli government report alleged that Palestinian terror groups support BDS efforts, through intermediaries. Many critics also consider BDS to be antisemitic because it discriminates against Israel, while ignoring Palestinian terror. Many also consider comparing Israel — the Jewish state — to Nazi Germany to be a form of antisemitism or even Holocaust denial, depending on the context.

Ironically, Omar reportedly told voters during her 2018 congressional race that she did not support BDS, only to reverse her position once she won the election. The 5th congressional district contains one of the Midwest’s largest Jewish communities, as well as a large Muslim community.

Rumors Of War: Hezbollah Readies For War With Israel

As Iran-U.S. Tensions Rise, Hezbollah Readies for War With Israel By Jesse Rosenfeld, Here in Lebanon, Hezbollah’s commanders are close allies and clients of Iran—and they are targeted by U.S. sanctions as well. They warn that if the pressure continues these rugged hills where the Party of God fought bloody guerrilla campaigns to end 15 years of Israeli occupation in 2000 and repel an Israeli invasion in 2006 could erupt once again.  And this time, they say, the combat will be far more devastating.
Hezbollah’s forces, battle-hardened in the Syrian civil war, have begun redeploying toward the Israeli border, not only in Lebanon, but in Syria opposite the Israeli-occupied side of the Golan Heights. Hezbollah fighters who spoke to The Daily Beast say their organization is hurting from sanctions and ready to initiate hostilities—if and when Tehran deems that necessary.“The sanctions now have us preparing for dealing with the Israeli front,” says “Commander Samir,” a Hezbollah officer in charge of 800 fighters on Lebanon’s border with Israel. He declines to use his real name because he is not authorized to speak to the media. “We will fire the first shot this time,” he says. Hezbollah’s military wing has changed fundamentally since its 2012 entrance into the war in Syria to prop up the Assad regime, transforming into a regional fighting force the Shia organization inspired by the Iranian revolution that the U.S. lists as a terrorist group. When Trump offers the reasons he pulled out of the nuclear deal with Iran last year, precipitating the current crisis, he cites Iran’s support for militias that extend its power and influence across the region as something the U.S. intends to end—with Hezbollah the main target.  But the pressure may actually be consolidating and motivating Iran’s proxies. Hezbollah is still fighting in Syria while training Iranian allied militias in Iraq and Yemen. The commander says his organization and Iran have moved past their split with Palestinian allies over Syria, where they were on opposite sides of the Syrian revolution as it turned into a bloody regional proxy war, and Iran is once again providing training and support for Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. He underscores the importance of Hezbollah’s positions in the Syrian-controlled part of the Golan, giving it the ability to open a second front there against Israel, and boasts about drone capabilities and new anti-aircraft and anti-naval weapons acquired in Syria alongside a more seasoned fighting force.    “Our wish before the war in Syria was to go and open a front in the Golan but [the Syrian Government] set a red line,” the commander says, describing the limits the pre-war Assad regime placed on Hezbollah activity in its territory. “Now there are no red lines,” he said. The commander acknowledges a new war would bring vast devastation to Israel and Lebanon, but says the sanctions crippling the Iranian economy and forcing a large reduction in Iran’s financial support for Hezbollah could make this nightmare scenario real.  “The Iranians have said either we all sell oil or no one does,” Commander Samir says definitively, describing Hezbollah’s interests in lockstep with Iran’s. Like the two other fighters that spoke to The Daily Beast, he describes Hezbollah’s concerns in more regional rather than domestic terms, responding to actions of U.S. allies around the Middle East rather than Israeli action on Lebanese soil.   “If any missile hits Iran, it will be treated like Israel did it,” says the commander, Military success in Syria has reinforced Assir’s confidence and he points to the tensions in the Strait of Hormuz as the source of the next conflict with Israel. “The commanders talk about if there is a spark in Hormuz, there could be a spark in Lebanon,” recalls Assir. 

Omar: End ‘Capitalist System.’ Guarantee Jobs, Housing, Medicare and Abortion for All

by Nwo Report

Source: Terence P. Jeffrey

In the new nation that Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota seeks to create, the “capitalist system” will be left behind in pursuit of a “fair and just economy” where the federal government guarantees everybody jobs, housing, health care and free abortions.

How can we know this? She has declared it in writing.

Omar’s campaign website includes a section called “Ilhan’s Vision.” The agenda it presents contradicts foundational American principles — particularly the rights to life and property — that were spelt out in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

The declaration says that “all men are created equal” and “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”

The Fifth Amendment says, “No person shall be … deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

The 14th Amendment makes clear that the rights protected by the Fifth Amendment apply to everyone and cannot be violated by the states. It says, “nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

In “Ilhan’s Vision,” a government that recognizes the right to private property is an unjust government.

“The capitalist system has led to a concentration of wealth in a small handful of elites while working people suffer,” says Omar’s vision statement. “We must stop the exploitation of working people to create a fair and just economy.”

One policy she proposes to help move America away from the “capitalist system” toward a “fair and just economy” is to have the federal government guarantee everybody a job and a wage.

“A federal jobs guarantee would provide meaningful work to anybody who wants it,” says her vision statement. “The program would: Provide a wage of at least $15 an hour, healthcare coverage, and benefits.”

