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Pregnant White Devil – Satan’s Wife???

Almost a year after the original devil statue was spotted near the VCC/Clark Drive SkyTrain station, it’s fellow partner appeared in East Van.

On Thursday, the statue was found on top of Gene Cafe at the Main and Kingsway intersection. This devil — naked once again — appeared to be female with one hand in the air and the other to its pregnant belly.

However, this pregnant devil lady no longer reigns over Mount Pleasant. Once again crews were quick to bring it down and had it removed Thursday night. However, the City of Vancouver said it wasn’t them who took the statue down. Georgia Straight contributor Michael Mann was quick to snap photos and post them on Twitter before the statue was disappeared.

In September 2014, the City removed a similar art piece that was put up in an East Van neighbourhood. A red satan statue featuring an erected penis stood on a pedestal in Grandview-Woodlands. Soon after it was removed, a petition was launched to have the statue reinstalled.


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