But this is only the start of Omar’s vision for liberating America from the “capitalist system.”

She also proposes a program she calls “Homes for All.” It is designed to move America away from a “free market” in residential real estate toward what Omar calls “publicly- and cooperatively-owned models of housing.”

“Housing is a human right,” Omar says in her vision statement. “However, the free-market does not meet the needs of working families, while big banks and for-profit developers continue to profit off of working communities.”

Imagine that: In this country, for-profit homebuilders profit by providing housing to people who earn money by working.

To stop this outrage, Omar says, “We need to move towards publicly- and cooperatively-owned models of housing for all income-levels.”

Does this mean House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or her descendants should someday live in publicly or cooperatively owned housing? How about Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer?

In the nation Omar envisions, a population that is guaranteed government-funded jobs and is living in “publicly- and cooperatively-owned models of housing” will also rely on a health care system controlled by the central government.

“Ilhan will fight for Medicare for All, a single-payer healthcare system that guarantees quality care for every American,” says “Ilhan’s Vision.”

Under Omarcare, no one will pay anything for any health care service.

Her system would “Require no out-of-pocket costs for patients for any services.”

That would include the killing of unborn children.

“It is horrifying that we continue to fight for the right to seek an abortion and access reproductive freedom,” says “Ilhan’s Vision.” Her system would “Provide abortion coverage and care regardless of income or insurance.”

How will Omar pay for her vision? By taking more of your income and targeting family-owned businesses.

“Ilhan’s Vision” will “Create a more progressive tax system by increasing income tax for the wealthiest Americans.”

It would also “Strengthen the estate tax to limit the amount of inter-generational wealth that can be accumulated in the wealthiest families.”

Massive public stock corporations do not pay estate taxes. Family-owned businesses do. The net effect is forcing families to sell their businesses to public corporations to raise money to pay a tax imposed on the death of a family member.

This death tax enriches big government and big business at the expense of families.

It also helps illustrate how Omar’s vision would turn the America Dream upside down.

It would take money from parents who have worked hard and saved to build a business they want to pass on to their children and give that money to individuals who want to abort their children.

Who is more likely to lead America to a better tomorrow: Those who work to build a family legacy? Or those who take a government handout to terminate theirs in the womb?

Jesuit House chaplain prays to expel ‘darker spirits’ from the U.S. Capitol

Michael J. O’Loughlin July 18, 2019

Father Pat Conroy. CSPAN capture.

Father Pat Conroy. CSPAN capture.

Watch full video: https://www.c-span.org/video/?462652-1/us-house-passes-minimum-wage-bill-231-199

Watch 5 min clip:

Congress remains deeply unpopular, but might the U.S. Capitol also be demonic?

One might be forgiven for thinking so, especially after listening to Thursday’s opening prayer from House Chaplain Patrick Conroy, S.J.

“This has been a difficult and contentious week in which darker spirits seem to have been at play in the people’s house,” Father Conroy said, before closing his eyes and lifting his hands in prayer. “In your most holy name, I now cast out all spirits of darkness from this chamber, spirits not from you.”

As CNN noted, the prayer is reminiscent of a former version of the Catholic rite of exorcism, which Father Conroy said was the point.

“I was on the House floor on Tuesday,” Father Conroy told CNN, adding that “it felt different than other days. It felt like there was something going on beyond just political disagreement. The energy of the House was very off. No one was relishing what was happening.”

During the prayer, the Jesuit priest sought to “cast out the spirit of discouragement which deadens the hope of those who are of good will. I cast out the spirit of petty divisiveness which clouds the sense and the desire to be of fruitful productivity in addressing the issues more appropriately before this House. I cast out any sadness brought on by the frustration of dealing with matters detrimental to the honorable work each member has been called to engage in.”

Father Conroy asked God to “anoint your servants here in the House with a healing balm to comfort and renew the souls of all in this assembly.”

“May your spirit of wisdom and patience descend upon all so that any spirit of darkness might have no place in our midst. Rather, let your spirit of comity, of brother- and sisterhood, and love of our nation and of all colleagues in this chamber, empower our better angels to be at play in our common work to be done for the benefit of all your people,” he said.

This is not the first time Father Conroy’s prayers have made news. In April 2018, then-Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, a Catholic from Wisconsin, tried to fire the Jesuit from his post. Mr. Ryan said at the time that the firing was not political, instead prompted because he had received a number of complaints from members of Congress about Father Conroy’s performance.

But Father Conroy told the New York Times in 2018 that he was told by a congressional staffer that his prayers had become too political. With strong protestations from congressional Democrats over the firing, Father Conroy was allowed to keep his job and the Democratic-controlled House voted to reappoint him to the position in 2019.

The prayer came just hours before 70 Catholics, including several Catholic sisters and at least one Jesuit, were arrested inside the U.S. Capitol following a protest over how immigrant children are being treated at the U.S.-Mexico border. Tension over immigration has been high in recent months, and rhetoric rose to a new level this week after President Trump tweeted on July 14 that four members of Congress, all women of color, should “go back” to where they came from if they do not like the United States. Three of the lawmakers were born in the United States, and the fourth is a naturalized citizen. On July 16, the House of Representatives voted to condemn the president’s tweets, which is when, Father Conroy told CNN, he wrote the prayer.

Father Conroy told CNN that his prayer on Thursday morning was aimed at all members of Congress, not one particular side.

“You heard it. I wasn’t picking sides,” he said. “That’s ultimately the goal every day. I want every member of the House to be able to say ‘amen.’”https://www.americamagazine.org/politics-society/2019/07/18/jesuit-house-chaplain-prays-expel-darker-spirits-us-capitol

DEPORT OMAR!!! – Alpha News Exposes Rep. Ilhan Omar on Tax, Marriage and Immigration FRAUD — Could Result in Deportation!

The Secrets of Ilhan Omar -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnVZ6tXAJ_U

Just in case they delete the youtube video –

by Nwo Report


Alpha News from Minnesota released Part I of their Ilhan Omar investigation tiled “The Secrets of Ilhan Omar” on Tuesday.

The shocking video explores the myriad of evidence that a member of Congress Ilhan Omar committed Bigamy, Marriage Fraud, and Tax Fraud.

The video is currently posted on YouTube.

It should be noted that by American law — When a marriage fraud is discovered, not only might the immigrant face severe immigration consequences, but both members of the marrying couple may face criminal penalties… An immigrant who is found to have committed marriage fraud would likely be removed from the United States (deported).

Jack Posobiec also posted the video on his popular Twitter page.

Be a shame if this went viral pic.twitter.com/LXAoASl2AS


— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) July 17, 2019

The video echoes information posted yesterday on The Gateway Pundit.

The Gateway Pundit was sent several updates on Ilhan’s story in the past two days. Our sources are hesitant to go public due to concerns of retribution from certain segments in the US Somali community.

What is interesting is that as Ilhan continues to deny her marriage to her brother there is clear evidence that she is lying.

The marriage certificate between her and Ahmed Nur Said Elmi has his birthdate as April 4, 1985.

David Steinberg reported at PJ Media:

According to official student enrollment records archived by St. Paul Public Schools and the state of Minnesota, an “Ahmed N. Elmi” was enrolled as a senior in the Class of 2003 at Arlington Senior High School in St. Paul, MN, from September 6, 2002, until June 10, 2003. He graduated and received a diploma.

The enrollment record states that “Ahmed N. Elmi” was born on April 4, 1985.

Both Ilhan Omar’s 2009 marriage documents and her 2017 divorce proceedings state that Ahmed Nur Said Elmi was born on April 4, 1985.

After an extensive background search, I have not been able to find any other person named “Ahmed Nur Said Elmi,” “Ahmed N. Elmi,” or even “Ahmed Elmi” with the birthdate April 4, 1985. The man Ilhan Omar married and the 17- to 18-year-old who attended Arlington Senior High School in St. Paul, MN, in 2002-2003 are one and the same.

It is also clear that her brother-husband Ahmed Nur Said Elmi has an almost identical name to her father Nur Said Elmi Mohamed.

The Left’s Demonization of Conservatives Becomes Dangerous

by Nwo Report

Source: Jeffrey T. Brown

There exists in this country a cultivated mindset that conservatives are all things evil.  We have gradually devolved into fictional characters, invented by the left, and animated by whatever awful thoughts, beliefs, and imaginary actions the anti-American hate cult can conjure up, mostly on the basis that we still have faith, or love our country, or believe in true justice rather than socialist justice.

It’s been going on for a long time.  I was a Reagan supporter as a teenager and college student, so I’ve been hearing for almost my entire life what a rotten person I obviously am.  Of course, I am none of the things that are pinned on me, but it doesn’t matter.  I am who they say I am, and they believe it to their cores.

It is a fascinating process, watching yourself being defined by people who actively practice what they pretend to condemn.  The awful things that they project upon us don’t spring from our minds, but from theirs.  Those terrible thoughts and dark motives are bred in their own warped psyches. When they spring forth, we are assured that these are what drive others but not themselves.

Their bigotry is limitless, their hatred palpable.  Their distrust and loathing is out of all proportion to anything they’ve actually ever seen.  We do live among them, of course.  We interact with them every day.  We remnants of America are polite, rational and logical.  Except when we upset the cult.  Then we become fictional creatures entirely.

Read almost any headline and you’ll see the methodology.  For instance, Trump’s comments “drip with racism,” or are xenophobic, or misogynistic, or offensive in millions of other imagined ways.  It isn’t what Trump actually says or does that matters, it is what he “means.”  Trump’s motives, and ours, are provided for us countless times each day by a cadre of unhinged, hyper-emotionalized mental patients.  What we want, what we think, what we mean, what we intend, are assigned to us by unwell people who hate us with their entire beings.  The left, the most intolerant and hate-filled movement any of us have ever seen in this country, has rewarded itself with the exclusive right to interpret our every word and thought, and somehow they always conclude the same thing.  We are evil, but they are not.

We could be accused of doing the same, except that we don’t have to.  The progressive loons that have risen to prominence in the Democrat party tell us clearly what they intend, and who they mean to attack if and when they are calamitously returned to positions of power.  They are expressly, gleefully coming for us, because of the hate that we don’t have, but which they say we do.

Conservatives, as traditional Americans, are not prone to irrational, emotional tirades.  They’ve learned, even as the practice fades into memory among half the population, that a healthy society cannot exist without tolerance, forbearance and forgiveness, to a point.  The Bill of Rights has historically informed the extent of our forbearance.  But while we’ve allowed progressives and anarchists to indulge their psychoses, we may have been tolerant too long.

The left’s tactic of defining its enemies seems to have succeeded so well that it can’t be corrected by mere conversation and evidence.  When every word we speak is instantly rejected on the basis of imaginary biases and prejudices we don’t have, but which are imposed upon us by those who hold them, the ability to converse is permanently smothered.  It has taken generations to fracture the country, but the left’s adherents are now almost unreachable. The country consists now of those who hate virulently, and those who are accused of doing so but don’t.  Perhaps that is changing, but not in a positive way.  That is, rational, decent Americans are getting truly sick and tired of the asylum’s tactics, and are trying to figure out their options in the shrinking vestiges of traditional America.

Realizing our situation is not yet exactly synonymous, some of us find ourselves thinking about what the Jews may have thought as they saw Germany rot from within, changing from a modern civilization in which they were free and equal to a barbaric hate cult driven by lies and disinformation about them.  They must have wondered where they could go, and when they should go there, to beat the coming tsunami of evil that was intended to crush them.  They saw and heard about the squads of radicals, agents of the party in power, attacking Jews in the street, driven by lies and human evil unchecked, with the assailants knowing they would face no punishment for doing the work of the Party.  They heard their government smear them, defame them and condemn them, and then their fellow citizens, all on the basis of lies propagated by those who sought totalitarian control and domination.  They were told what rights would be taken from them, and the dwindling opportunities they would have to exist in their own country.  When the disinformation campaign was complete, though they had done nothing wrong, they became the internal enemy.  They became the personification of all that the Party said was wrong with the country, and as such, they became less than human. They became targets.

As we see now, their motives were pinned on them, like Stars of David.  Their evil was invented and forced upon them, and their voices were not allowed to be heard in their own defense.  They became sub-humans whom the cult declared deserved whatever was done to them for their undeniable, but non-existent, evil.  These peaceful people, the innocent and law abiding, had been singled out for elimination because they gave the Party a pretense for overthrow and authoritarianism.  They became the scapegoats and victims of the evil that animates the subjugation of the many by a demonic few, whether it be socialism, communism or naziism.

We are not there yet, but the fact is, we can see it from here, can’t we?  The stage of words is gradually being succeeded by the stage of isolated acts of sanctioned violence by the Party’s enforcers, whether in the form of elected officials encouraging aggression and physical violence, roving mobs wearing hoods and masks, or the media.

The work of isolating the targets continues in earnest.  Whites, Christians, Jews, males, law enforcement, the military, capitalists, conservatives and patriots, all have been assigned their hatred and evil by the mind-readers of the left.  We have been declared the problem, so our suppression is not only the solution, but is “social” justice.

In this way, it becomes easier to rationalize that we will be preyed upon by those who know their party will excuse their filthy service to the seizure of our country and the power that comes from controlling it.  When Trump goes, unless he is succeeded by an American, so does the last barrier to total anarchy.  They’re telling us what they’re going to do.  Your only choice is to stand up for the country you want, rather than to live in the country they intend.  With illegals voting as planned, we really could be only an election away.  In the words of Sgt. Plumley, prepare to defend yourselves.

Photo credit: Kevin Jenco

On The Brink Of World War 3: Here Are 5 Major Developments Within The Last 48 Hours…

On The Brink Of World War 3: Here Are 5 Major Developments Within The Last 48 Hours…
Has a war between the United States and Iran become inevitable? That is what some in the mainstream media seem to be claiming, but let us hope that is not true, because such a war would mean immense death and destruction. If the Iranian regime felt that their survival was at stake, they would throw everything in their entire arsenal at the United States and Israel, and they would unleash Hezbollah to commit horrific acts of terror all over the globe. That would include acts of terror inside the United States, and most Americans have absolutely no idea how nightmarish it would be to have Hezbollah terrorists striking soft targets all across the country. And in order to quickly win a war against Iran, the U.S. would probably have to use nuclear weapons, and that is a line that we do not want to cross. This wouldn’t be anything like our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but very few people seem to understand this. And within the last 48 hours, such a conflict has gotten much, much closer. Here are 5 of the most important developments… #1 According to President Trump, the U.S. Navy shot down an Iranian drone over the Strait of Hormuz. The following comes from NBC News… President Donald Trump on Thursday said that a U.S. Navy ship “destroyed” an Iranian drone over the Strait of Hormuz — the latest in a series of tense incidents between Washington and Tehran. Trump told reporters at the White House on Thursday that the USS Boxer — a U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship — “took defensive action” against the Iranian drone that had “closed into a very, very near distance, approximately 1,000 yards.” The drone was “threatening safety of the ship and the ship’s crew” and “was immediately destroyed,” he said. #2 The Iranians denied that it was their drone. So either the Iranians are lying (which is a very real possibility), or someone else may be trying to start a war between our two nations. When asked about the drone, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif seemed to indicate that the drone which was shot down did not belong to them… “We have no information about losing a drone today,” Zarif told reporters at the United Nations before a meeting with Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. #3 But the Iranians have admitted that they have seized a Panamanian-flagged, UAE-based oil tanker. According to Iran, the tanker was seized because it was illegally smuggling Iranian oil “to foreign customers”… The tanker was seized by Revolutionary Guard forces on July 14 after getting intercepted south of Iran’s Larak Island in the strategic Strait of Hormuz amid allegations that the tanker was smuggling fuel from Iranian smugglers to foreign customers. It remains unclear to which country or company the tanker belongs but a tanker based in the United Arab Emirates disappeared earlier this week. #4 The U.S. State Department has condemned Iran for seizing the tanker, and U.S. officials are demanding that they immediately release it… In a statement, a State Department spokesperson said the U.S. “strongly condemns the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy’s continued harassment of vessels and interference with safe passage in and around the Strait of Hormuz.” “Iran must cease this illicit activity and release the reportedly seized crew and vessel immediately. We will continue to work closely with our allies and partners to ensure the Iranian regime’s extortion tactics and malign activities do not further disrupt maritime security and global commerce,” the spokesperson said. #5 It has been announced that the U.S. is deploying 500 troops to Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia. As tensions with Iran continue to rise, the number of troops being staged at this base is likely to increase dramatically. The following comes from CNN… Five-hundred troops are expected to go to the Prince Sultan Air Base, located in a desert area east of the Saudi capital of Riyadh, according to US two defense officials. A small number of troops and support personnel are already on site with initial preparations being made for a Patriot missile defense battery as well as runway and airfield improvements, the officials said. The US has wanted to base troops there for some time because security assessments have shown Iranian missiles would have a difficult time targeting the remote area. I don’t know who is doing those “security assessments”, because the truth is that Iranian missiles can easily reach that base. For a while there it seemed like things had cooled off a bit in the Middle East, and many were hoping that the threat of an imminent conflict had been averted. Unfortunately, things are now more tense than ever, and a single mistake could set off a chain of events that nobody is going to be able to stop. On Thursday, Iran’s foreign minister made the following very ominous statement… “We live in a very dangerous environment,” the Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif, said Thursday at the United Nations before news of the drone was made public. “The United States has pushed itself and the rest of the world into probably the brink of an abyss.”

The World Is Dedollarizing

The World is Dedollarizing
Peter Koenig What if tomorrow nobody but the Unites States would use the US-dollar? Every country, or society would use their own currency for internal and international trade, their own economy-based, non-fiat currency. It could be traditional currencies or new government controlled crypto-currencies, but a country’s own sovereign money. No longer the US-dollar. No longer the dollar’s foster child, the Euro. No longer international monetary transactions controlled by US banks and – by the US-dollar controlled international transfer system, SWIFT, the system that allows and facilitates US financial and economic sanctions of all kinds – confiscation of foreign funds, stopping trades between countries, blackmailing ‘unwilling’ nations into submission. What would happen? – Well, the short answer is that we would certainly be a step close to world peace, away from US (financial) hegemony, towards nation states’ sovereignty, towards a world geopolitical structure of more equality. We are not there yet. But graffities are all over the walls signaling that we are moving quite rapidly in that direction. And Trump knows it and his handlers know it – which is why the onslaught of financial crime – sanctions – trade wars – foreign assets and reserves confiscations – all in the name of “Make America Great Again”, is accelerating exponentially and with impunity. What is surprising is that the Anglo-Saxon hegemons do not seem to understand that all the threats, sanctions, trade barriers, are provoking the contrary to what should contribute to American Greatness. Economic sanctions, in whatever form, are effective only as long as the world uses the US dollar for trading and as reserve currency. Once the world gets sick and tired of the grotesque dictate of Washington and the sanction schemes for those who no longer want to go along with the oppressive rules of the US, they will be eager to jump on another boat, or boats – abandoning the dollar and valuing their own currencies. Meaning trading with each other in their own currencies – and that outside of the US banking system which so far even controls trading in local currencies, as long as funds have to be transferred from one nation to another via SWIFT. Many countries have also realized that the dollar is increasingly serving to manipulate the value of their economy. The US-dollar, a fiat currency, by its sheer money mass, may bend national economies up or down, depending in which direction the country is favored by the hegemon. Let’s put the absurdity of this phenomenon in perspective. Today, the dollar is based not even on hot air and is worth less than the paper it is printed on. The US GDP is US$ 21.1 trillion in 2019 (World Bank estimate), with current debt of 22.0 trillion, or about 105% of GDP.  According to Forbes, about US$ 210 trillion are “unfunded liabilities” (net present value of future projected but unfunded obligations (75 years), mainly social security, Medicaid and accumulated interest on debt), a figure about 10 times the US GDP. 
 In addition, there are about one to two quadrillion dollars (nobody knows the exact amount) of so-called derivatives floating around the globe. A derivative is a financial instrument which creates its value from the speculative difference of underlying assets, most commonly derived from such inter-banking and stock exchange oddities, like ‘futures’, ‘options’, ‘forwards’ and ‘swaps’. This amounts to a humongous worldwide dollar-based pyramid system. Imagine, this debt comes crashing down, for example because one or several big (Wall Street) banks are on the brink of bankruptcy, so, they claim their outstanding derivatives, paper gold (another banking absurdity) and other debt from smaller banks. It would generate a chain reaction that might bring down the whole dollar-dependent world economy. It would create an exponential “Lehman Brothers 2008” on global scale.

Russia Offers To Join European SWIFT – Another Threat To U.S. Dollar

In Major Threat To Dollar’s Reserve Status, Russia Offers To Join European SWIFT-Bypass Three weeks after a meeting between the countries who singed the Iran nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was ditched by US, French, British and German officials said the trade mechanism which was proposed last summer – designed to circumvent both SWIFT as well as US sanctions banning trade with Iran – called Instex, is now operational. And while we await for the White House to threaten Europe with even greater tariffs unless it ends this special purpose vehicle – it already did once back in May when it warned that anyone associated with the SPV could be barred from the U.S. financial system if it goes into effect – a response from the US is now assured, because in the biggest attack on the dollar as a reserve currency to date, on Thursday, Russia signaled its willingness to join the controversial payments channel, and has called on Brussels to expand the new mechanism to cover oil exports, the FT reported. Moscow’s involvement in the Instex channel would mark a significant step forward in attempts by the EU and Russia to rescue a 2015 Iran nuclear deal that has been unravelling since the Trump administration abandoned it last year. “Russia is interested in close co-ordination with the European Union on Instex,” the Russian foreign ministry told the Financial Times. “The more countries and continents involved, the more effective will the mechanism be as a whole.” … and the more isolated the US will be as a currency union meant to evade SWIFT and bypass the dollar’s reserve currency status will soon include virtually all relevant and important countries. Only China would be left outstanding; after the rest of the world’s would promptly join. On Thursday, the Kremlin confirmed the foreign ministry’s take: “We are tracking the information regarding this. If I’m not mistaken, there have already been statements from our side that, taking into account the first experience of using this system, when it is activated, we cannot rule out interaction in this regard,” Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, told reporters. “This is an important project. It is aimed at protecting the interests of European economic operators against the background of illegal attempts to restrict their activities by third countries,” he added. Earlier, the Russian foreign ministry hinted at precisely what will take place next, when it said that “The full potential of Instex will only be able to be deployed if it will be open to the participation of countries which are not members of the European Union.” Such as Russia and China. 

Netanyahu could block visit by anti-Israel lawmakers Omar and Tlaib

Netanyahu could block visit by anti-Israel lawmakers Omar and Tlaib

Reps. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., left, and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., listen to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech in Washington, Feb. 5, 2019. (AP/J. Scott Applewhite)

The prime minister reportedly has authority to bar congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering Israel based on their support for boycotts of the Jewish state.

By World Israel News Staff and JNS

While U.S. lawmakers Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib recently announced they are planning to visit Israel in the near future, their entry to the Jewish state could be blocked due to their support for boycotts of it.

According to a report earlier in the week by Haaretz, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has authority to block their entry.

While Israeli law dictates that entry can be denied to pro-boycott individuals, the Foreign Ministry can also recommend waivers to the Strategic Affairs Ministry and the Interior Ministry to facilitate entry when barring individuals would negatively impact Israel’s diplomatic efforts.

According to the Haaretz report, Netanyahu will be tasked with making the decision related to Omar and Tlaib based on the “possible ramifications on Israel-U.S. relations” of the congresswomen’s visit.

Meanwhile, Omar recently spoke with Al-Monitor about an anti-Israel pro-boycott resolution she plans to introduce in the House of Representatives.

“We are introducing a resolution … to really speak about the American values that support and believe in our ability to exercise our First Amendment rights in regard to boycotting. And it is an opportunity for us to explain why it is we support … the BDS movement,” said Omar.

On Wednesday Omar told Jewish Insider that she will be going to Israel in a few weeks.

“I am going in a couple of weeks and so I’ll learn more,” Omar told the outlet. “But truly, everything that I hear points to both sides feeling like there is still an occupation.”

Since entering Congress in January, Omar has made multiple remarks that have resulted in charges of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias.

In a July 17 interview with “CBS This Morning,” Omar expressed no regrets for those remarks.

“Often times there are things that you might say might not hold weight for you, but to someone else, the way that we hear and consume information is very different than how the next person might,” said Omar.

“So, you don’t regret your words either?” asked co-host Gayle King.

“I do not, but I have gotten the—I’m grateful for the opportunity to really learn how my words made people feel and have taken every single opportunity I’ve gotten to make sure that people understood that I apologize for it,” replied Omar.

When asked by King if she would “like to make that clear” she isn’t anti-Semitic, Omar said, “Oh, certainly not.”

“Yes, nothing I said, at least to me, was meant for that purpose,” she added.https://worldisraelnews.com/netanyahu-could-block-visit-by-anti-israel-lawmakers-omar-and-tlaib/?utm_source=MadMimi&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Netanyahu+Could+Block+Visit+by+Anti-Israel+Omar%2C+Tlaib%3B+US+Prepares+to+Send+Troops+to+Saudi+Arabia%3B+Bibi+Praises+Israel%27s+Growing+Power&utm_campaign=20190718_m152770918_Netanyahu+Can+Block+Visit+by+Anti-Israel+Omar%2C+Tlaib%3B+US+Prepares+to+Send+Troops+to+Saudi+Arabia%3B+Bibi+Praises+Israel%27s+Growing+Power&utm_term=Netanyahu+Could+Block+Visit+by+Anti-Israel+US+Lawmakers+Omar+and+Tlaib

Don’t turn over your right to bare arms! Just look at Venezuela. It will happen to YOU!- – New Zealand Starts Disarming Citizens with Gun Buyback Program

by Nwo Report

Source: Jose Nino

On Saturday, July 13, 2019 New Zealand launched its gun buyback program.

150 gun owners turned over the recently banned semiautomatic weapons and parts in exchange for money.

This buyback came in the wake of the Christchurch massacre, where a madman claimed the lives of 51 people in several Mosque shootings.

According to NPR, the Christchurch buyback is the first of many buybacks planned for this year.

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Police commander for the Canterbury Region, Mike Johnson, claims that gun owners turned over 224 semiautomatic weapons, as well as 200 gun parts.

Johnson told reporters that he was “ecstatic” by the amount of gun owners that showed up to turn in their guns.

After the massacre, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that the country would ban the sale of so-called “assault weapons” and semi-automatic guns. While announcing this gun control scheme, Ardern said that a buyback program would be enacted to offer “fair and reasonable compensation” to gun owners.

Ardern estimated at the time that the buyback program was expected to cost between $100 million and $200 million but justified it by saying that it was a necessary price “to ensure the safety of our communities.”

NPR highlighted how 250 buyback exchanges are expected to go through this year.

Despite the zealous calls for gun control, New Zealand has very strict gun control laws. Firearm ownership is a regulated privilege and the country features universal background checks on all gun sales and transfers.

None of these laws prevented the murderer from committing his atrocity. Nor would additional laws do any better in future instances of gun violence.

For countries such as New Zealand, who have no real tradition of gun ownership, these inconveniences will likely be ignored by its political class.

Such ignorance comes with a price to pay for would be victims of gun violence.

List of Racist Statements by Members of the ‘Squad’ (So Far)

by Nwo Report
Squad (Alex Wroblewski / Getty)

Source: Joel B. Pollak

President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that “I don’t have a Racist bone in my body!” and challenged his critics to “Get a list of the HORRIBLE things” that the four Democratic congresswomen of the so-called “Squad” have said.

It is worth noting that all four — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) are members of a group called the “Justice Democrats.” The group is specifically devoted to backing primary candidates against Democratic incumbents seen as being too moderate and too white.

Last November, the Justice Democrats launched a campaign called “#OurTime,” aimed at recruiting candidates to challenge “Democratic incumbents who are demographically and ideologically out-of-touch with their districts.”

From the start, the “Squad” devoted itself to an explicitly race-based political effort.

Then there are their statements.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

From the start, “AOC” used race in her campaign for Congress. As Politico noted in 2018, she challenged incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY), who is white, on “ideological, generational and racial grounds, arguing that the 10-term congressman was not in step with his majority-minority district and was too cozy with corporate donors.”

AOC also has a record of controversial statements about Israel. She claimed, for example, that Israel had committed a “massacre” of Palestinian protesters at the border fence last year. The vast majority were actually members of Hamas, a terrorist organizations that was using the fake “protest” to launch infiltrations and violent attacks against Israel.

In recent weeks, AOC has shown even greater insensitivity to the Jewish community by comparing migrant facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border to “concentration camps.” Attorney Alan Dershowitz, a Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter, called her claims a form of Holocaust denial. Despite criticism from the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Israel’s Yad Vashem, and others, AOC refused to apologize and rejected an invitation to visit actual concentration camp sites.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN)

Omar has a long history of anti-Israel statements that have included antisemitic themes, such as suggesting that Jews control the world. In 2012, she tweeted: “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.” Local Jewish community leaders in Minnesota staged an intervention before she took up her seat in Congress — to no avail; she continued making offensive anti-Israel and antisemitic statements.

In February, Omar tweeted, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby,” suggesting (falsely) that a pro-Israel group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), bribed members of Congress to support Israel. The implication was that Jews were using money to control Congress. Omar apologized for that tweet, but went on, a few weeks later, to claim that pro-Israel members of Congress owed “allegiance to a foreign country.” The chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, a fellow Democrat, called her statement a “vile antisemitic slur,” but she refused to apologize.

In an effort to tamp down the controversy, House Democrats passed a resolution condemning antisemitism — but only among other forms of hatred, and without mentioning Omar specifically. After the resolution passed, Omar took a victory lap, claiming (falsely) that it marked the first time Congress had condemned anti-Muslim prejudice.

More recently, Omar has supported AOC’s inflammatory claim that the migrant facilities are “concentration camps.”

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI)

Tlaib believes that the State of Israel has no right to exist and should be dismantled — a stance that lost her the support of the far-left J Street organization, which likes to maintain the pretense of support for a two-state solution.
In January, Tlaib posted an antisemitic tweet, declaring that members of Congress who supported Israel “forgot what country they represent.” The American Jewish Committee accused her of using an antisemitic claim of “dual loyalty.”

In February, Tlaib called Housing and Urban Development official Lynne Patton, a black woman, a “prop” for appearing in the gallery during a hearing where members of Congress were debating whether Trump was racist.

In May, Tlaib made the bizarre statement that she felt “a calming feeling … when I think of the Holocaust.” She explained by making the false claim that Palestinians had offered Jews a “safe haven” from the Holocaust.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA)

On Sunday, just hours after the president posted his congressional tweets, Pressley told left-wing bloggers at Netroots Nation: “We don’t need any more black faces that don’t want to be a black voice.” She appeared to assume that the only legitimate “black voice” was leftist; black Americans with other views were legitimate targets of racial attack.

Pressley’s bio on her official House of Representatives website — not a personal or campaign page — implies that a white person cannot represent her congressional district: “The Massachusetts 7th is the most diverse and most unequal district in the state, requiring a representative whose experiences are reflective of the people,” it says.

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Officials in Cuba Forbid Church Leaders to Attend Religious Freedom Event

by Nwo Report
Officials in Cuba Forbid Church Leaders to Attend Religious Freedom Event

Source: Morning Star News Latin America Correspondent | Morning Star News |

(Morning Star News) – Authorities in Cuba on Sunday (July 14) refused to allow the national presidents of two Christian denominations to board their flight to Washington, D.C., for a religious freedom event, sources said.

The Rev. Moises de Prada Esquivel and the Rev. Alida Leon Baez, both members of the Alliance of Evangelical Churches of Cuba (AECC, Alianza de Iglesias Evangélicas Cubana) were slated to represent the organization as members of its executive board at the event.

They were notified at Havana’s José Marti International Airport that they would not be allowed to travel to the U.S. capital because Cuban State Security had blocked their departure from the country, according to an AECC press statement.

Cuban authorities reportedly denied other evangelical leaders permission to travel to the United States. Officials earlier refused to renew the passport of the Rev. Dariel Llanes, president of the Western Convention Baptist Church of Cuba (Iglesia Convención Bautista de Cuba Occidental), reportedly to keep him from attending the meeting in Washington. Immigration officials also reportedly blocked the Rev. Alain Toledano Valiente of the Prophetic Apostolic Movement (Movimiento Apostólico Profético) from leaving the country.

The incidents were the latest in a campaign of repression against the evangelical Christian community in Cuba.

On Friday (July 12), State Security agents forcibly detained independent journalist Ricardo Fernandez Izaguirre following his visit to the offices of human rights watchdog group Ladies in White in Havana.

The Camaguey-based reporter and advocate of religious freedom, who is married with an infant daughter, has since been held incommunicado by authorities, according to advocacy group Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW).

Fernandez Izaguirre, an active member of a network of unregistered charismatic Christian churches, has reportedly been working with the predominantly Roman Catholic Ladies in White to document violations of freedom of religion and belief, a right enshrined in the Cuban constitution.

The jailed journalist’s friends and family have been unable to contact him since his arbitrary detention, and his mobile phone appears to have been disconnected, according to CSW.

Anna-Lee Stangl, head of advocacy for CSW, appealed to authorities for Fernandez Izaguirre’s release.

“CSW holds the Cuban government responsible for the well-being of Ricardo Fernandez Izaguirre,” Stangle said. “We call on the authorities to release him immediately.”

Evangelical leaders suspect mounting pressure on Christians – and on the AECC in particular – is rooted in their outspoken opposition to proposed constitutional changes aimed at legalizing homosexual marriage in Cuba. A new Cuban draft constitution approved in 2018 by the National Assembly of People’s Power replaced a clause defining the family as “a union between one man and one woman” with “a union between two persons…with absolutely equal responsibilities.”

Backlash from Cuba’s Christian community forced authorities to delete the new language, but constitutional framers specifically avoided re-inserting the traditional definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman. That left the door open to approve homosexual marriage through the new Cuban Family Code, set to be ratified within two years.

Christians fear it also practically guarantees that the campaign of repression against outspoken Christians will continue.

“In Cuba, there is no real freedom of expression or of worship,” a veteran evangelical pastor who requested anonymity told Morning Star News. “Any person who openly opposes the established system is looking for problems.”

Were the government to listen to the voice of Protestant Christians on the issue and maintain the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman, there would be a possibility for resolution, the pastor said.

“But given the fact that the daughter of Raul Castro, (LGBT activist Mariela Castro Espin) is the force behind the constitutional change, I think it very unlikely that the government will back down from its intentions,” he said.

The AECC, composed of Protestant churches choosing not to identify with the regime-friendly Cuban Council of Churches, counts 1 million members among its affiliate denominations, a number that represents nearly 10 percent of the country’s 11 million population.

If you would like to help persecuted Christians, visit http://morningstarnews.org/resources/aid-agencies/ for a list of organizations that can orient you on how to get involved.